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National Radon Action Month

Posted by on January 9, 2015 under Caregiver Corner, Resources | Be the First to Comment

Test for radon

How can you take action on radon? Simple! Purchase a radon testing kit at a hardware/supply store, follow the instructions and send in the results.

But why should you do that? Again – simple! Radon in small amounts that is diluted into the air around us is harmless. But, if your home builds up too much radon, this element is a major cause of lung cancer. And seniors, who spend a lot of time in their homes, and may not air them out as often as others, can be at particular risk.

The best way to keep yourself and others safe is with the simple test. If your results show high levels of radon, it’s not time to panic! It’s recommended to wait another six months before retesting, to lessen the possibility of a false-positive. During that time, you can start airing out the house by opening windows on opposite ends, and purchasing air filters. You can find other recommendations for how to lessen radon exposure here.

There are also a lot of community information sessions offered across the US, especially during this Action month. To find them, search online for your town name and “radon.” During these sessions, experts will show you how to use a testing kit, and some sessions may even give tests away.

It’s important to keep your family safe and eliminate as many carcinogens as possible from your home, or your seniors home. You can learn more about National Radon Action Month at this EPA website.