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Ingredients in Skin Care Products

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Vitamin E, D, Calmine

At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com we sell many different types of skin care products. Each one of these contain ingredients that help with different skin conditions. So let’s take a look about what is in our products and what they can do for you.

Vitamin A:
Vitamin A, when used in a cream or an ointment, exfoliates skin. This makes it a drying agent, and can be used for treating acne. When used in conjunction with vitamin D, which is a skin protectant, it can be used to treat diaper rash and minor burns. Try Medline’s Vitamin A and D Ointment for these skin issues.

Vitamin D:
This vitamin, when applied as a cream, helps to slow down the too much proliferation of skin cells that can create psoriasis and skin dryness. For those with scaly skin, or for those who have a pressure point from a brace or other medical item, daily application of a cream with vitamin D might prove helpful. Try Bard’s Special Care Cream with vitamins A, B5, D and E, along with Aloe vera, safflower oil and glycerin.

Calamine is actually a mixture of two other ingredients, generally zinc oxide and ferric oxide. These ingredients are what makes calamine an anti-itching agent. This is why calamine is recommended for use on skin that has been exposed to poison ivy or oak, and some people find it helpful when they have a bug bite. For those who are looking for something that is helpful with itchy, dry skin, try FNC’s Medical Ca-Rezz Cream.

We’ll continue this series in another post. If you have any questions about skin care product ingredients, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to address them next time!

Baby Picture Taking Tips

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Taking a baby's photo

You know the ones. The sweet pictures of a sleeping infant posed adorably. Oftentimes in the buff. So precious. But they’re always lying on top of something, right? And how will that item fare if that cute little one decides now is the right time to relieve themselves?

The answer is: underpads! Or chux, as their also known. They can still be used when the baby is lying on a fluffy white blanket: just put the underpad underneath the blanket to save the bed or floor underneath.

When taking shots with the diaper on the baby, our best advice is to make sure the diaper fits. During a photo session, you don’t want to see a loose diaper or one that’s just too tight. Not sure which size your baby is at the moment? Order a few samples from TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and you’ll always have the right size at hand.

The above is also a good idea for taking photos of your baby or toddler with clothes on – a poorly-fitting diaper will look bunchy under clothes. And a diaper that fits well is one of the best ways to prevent leaks!

Also, when trying to get the perfect shot, keep in mind that many pictures of very tiny babies are Photoshopped. If you’re looking at a too-sweet picture of a tiny baby that’s holding their head up, and you’re wondering, “how is that possible at that age?” – it’s probably not! The photographer will use the parents to hold an infant’s head or body, and then Photoshop the parent out. So don’t worry! All photos of your little one are perfect – because they are.

Hollister New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch: 18182, 18183, 18184

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Easy to Close

As part of our series about ostomy items, today we’re looking at Hollister’s New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch with Filter. This product is nearly identical to product items 18193, 18192, 18194, which we wrote about here, but this one is beige instead of transparent.

One of the valuable features of this product is that opening, draining and closing this pouch is altogether a very simple process. First unroll it and empty it by squeezing lightly on the sides of the opening. To close, take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. This process is intuitive enough for those with vision problems, and is not overly–complicated, so those with dexterity issues can complete the process.

Now let’s check out a couple of reviews that have been written on our site about this product:

“Easy for me and my daughter to use after I came home from the hospital. Stays put!”

“Definitely the best bag I have used. It is durable, comfortable and quiet. The two-piece system is easy to maintain and practical for venting and regular use. Suggest switching off between two bags during the week for longer life. I was skeptical about the Velcro closure at the bottom, but now prefer it to all others – its more flexible (better comfort) and it is easy to open and clean.”

Closer Look Series: Protective Underwear

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Cloth-like backing, zones

At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com we carry over 20 different types of protective underwear items (or pull-ups) in sizes ranging from Small (20 inches) to XXL (up to 80 inches). But what are the special features that make these items different from adult diapers – and different from one another?

Many of our protective underwear items have “cloth-like” material. This material does not make them more likely to leak than plastic material. The absorbency for these items comes from the material that is inside the underwear, generally small, ultra-absorbent beads. What the cloth-like material does do is protect your skin because it allows more air circulation in the underwear. The absence of all that plastic also helps the underwear stay quieter when you move and look and feel more like regular underwear. Many of our Prevail products are made with the cloth-like material.

We sell several adult pull-ups that are gender specific – this means that the “Stay-Dry” zones are positioned in a place that makes sense for that person’s anatomy. If you have been experiencing leaks while using a pull-up, but, after removal, find that parts of the pull-up are dry, a gender specific pair of protective underpants may be the answer. Both Prevail and Depend offer these types of pull-ups.

While some pull-ups feature “stay dry strips,” others feature a “full mat,” meaning that all parts of the protective underwear are absorbent. Tranquility offers a daytime pull-up and a night-time pull-up with this feature, and each of these products provides a full waist, which some individuals find more comfortable.

What are the questions you have about different types of protective underwear or adult diapers? Ask below and we’ll answer in later posts in our Closer Look Series.

Happy Certified Nurses Day!

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Every March 19th, certified nurses are celebrated. This date was picked because it’s the birthday of Margretta ‘Gretta’ Madden Styles, who was an expert in nurse credentialing. Board certified nurses help their employers stay on top of the changing medical world and bring new perspectives to old problems.

If you head over to Twitter and search for #CertifiedNursesDay or #CertifiedNursesRock, you’ll find all sorts of smiling faces, fun photos and enthusiasm.

There are a staggering number of credentials and certifications that a nurse can receive. Wikipedia has quite an extensive list, but they admit it is incomplete. Just a few of those different types of nursing certifications include Certified Health Education Specialist, Licensed Practical Nurse and a WOCN: a Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse, who recently had their own shout-out here on the TotalHomeCareSupplies.com blog.

For all you certified nurses out there: thank you so much! We know you do so much to care for your patients. Check out the fun video below from American Nurses Credentialing Center:

Hollister New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier CTF: 14203, 14204

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Hollister Flange

This post is part of our series about the ostomy items that we carry at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. This item, Hollister’s New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier CTF (Cut-to-Fit) comes in two different sizes: the 14203 has a 2 ¼ inch flange as a part of the two piece system (the flange and the pouch, not included) and the 14204 has a 2 ¾ inch flange.

The term “Flexwear” is how Hollister indicates that the product is a standard wear skin barrier, as opposed to an extended wear skin barrier. The barrier protects skin from corrosive drainage.

This type of skin barrier is a floating flange, which eliminates pressure on tender post-operative abdomens, though many find it comfortable after the post-surgery stage depending on the placement and whether their stoma is convex or concave.

This Cut-to-Fit system provides the utmost security with by with its patented locking system. A tape boarder is used to keep the flange on the skin.

A review of this product by an ostomate states that this product is “Easy to fit, durable, good product,” but recommends that an adhesive remover be used when it’s time to take the product off of the skin.

An Introduction to Breast Pumps

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Using a breast pump

TotalHomeCareSupplies.com sells breast pumps and their accessories, including flanges, storage bags, storage bottles, car adapters, nursing pads and Store’N Pour starting kits. Not sure what all those things are or how you’ll use them? Keep reading!

Your main component will obviously be the breast pump, which is lightweight and portable. The Ameda Purely Yours Pump is a closed system with individually adjustable controls and built-in bottle holders. The pump will also arrive with two 36 inch tubes, two adapter caps, two silicone diaphragms, two pump bodies with standard size breast shields, four white valves and two four-ounce bottles with tops.

The flange is the part of the pump that fits over your breast. The ones that come with the pump are standard size, and the extra flanges that we sell are in sizes Medium/Large and Extra-large/XXL.

The Store’N Pour Starting Kit has milk storage bags (so you’re able to store more milk that you could in bottles) along with two flange adapters. The adapters mean you’re able to pump milk directly into the bags.

As for putting the whole thing together so you can start pumping, we recommend watching the video below. Happy pumping!

Conflicts in Caregiving: Accepting Help

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Don't do the task alone

Caregiving is an exhausting endeavor. Being responsible for another human who has their own life can be quite the task. There are appointments, therapies, tips to remember, behaviors to accommodate and much more. So why is it that so many caregivers are reluctant to ask for help or to accept help that has been offered?

There are several reasons, and more than we can list or identify here. There’s pride. There’s the notion that taking the time to explain to someone else how they can help would take longer than time they’d be able to actually help. There’s fear that if something goes wrong when someone is helping that it is your fault.

Allowing someone to come in and take over caregiving duties can be daunting. So if you’re having trouble accepting help, maybe start with peripheral tasks. If someone is offering help, but isn’t sure what that should do, have them stop by the grocery store for you, or pick up the dry cleaning. See if they’re willing to come over and just be with you and your caree for a meal – even better if they’re willing to cook!

Maybe once you see them handle a few of the simpler tasks, you can slowly show them more and more of the daily tasks it takes to be the caregiver of your caree. Keep in mind how important it is for you to take breaks from caregiving, for your own mental and physical health. And don’t forget that none of us is infallible – if you were temporarily incapable of doing your caregiving duties, is there someone who would be able to come in as your backup?

Accepting help isn’t about weakness – it’s about the strength to know your own limits and what’s best for you and your caree.

Hollister New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter: 18193, 18192, 18194

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Ostomy Pouch bag

Today, we’ll be continuing our series, taking a closer look at some of our ostomy items. Hollister’s New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter comes in three different sizes: 1 ¾ inch flange, 2 ¼ inch and 2 ¾ inch.

The exciting part about this pouch is how easy it is to close. All you have to do is take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. That’s why they call it the Lock N Roll! It’s great for all drainable pouch users, but especially for those with vision issues or those with dexterity problems.

Not only is it easy to close, it’s also easy to empty. Simply give the sides a light pinch to open the pouch, and you’ll be able to control the content flow. As soon as you stop pinching, there are firm reinforcing stripes to that shut the pouch. You can then use a tissue to easily wipe the inside of the pouch clean, and you’ll be able to roll it closed again.

This model also features an integrated filter to keep all odors inside the pouch without filling with gas. The pouch walls are odor barriers and rustle free. Belt tabs are also included. You’ll find a ComfortWear pouch panel on both sides. And do remember that this pouch is transparent.

If you have used this pouch before, please let your fellow ostomates know! You may comment below or leave a review on the product page. Thanks!

Large and Bariatric Adult Diapers and Pull-Ups

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Bariatric incontinence supplies

For those looking for adult diapers larger than the general “medium” waist size of 35 to 40 inches, many of the briefs and even pull-ups that we offer here at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com come in are available in bigger sizes. Between large and extra-large sizes, and the five types of bariatric diapers we sell, we have options available up to 106 inch waist sizes.

Most of our adult diapers are available in large and extra-large sizes, varying from First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Briefs to Tranquility’s ATN (All-Thru-the-Nite) Brief. Speaking of Tranquility, they make three of the bariatric briefs we sell: the AIR-Plus Bariatric Disposable Briefs, the Hi-Rise Bariatric Disposable Briefs and the regular XL Bariatric Disposable Brief.

The two other bariatric diapers we offer are made by Prevail, and they come in two sizes, A (sizes 62-73 inches) and B (up to 94 inches). We also offer the A size as a sample, to see if the fit works for you or your caree.

If you’re looking for pull-ups, there are three items we offer that are available in sizes up to 80 inches. The first of these is one of our best sellers, Prevail’s Extra Adult Pull-Up. These protective underwear come in five sizes, including the 2XL in 68 to 80 inches. That item is also available as a two-pack sample. Two other available items are both from Tranquility: the Premium DayTime Disposable Absorbent Underwear and the Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear, both available in sizes that go up to 80 inches.