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21 Fun Things To Do During A Snowstorm

Posted by on January 4, 2014 under Resources | Read the First Comment

SleddingWith more than half the country covered in snow, and wind chills as low as 25 below zero in some areas, you may be looking to keep children and loved ones busy inside the house. Here’s a list of 21 fun, distracting, and challenging things to do during a snowstorm to keep you and your family safe, warm and entertained:

  1. Work on that home improvement project you can never find time for. From rearranging a room to creating a picture wall, a home improvement project can exercise both your muscles and your creativity, while reinvigorating your home.
  2. A snowstorm is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Curl up under blankets with that novel you have been meaning to read, or bring favorite classics to life for children and seniors by reading them out loud one chapter at a time.
  3. Write a short story or a poem, or begin your memoirs. This is the perfect time to jot down that story you have running through your head.
  4. Play cards. Pull out that pack of cards for a game of solitaire, rummy, blackjack or your favorite card game. Play a family game of Uno, and make up a few extra family rules to add excitement.
  5. Invite your neighbor over for hot chocolate or a cup of coffee, and make a new friend.  If they’re an elderly neighbor, getting together for coffee can be a great way to check on them during the cold and snow.
  6. Why not start learning a language, or refresh that rusty high-school Spanish? Load a language-learning program in your ipod or laptop to learn the basics, or download an audiobook for a refresher course.
  7. When was the last time you looked through the pictures on your digital camera? Back them up to your favorite online album, or organize your photos for display or for gifts for loved ones.
  8. Put your ipod on shuffle and re-discover your music collection.  Is your music library old-school?  Start building your digital music library by loading your favorite CDs onto your computer, or go online and find new music.
  9. Share stories you haven’t told in a long time.  Ask an older loved one about “the good old days”, or have children make up a story and see how creative they can get.
  10. Exercise your brain!  Do a crossword puzzle, or learn how to play Sudoku.  For larger groups, play hangman, charades, or try a mind-challenging board games such as trivial pursuit.
  11. Learn how to bake grandma’s favorite recipe, whether it’s cookies or your favorite cake.  Baking can be a terrific snowstorm activity with children – and it makes your home smell delicious, too.
  12. Take a nap! We live such a hectic lifestyle. Cuddle up under a blanket by the window for a long, well deserved nap.
  13. Teach yourself something completely new.  Whether it’s learning how to knit, how to paint, how to tie knots, or how to play an instrument, there are plenty of free online guides for just about every interest.  For a more concrete guide, try one of the “For Dummies” books or a how-to book from your local library or bookstore.
  14. Shovel early and often! Attempt to shovel every few hours, to keep the load light and help avoid serious back pain.  Be neighborly and help your neighbors dig out, too – especially an elderly neighbor who may not have family to assist them.
  15. Go sledding. Make a snowman. Have a snowball fight. Make a creative snow sculpture, or just take a walk outside to enjoy the beauty of the snowfall.  Be sure to dress warmly, however, and don’t stray too far from home.
  16. Dust off that stationary bike or treadmill, break out that old exercise video, and get some exercise.  There’s no time like the present.
  17. Find a large, flat surface and work together to assemble a puzzle. This calm, challenging activity can improve pattern and matching comprehension in people of all ages.
  18. What’s your area of expertise?  Become a teacher for the day.  Teach a child or a friend something you know how to do well.
  19. Take a leaf out of our children’s books and play hide and seek.  Have a tickle fight.  Have a pillow fight!  Then build a fort with all of the pillows. This kind of physical play is good for grownups and children alike.
  20. Make popcorn, and pop in a classic movie.  Classics are endearing and entertaining for people of all ages, especially seniors and children.
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