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Our Most Absorbent Adult Diapers

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Absorbency diapers

The two main qualities that one should look for first in an adult diaper are comfort and absorbency. And both have a lot to do with fit. A diaper that is the wrong size will not feel right on the body. It’s important to base the size on waist size, but also where the diaper is hugging the body. Some people like having a more high-rise brief, others low-rise. As for absorbency, a diaper that is the wrong fit will not absorb properly. Do not assume that a larger diaper will absorb more liquid. All high-absorbency diapers will do their job, no matter their size, if they fit correctly. A correct fit will keep leaks to a minimum.

Many of our available products offer a variance of incontinence protection. But today we’re taking a look at the adult diapers that offer the most absorbency:

First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Briefs – The cloth-like back sheeting makes these diapers comfortable, low noise and allows more air to the area.

Per-Fit Adult Briefs – Featuring OdorGuard technology – all liquid is absorbed and trapped before becoming a problem.

First Quality Prevail Adult Bariatric Brief A – QUICK WICK™ with MaxSoft pulls the moisture quickly into the core of the diaper (also available in larger size B).

Depend Protection with Tabs Briefs – The Ultra Absorb-Loc® protection means leaks are no longer a worry.

Tranquility ATN (All-Thru-the-Nite) Brief – The absorbency means your skin is not compromised when wearing overnight.

Incontinence or Incontinance

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incontinence supplies

When dealing with the problem of being incontinent, the most import question is not how do you spell incontinence, but rather where do you get incontinence supplies from.  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com has all of the incontinent supplies for your specific needs.

Adult Diapers, Adult Pull-ups, Underpads, Incontinence Cream, Incontinence Wash, Adult Liners, Male protective guards, disposable washcloths, over night adult incontinence protection and more.  Click here to see all of the products for your incontinence needs from popular brands like First Quality, Prevail, Depend, Poise, Tranquility, Dignity, Tena, Ca Rezz, Secure Personal Care, ConvaTec and more.

Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Briefs

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Tranquility ATN Briefs are a reliable quality adult diaper for overnight incontinence protection that caregivers can count on.  Tranquility ATN means Tranquility All Through the Night.  The Tranquility ATN Diapers are available in 5 different sizes with a capacity of 18.5oz – 34.0oz depending on waist size that ranges from 18 inches to 64 inches.

Tranquility All Through the Night Diapers

Patented technology from Tranquility Incontinence Products offer guarantees against skin dryness, odor control, pH neutralization of urine and bacteria growth.  Tranquility ATN are latex free.

TJ 2187 Case of 72 Tranquility ATN Diapers Extra Large Waist or Hip Size 56 ins – 64 ins
TJ 2186 Case of 96 Tranquility ATN Diapers Large Waist or Hip Size 45 ins – 58 ins
TJ 2185 Case of 96 Tranquility ATN Diapers Medium Waist or Hip Size 32 ins – 44 ins
TJ 2184 Case of 100 Tranquility ATN Diapers Small Waist or Hip Size 24 ins – 32 ins
TJ 2183 Case of 100 Tranquility ATN Diapers Youth Waist or Hip Size 18 ins – 24 ins