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Tips for Keeping Your Bladder (and You) Healthy

Posted by on November 11, 2014 under BladderMatters | Be the First to Comment

Bladder Health Awareness Month

We are currently in Bladder Health Week AND Bladder Health Awareness Month. But what do those two mean for you personally?

Well, every person, continent or not, should be doing their best to keep their bladder healthy. For many people, that’s as simple as staying hydrated (the quoted figure of drinking eight 8-ounce glass of water a day isn’t necessarily right for everyone, but it’s a number to strive for) (and don’t forget that all liquids count towards that goal). Additionally, people should take cues from their bladders and use the restroom before it becomes an emergency. And of course get yearly physicals.

But there’s more than that for many of the people who are incontinent. Maintaining bladder health in the face of the threat of urinary tract infections (UTIs), compromised skin and other potential problems can be more than difficult. Not to mention the issues that are causing the incontinence.

The best way for those with incontinence to skirt UTIs is to not wear a wet brief for longer than necessary. Additionally, very absorbent briefs can whisk the moisture away from the skin. As long as the area is dry, there is no need to change the diaper immediately. However, all briefs should be changed if there are feces in the brief, as that is a major carrier or bacteria.

Keeping skin clean and dry and bacteria free can also help with bladder health. It will keep UTIs at bay and maintain a better pelvic environment overall. One suggestion is to use gentle cleansing wash on the area.

What are your best tips for maintaining bladder health? We’d love to hear this this week, month, or anytime!

Exercise and Incontinence

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Working out with LBL (light bladder leakage)

There’s no need for any type of incontinence to stop anyone from exercising. Maintaining your health is more important than any worries you may have about any of your fellow athletes discovering you’re even occasionally incontinent. But with the right preparation and products, no one need know anyway.

Stress incontinence can occur during running, working out on NordicTrack-like machines or exercising on stairs. When the pelvic floor is not up to holding in urine, it can leak when pressure is put upon it. To prepare for this, be sure to empty your bladder before starting a workout. And when you take a break half an hour in, use that time to head to the bathroom as well. You can also purchase incontinence products for the sole purpose of using them during exercise. Many of these products are discreet enough to wear under regular workout clothes, or if you’re feeling self-conscious, sweatpants are an option.

Frequent restroom visits will not help the issue if you’re experiencing urge incontinence. In this case, you’re likely on a schedule for when to use the restroom. But there are more ways to keep bladder leakage to a minimum while working out. Make sure you drink only water before and during your workout. Caffeinated drinks can irritate the bladder and make the urge to use the restroom worse. Additionally, sports drinks are often made with citrus components, which, again, can irritate the bladder.

When exercising the rest of your body, don’t forget about Kegels. These exercises work out the pelvic floor muscles and they’re important in the fight against incontinence. You can read more about Kegels for women and men, and more about the different types of incontinence. Have a great workout!