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Comparing Adult Diapers to Protective Underwear

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Most absorbent adult diapers

While both adult diapers and protective underwear (also known as pull-ups) do a great job of keeping the user dry and leak-free, they differ in other ways, including how they’re worn and more. Let’s explore the differences so you can discover what will work best for yourself or your caree.

Adult Diapers Protective Underwear
Keeps the user dry
Can put on without the removal of pants/shoes
Small and medium sizes (20 inches to 79 inches in waist size)
Larger sizes (over 80 inches in waist size)
Maximum overnight absorbency
Cloth-like material for the outer shell
Can be easily disposed of (either by removing the tabs or ripping the sides apart)
Look more like regular underwear
Slimmer profile
Soft, stretchy sides


For those looking for something that provides the look and feel of underwear with the adjustability of an adult brief, try Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear: these have the close fit and slim line of a pull-up, but also have Easy Lock Fasteners (ELF)’s that makes it easier to put on and take off the underwear. And the fasteners are non-sticky, so there’s never any worry of the tabs sticking to items other than the underwear.

The most important thing to keeping leak-free in either a pull-up or an adult diaper is to have the right fit. For Prevail products, you can consult their Sizing Guide.

How to Dispose of Incontinence Products

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How to dispose of adult diapers

Knowing how dispose of incontinence products is useful in your own home and when you’re out and about. Odor is a concern for both situations. And being discreet can be a thought when leaving the house for a few hours. So how can you solve these two issues and have good diaper etiquette?

Let’s start with inside the privacy of your own home. Many incontinence products, including those from Prevail, have odor control, but after a few days, the odor reducing components may start to break down. And taking out the trash everyday can be a pain. The best path is to get a diaper pail, like the ones made for children’s diapers, but larger. Having each incontinence product wrapped in its own plastic bubble helps immensely with odor. There are several companies that offer such products, including Akord.

On the go, it’s recommended that, along with extra incontinence items, you take a couple of disposable plastic bags. The type you receive your groceries in at the supermarket are not recommended. They can be easily ripped on the trip home from the store and even a small hole can release odor. Try the smallest garbage bags at the store and tie them shut with twisty-ties. These are often opaque and can be thrown away while out and about. Or if you’d rather not throw them in a foreign garbage can, you can always use regular plastic baggies that zip closed. These are generally see-through, but if you’re keeping your items in your purse, that won’t matter. If you’d prefer a scented bag, Heaven Scent makes perfumed bags specifically for incontinence product disposal.

With these tips, you should be able to eliminate odor issues and discreetly dispose of your diapers and pads. If you know of more tips to help solve these problems, please let us know in the comments!

Bedwetting and Sleepovers: Tips

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Try these tips for when your child heads to a sleepover

Although it may seem like your child is stuck at home until they can grow out of their bedwetting, that doesn’t need to be the case. These days, the right products and smart moves can create moments that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Tip #1: Get the right attitude
Talk to your child about their enuresis, or their particular issue. Make sure they know what’s going on. That will help them with any fears they have about spending the night with a child who doesn’t have this problem – it will let them know they’re still normal and there’s nothing wrong with them. Let them know you’re going to let the host parents know what’s going on. Then talk to the host parents (not the other way around).

Tip #2: Find the product that works for your child
Your child needs a product that is absorbent, not bulky and makes very little noise. These Sleep Overs are all over those requirements. There are sizes for children from 45 to 140 pounds, and they have a discreet profile. Additionally, they’re cloth-backed, meaning less crinkle noises for your youngster. You can purchase a sample pack here, to find the right fit.

Tip #3: Make some adjustments
If your kid doesn’t like the idea of changing into their pull-ups at their friend’s house, ask the host parents if they can request that all kids arrive in their PJs. Provide your child with a trash bag so they can dispose of their diaper and place it back in their overnight bag. Or arrive super early and help them out, if you or the child isn’t comfortable with the host parents helping out.

Tip #4: Get social
If your child is reluctant to go to sleepovers, or you want to make sure they can handle them, host one first. That way you can be there to make sure your kid has the privacy they need.

Tip #5: Embrace technology
There are many tech pieces out there that want to help your child beat their bedwetting. But many parents find that audio alarms do not wake their child up. It seems the only option is to wake the child up themselves – not an option if your kid is at a friend’s house, or even sleep-away camp. But vibrating alarms on watches do sometimes succeed where other alarms have not.

With these tips in mind, your child should have a great sleepover and a good night’s rest (if they actually ever go to sleep!).

Back to School

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Things to think about when heading back to school.

Back to school is a significant time, even for those without kids (more traffic on the roads!). But for parents and especially Sandwich Caregivers out there, it can be both a time of relief and of added on stress.

The return to school can mean a more predictable schedule. Your child/children are at a place until a certain time every day, meaning you can plan for when to be at work or caregiving for parents. Many parents celebrate this time of year, and we can bet you’re probably one of them.

But with a new school year can come with new friends and new challenges. If you’re living at home with both your children and your parent or parents, children may be reluctant to bring friends over. Try and understand where this embarrassment is coming from. Talk with them, and, if possible,  be around when and if those friends do come to visit.

Additionally, new friends might mean a sleepover. And if your child has any bladder issues, dealing with any kind of protective underwear can be a potential nightmare. Luckily, nighttime pullups have come a long way. Sleep Overs provide discreet protection for children weighing between 45 and 145 pounds. Their cloth-like outer fabric means no suspicious rustling. If you’d like to try before you buy, you can find samples here.

Congrats from TotalHomeCareSupplies.com on getting through the hot summer. And good luck with a productive, fun and safe new school year!