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How to Apply a Male External Catheter

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Mentor-Coloplast Clear Advantage External Catheter

Prepare Skin: The skin should be dry and clean, as well as free from lotion or moisturizers.  Trim the area of pubic hair and use a protectant wipe to clean the area if necessary.

Catheter Size: Use a sizing guide to measure the circumference and length to determine the correct size of the external catheter needed.  Four common circumference sizes are available in standard length condom catheters, sport length condom catheters, and long length catheters.

Apply Catheter: Place the catheter on the head of the penis, keeping 1/4″ – 3/4″ gap between the penis and outlet tube.  Hold the catheter in place with one hand, while gently unrolling the catheter towards the base of the penis.  Gently squeeze the catheter around the shaft of the penis for a few seconds to ensure adhesion.  Additional adhesive maybe necessary.

 Leg Bag or Urine Drainage Bag: Connect the catheter to the urine collection system by inserting the plastic connector of the tubing into the full length of the catheter tip.

Removal:  External male catheters should be changed daily, including a thorough skin inspection to ensure skin integrity.  To remove, detach the catheter from the urine collection system.  Carefully roll the catheter off.  If needed, use warm water or adhesive remover to aid in the removal process.  Wash skin thoroughly with warm water and soap.  Dry skin thoroughly, inspect and then re-apply new catheter.

Where To Buy Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheters | TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

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Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheter is especially designed for a clear view of the skin and a one piece, self-adhering sheath style for a secure fit.  This latex-free male external cathether offers breathability with an ultra thin silicone material. Freedom Clear Male External Catheter is designed with a kink-resistant nozzle to eliminate tubing disconnects. 

Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheter


  NR 5100 Size Small 23MM  $1.76 each

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