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Social Wellness Month

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Taking time for yourself

July is Social Wellness Month, a month where everyone is encouraged to nurture their relationships with friends and focus on taking care of themselves.

So what does this mean for busy caregivers, who can barely find time as it is? Here are some tips for sneaking in some time for yourself and time to spend with friends, among all the demands on your time:

  • Buy some plants and water them while doing other things
    Plants can bring new life into a house and make things a little more vibrant. But watering them can be a pain to remember. Try combining two activities, like watering in the morning while brushing your teeth. This way you can watch the plants grow during the couple minutes of brushing time.
  • Chat during dinner
    The speaker mode on your phone can be a life-changer. Assuming you’re not eating anything too crunchy or slurpy, a very good friend likely won’t mind if you chat with them over a meal. Hopefully they’ll just be thankful that you found a few minutes to catch up with them.
  • Include your friends in your caregiving duties
    Do you take a stroll everyday with your caree, either walking or with them in a wheelchair? If not, you may want to try to add that to your routine – it can do wonders for both of you. And if you do, could you invite one of your friends to join you on that walk? And maybe stick around for an afternoon cup of coffee? Even if you only have time for a half-hour visit, don’t be afraid to ask a friend to drop by. They probably have been hoping they could, but don’t want to impose.

Even if you’re not able to fit these ideas into your busy schedule, try and focus on the fact that you need time for yourself and you are worth it. Even entertaining fantasies of doing things alone or with friends is better than getting stuck in the idea that everyday is crazy.

What will you be doing for Social Wellness Month?

Respiratory Care Week

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Tips on how to honor RTs out there

We are in the middle of Respiratory Care Week, a week to honor respiratory therapists and the amazing work they do. Here are some tips on how to celebrate:

Learn more about RTs and COPD
A respiratory therapist (RT) is a board certified doctor who specializes in the field of cardiology (the heart) and pulmonology (the lungs). They can be found in emergency rooms and intensive care units, keeping patients breathing and alive. They can also be found in clinics, helping patients manager their COPD, asthma or other symptoms related to breathing. COPD stands for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which creates chronically poor air flow to the lungs.

If you’re an RT, take out you
Hopefully, your company or colleagues are celebrating you. But whether or not they are, you should take a moment to congratulate yourself. Another year has gone by where you have saved lives, helped people breathe easier, taught them how to take care of themselves. You worked hard to get where you are. Why not pat yourself on the back in the form of a dinner on the town?

If you’ve benefitted from an RT, tell your story, even anonymously
You may not be ready or comfortable with calling out your RT on your Facebook page and telling your story of how they helped you. But in some way, it’s nice to put those positive thoughts out into the universe. So feel free to comment here (you don’t need to use your full name) or send a thank you postcard to your clinic. It’s a great feeling to recognize someone for the work they’ve done!

Image from https://www.aarc.org/rcweek 

Potty Training Tips

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Help get your toddler over diapers.

The words “potty training” can invite excitement or fear in both parents and toddlers. Assuming you both have a good attitude about the process (and it might take a while before that happens at the same time), it’s time to dive in.

When you’re ready to start talking to your child about the toilet and the concept of potty training, you may want to ease them into it. First Quality Wonderpants Training Pants can be an excellent tool to getting your child to start understanding about how their body functions. When the design on the training pants fades, that means the diaper is no longer dry. But the pants will still absorb the wetness. Helping your child to understand the process may be less jarring than simply going straight from diapers to underwear.

Make sure that you notice and point out when a child seems like they may need to use the restroom. Always stay with them while they’re using a potty chair or the toilet. Reinforce their achievements, even if that achievement is only standing in the bathroom, observing the chair or toilet. Also encourage the child to sit on the potty while they’re wearing their diaper, or when they don’t have to go. The idea is to get your child used to concept of the toilet.

Once your child has been fairly consistent about using the toilet, take them on an outing to buy “big-kid” underwear. Keep in mind that there will likely be accidents, and they may take some time to stay dry during the night or during naps. If your child has outgrown diapers, but still needs them while sleeping, the Training Pants mentioned above may help, or Sleep Over Youth Pants.

Are you going through the process of potty training right now? Or have you already? What are some of your favorite tips?

Camping Checklist

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Incontinence Camping Tips

Anyone going camping during this last month or so of summer? If you are, and you need incontinence supplies, there are some some extra items to add to the checklist. Here are a few items that are either essential or helpful. First up, something that everyone should have whenever heading out of the house for the tent life:

1)      Bath Wipes
These unscented, hypoallergenic wipes are extra large, so you’ll only need one for each person each day (initially, at least, as they will also come in handy after meals to clean faces and hands). Each washcloth has more than enough moisture to cleanse thoroughly. They come eight to a pack, but they’re so inexpensive, two packs might be a good choice even for a short trip.

2)      Flashlights, Paper Towels, Can Openers
There are many other convenient items that you could probably get away with forgetting, but these three are pretty much the most essential, besides the tent. Pack these items a few days beforehand to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle of last minute packing.

3)      Underpads
A wonderful accessory when camping and experiencing incontinence issues. If you have been employing reusable underpads at home, get a pack of disposable underpads for the trip. While reusable underpads are less expensive in the long run and better for the environment, the convenience of disposable is great for camping. They’ll make the mornings so much easier and with Prevail underpads, you only need one layer at a time.

4)      Games
Chatting by the campfire is ideal, but you want to make sure you have a back-up option in case the talk starts to slow. Take some card games, but nothing large or that requires a board. Then you’ll know that you’re ready to provide the outdoor entertainment once the sun goes down.

5)      Extra Incontinence Supplies
That may sound bulky, but it doesn’t need to be. Just be smart about it. Pack everything you may need (extra briefs, wipes, gloves, creams, washes and disposable bags) into one bag, like a small gym bag. Have a really large tube of cream? Just take what you need by putting some into a travel sized bottle. Keep in mind that because your schedule and activity amount may change during your vacation, your supply needs might change as well.

Having everything securely packed will make you able to relax and appreciate your vacation. Last tip: if you have multiple bags, during packing time, note which item was place in which bag. Then take that list with you. It will save time later and you’ll know exactly what you packed. Enjoy your trip!