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Products Offered at Total Home Care Supplies

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Elder care, after surgery care

Every so often, it’s helpful to take a look at the variety of products that we offer on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. While all of our products are well-made and user-friendly, they all differ so much it’s easy to forget all that we carry. So let’s take a look, one category at a time:

Our incontinence products are our biggest sellers, and we’re proud that so many people get the items for their independence from us. Along with the standard adult diapers (also known as briefs) and protective underwear (also known as pull-ups), we also have pads and liners. For light bladder leakage, a pad can be more freeing than a brief. Underpads (AKA chux) are available in a variety of sizes, along with gloves and many kinds of incontinence wash.

When it comes to ostomy products, we have many of the most popular items and brands. We have both drainable and closed-end pouches. We have 90 barriers with flanges, so you’ll be able to find the product that works best for you. And we have an assortment of accessories, including stoma powder, pouch closures and odor eliminator drops – the Hollister bottle of drops has great reviews.

You can find wholesale pricing on many of the catheters, leg bags and irrigation systems we offer. Our catheters are diverse, from external items to straight tip catheters and coude catheters. You can also find the major brands, like Mentor-Coloplast, Bard and Hollister.

We have all the supplies you’ll need for your particular injury, or to fill up your first aid kit. On top of the basic items like tape, wipes and bandages, we have gauze, foam dressings and wound cleansers. If you have a checklist of the things you’ll need to properly heal a surgery wound, you can find it on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Baby Supplies
In addition to our adult diapers, we also carry baby diapers. Cuties diapers come in sizes newborn to size six. We also have breast pumps and a selection of accessories to accompany the pumps.

That’s about it. We know, it’s a lot of options! We hope we have everything that you’re looking for when it comes to home care supplies, but if not, we’d love to hear what we’re missing in the comments below!

Alternate Uses for Underpads

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Using chux for babies and pets

TotalHomeCareSupplies.com has a variety of underpad (also known as chux) brands and sizes. The Prevail underpads come in three sizes (along with an available sample), and we also have underpads from Tena, Attends, Ideal Care and Lew Jan Textiles. These items are generally thought of as being used for older adults who are incontinent, but they actually can be used in a wide variety of ways.

One way is for smaller people.  A lot of new parents swear by using underpads on their diaper changing tables. Putting these on top of the changing pads means less laundry. As one reviewer said, “babies oftentimes love to go when that fresh air hits their skin.” Having an underpad there means they are welcome to take advantage of that diaper break. Additionally, when your child is a little older, they can be used for that in-between time of toilet training. Or, when they’re sick, you can use them on the bed for when you’re worried about getting vomit or sweat on the mattress.

Another way is for animals. “Wee wee” pads for puppies and older dogs can be a major convenience for those trying to house train a dog, those who need to let a dog relieve itself while home alone, or those with older dogs who have become incontinent. These pads will give you the same amount of absorbency and have an assortment of sizes. And they can be used for more than the canine world! They can also be used as bird cage liners, especially if the cage has a separate section under the bars. It is not recommended that you allow your bird to tear up the undepad with their beak, but if they’re separate from the pad, this may be the alternative to newspaper that you’ve been looking for.

What are some uses you’ve found for underpads, or, chux? We’d love to hear any and all suggestions.

The History of Adult Diapers

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All about the adult diapers in the past.

The advances in adult incontinence products over just the past several years have come so far. There are now cloth-backed briefs that allow for air flow and leakage protection. There are underpads that can handle more liquid than imaginable. And there’s even gender-specific protective underwear that look more like regular underwear than ever. The improvements are convenient and there are always more on the way.

But how did we get here, to this place of convenience? Let’s take a look back.

Disposable diapers weren’t introduced until the 1940’s. Everything before that point was cloth. There’s not a lot of information about the prevalence of adult incontinence supplies during this time of change (so if you have any information, please be sure to comment below!). There is some anecdotal evidence about the US Army, Air Force and Marines using adult diapers during long-term or potentially chemically dangerous missions.

Kimberly Clark introduced their line of baby diapers in 1978, and in 1984 they created the Depend line, which began by manufacturing liners for adult incontinence. While Depend was one of the first to create specifically targeted adult incontinence products, many others quickly followed suit when they recognized the market need. First Quality, maker of Prevail, introduced their adult incontinence briefs in 1990.

Since then, with the baby boomers growing into a lively older age, the market need has grown even more, and innovation to keep people as comfortable and active as possible has grown as well.

Camping Checklist

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Incontinence Camping Tips

Anyone going camping during this last month or so of summer? If you are, and you need incontinence supplies, there are some some extra items to add to the checklist. Here are a few items that are either essential or helpful. First up, something that everyone should have whenever heading out of the house for the tent life:

1)      Bath Wipes
These unscented, hypoallergenic wipes are extra large, so you’ll only need one for each person each day (initially, at least, as they will also come in handy after meals to clean faces and hands). Each washcloth has more than enough moisture to cleanse thoroughly. They come eight to a pack, but they’re so inexpensive, two packs might be a good choice even for a short trip.

2)      Flashlights, Paper Towels, Can Openers
There are many other convenient items that you could probably get away with forgetting, but these three are pretty much the most essential, besides the tent. Pack these items a few days beforehand to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of last minute packing.

3)      Underpads
A wonderful accessory when camping and experiencing incontinence issues. If you have been employing reusable underpads at home, get a pack of disposable underpads for the trip. While reusable underpads are less expensive in the long run and better for the environment, the convenience of disposable is great for camping. They’ll make the mornings so much easier and with Prevail underpads, you only need one layer at a time.

4)      Games
Chatting by the campfire is ideal, but you want to make sure you have a back-up option in case the talk starts to slow. Take some card games, but nothing large or that requires a board. Then you’ll know that you’re ready to provide the outdoor entertainment once the sun goes down.

5)      Extra Incontinence Supplies
That may sound bulky, but it doesn’t need to be. Just be smart about it. Pack everything you may need (extra briefs, wipes, gloves, creams, washes and disposable bags) into one bag, like a small gym bag. Have a really large tube of cream? Just take what you need by putting some into a travel sized bottle. Keep in mind that because your schedule and activity amount may change during your vacation, your supply needs might change as well.

Having everything securely packed will make you able to relax and appreciate your vacation. Last tip: if you have multiple bags, during packing time, note which item was place in which bag. Then take that list with you. It will save time later and you’ll know exactly what you packed. Enjoy your trip!

How to Choose an Incontinence Product

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Smiling Senior CoupleTypes of Incontinence Products

There are many products available to help contain urine and stool, protect tender skin, and help individuals manage their symptoms and gain control over their lives.  Your doctor may recommend some products, while other optional products may provide added comfort and security.

In order to choose the right product for you or your loved one, it is important to know what types of incontinence products exist and what they are recommended for.  Incontinence products fall into the following categories:

  • Diapers and BriefsPreferred for heavy to complete loss of bladder or bowel control.  Adult diapers – also known as briefs –  are secured by side tabs, similar to youth diapers. These products are recommended for individuals who are less active or inactive, and who have both bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • Adult Pull Ups: Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Close fitting and discreet, adult pull ups can be pulled off and on like real underwear, providing maximum leakage protection for active adults.
  • Undergarments (Beltless Undergarments and Belted Shields)Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Beltless undergarments and belted shields provide discreet, high-volume leakage protection similar to adult pull ups. Open side areas allow for maximum air flow. Beltless undergarments are worn inside of preferred underwear, while belted shields can either replace or be worn underneath preferred underwear.
  • Shields, Liners and Pads: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Shields, liners and pads are worn inside your own undergarments.  They come in discreet, form-fitting shapes  that conform closely to the body, and adhesive strips hold them in place inside your preferred underwear.
  • Pad and Pant Systems: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Similar to shields, liners and pads, a pad-and-pant system involves discreet, removable liners and cotton undergarments.  Reusable, washable cotton underpants are designed specifically with a pocket for liner insertion.  Liners and underpants sold separately.
  • Underpads: For all degrees of incontinence.  Flat and rectangular absorbent pads that provide additional wetness protection on bedding, sofas, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Mattress CoversFor all degrees of incontinence. Waterproof quilted sheets that protect mattresses from fluids.
  • Skin Care: For all degrees of incontinence. Urine and stool can be highly irritating to skin, and can cause skin breakdown over time.  Skin care products designed specifically for incontinence management include: protective moisturizing creams that promote healing; skin cleansers and incontinence washcloths to gently clean, neutralize and deodorize skin from urine and stool odors; and gloves for comfort and protection. 

 How to Choose an Incontinence Product

Incontinence supplies can be categorized by how much protection you need, your activity level, gender, size, preferred characteristics such as fabric and thickness, and much more.  See this Incontinence Selection Guide to find products neatly organized by these attributes:

 Incontinence Product Selection Guide

One of our most popular brands is the Prevail line of incontinence supplies. First Quality Prevail is one of the leading incontinence product suppliers to long term care and home care agencies in the United States, and their products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  You can also use the First Quality Prevail Sizing Guide to help choose incontinence supplies by height, weight, waist size or style:

Sizing Guide

For more incontinence resources, product information and support, check out our Bladder Matters Blog. To shop now for incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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Incontinence Accessories at Discount Prices

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Incontinence Accessories for your Convenience

Here at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com, we strive to meet all of your medical supply needs in one place.  From adult briefs to underpads and skin care, we carry some of the highest brand names on the market and they are all available to you, with fast, discreet delivery right to your front door.

If you’re looking for adult diapers, you may find that a few low-cost accessories significantly improve comfort and increase convenience.  Here are some of our most popular incontinence accessories:


Prevail Adult Incontinence Washcloths are located in our skin care section.  These best-selling washcloths are enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and lotion to enhance skin moisture and maintain skin health.  Each washcloth is made with strong, durable fabric to ensure a gentle, smooth touch on the skin. The snap-close lid keeps the product tightly closed while dispensing one washcloth at a time, sealing the moisture inside and allowing for one-handed use.

FNC Medical Ca-Rezz Cream has a soothing formula which includes Calamine, Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Vitamins A, D and E. This cream is also located in our skin care section.  Ca-Rezz products promote fast healing and provide a moisture barrier to protect the skin.

First Quality Prevail Underpads are high performance incontinence underpads built to keep bedding dry and protect fragile skin.  Quality construction reduces top sheet separation and clumping.  This underpad features a soft, cloth-like top sheet with a flat seal around the perimeter of the pad to ensure no discomfort from plastic edges being exposed to the skin.

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For more home health care supplies, please visit our Total Home Care Supplies web store.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $40.  Interested in  health information and useful tips?  Come visit our Resources and Tools Blog!

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All New Prevail Nexus Underpad

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Coming in Summer 2013!

Prevail Nexus Underpad

Prevail Nexus Underpad coming soon to Total Home Care Supplies!

We’re excited to announce that Total Home Care Supplies will soon be carrying the Prevail Nexus Underpad!

This extra large, 30 x 36 inch underpad features maximum absorbency, outstanding strength and super softness.  Its printed backsheet upgrade gives the look and feel of true fabric.  The Prevail Nexus Underpad is soft, absorbent and strong – making it an all-in-one product.  Nexus underpads come 10 to a bag, or 40 to a case.

All Prevail underpads are designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. They feature a bonded construction mat that reduces top sheet separation and clumping. For additional comfort and improved skin health,  Prevail underpads also feature a soft, yet strong, cloth-like top sheet with a flat seal around the pad, so there are no plastic edges exposed to the skin.

Check back with us soon to try the new Prevail Nexus Underpad.  For more underpads and other incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.  You can count on reliable, fast, discreet shipping – and all orders over $40 ship free, guaranteed!

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Prevail Underpads on Sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies

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Extra Large Prevail Underpads  FQ UP100.1Looking for a little extra protection? A customer favorite, super absorbent Prevail® Underpads are designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces against leakage. All Prevail Underpads feature a soft, yet strong cloth-like top sheet with a flat seal around the pad so that no plastic edges are exposed to the skin. This seal provides added comfort and preserves skin health. Prevail disposable underpads also feature an Integra Mat (bonded construction) which reduces top sheet separation and clumping.

Prevail Underpads are available in a variety of sizes, including:

These underpads are sold by the case at Total Home Care Supplies. Each case comes with either 100 or 120 all-purpose underpads, and can be used on any surface requiring wetness protection, including car seats, mattresses, pet beds, chairs, sofas and more. Prevail Underpads can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other incontinence products for complete wetness protection.

All orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free on all orders over $40.

Prevail® Underpads – Not Only for People

People aren’t the only ones who need incontinence protection. Older pets, and pets with some health issues may also struggle with incontinence. Though designed with people in mind, Prevail Underpads are versatile enough to be used with our cherished four-legged family members, too. Keep your pet’s bed dry and comfortable, and protect other accident-prone areas from messy cleanup.

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Prevail Underpads

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Prevail Underpads UP120Prevail Underpads UP425 - Prevail Underpads UP620

Protect your bed sheets and resting area with First Quality Prevail Underpads. Incontinence Underpad construction reduces top sheet separation and clumping. For use during the day or over night for precaution against leaks. This total home care supplies product features soft yet strong cloth-like top sheet with a flat seal around the pad so there are no plastic edges exposed to the skin. A very common incontinence underpad item by Prevail to have in your home and use on a daily basis for your convenience.

Sizes : Regular 23 x36 , Large 30 x 30, Extra Large 30 x 36

Home Healthcare Supplies, Right to Your Front Door!

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Home Healthcare Companies strive to provide customers with low prices, reliable products, and quick delivery. TotalHomeCareSupplies provides all of these factors including a long history of customer satisfaction. Our product categories support a variety of different medical needs to suit everyone’s unique demands.

Incontinence: pads, underpads, diapers and briefs are just some of the numerous incontinence products we sell. From Depend to Tranquility, you are guaranteed to find a product that works for you.

Ostomy: we offer numerous barriers and pouches to fit to your individual shape and preference. A variety of barriers are offered, with your choice of 1 piece, 2 piece, closed, and drainable pouches. All are from dependable brand names such as Hollister and Convatec.

Urological: manufacturers such as Kendall and Coloplast, to name only a couple, supply us with quality urological supplies.  Catheters of all types are available with the accessories and irrigation systems you need for your next purchase.

Nutrition: a number of adult and pediatric formulas are available in different flavors to suit your taste. Nestle and Corflo-Ultra, and other great manufacturer’s pump supplies are also available with all necessary accessories for a comprehensive order.

Wound: 3M is one of the popular brands and a leaders in wound care supplies that our company hosts. Bandages, dressings, gauze, and tape are all available in one place for your convenience, TotalHomeCareSupplies. Other accessories are also available, including skin care products and wraps.

Diabetes: though diabetes is a small part of our company, that doesn’t change the high quality of our products. Arkray is a leading competitor within the diabetic supply industry. We can supply you with meters, lancets and test strips all in one quick order.

Order the supplies you need, and we will deliver. With our EZ Ship process you  can automatically receive your supplies at the intervals you set, have the luxury of front door delivery, and be supported by our customer service team should any questions arise. Make your order today!

     Care More. Spend Less. Save Now.