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Prevail Protective Underwear: Fast, Free, Discreet Shipping

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Prevail Protective Underwear

Prevail is our #1 selling incontinence brand, offering quality products with premium features at economical prices.

Prevail Protective Underwear are a discreet, pull-up style adult underwear that are ideal for men and women who want the look and feel of underwear, not diapers.  At TotalHomeCareSupplies, we carry three different lines of Prevail Protective Underwear with the following premium features:

  • Skin Smart Fabric enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E to maintain skin wellness
  • Odor Guard Technology helps prevent and lock away odors before they happen
  • Specialized Absorbent Core gives concentrated protection where you need it most
  • Breathable zones allow air to freely migrate for skin health and comfort
  • Soft, cloth-like outer fabric reduces risk of skin irritation
  • QUICK WICK with MaxSoft layer pulls moisture away from the skin
  • Sizing label printed on inside back of product

Read on for more information about which line of Prevail Protective Underwear is right for you:

Prevail Adjustable Underwear

Prevail Adjustable Underwear on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies

Prevail Adjustable Underwear

This adjustable underwear style is ideal for men and women who want the look and feel of underwear with the adjustability of an adult brief. Patented Easy Lock reattaching side tabs allow the wearer to adjust or change without getting undressed. Its soft, stretchable cloth-like back sheet provides a secure and comfortable fit. Ventilated side panels improve skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up. Advanced core design and a fast absorbing Stay-Dry Strip significantly improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage.

Prevail Adjustable Underwear are offered in two versatile sizes:

  1. FQ PVR512     Small/Medium     (28-46 inch waist)     72/Case     $62.00
  2. FQ PVR513     Large                  (44-58 inch waist)     64/Case     $62.00
Prevail Classic Fit Underwear for Women

Prevail Classic Fit Underwear for Women on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies

Prevail Classic Fit Underwear for Women

Prevail Underwear for Women is a disposable, pull-up style underwear designed specifically for women. Their form fitting shape and stretchable, breathable waist panels combine maximum leakage protection with a comfortable, discreet fit. These classic fit underwear feature an innovative, fast-absorbing core that gives concentrated protection right where women need it most. Prevail Classic Fit Underwear for Women are designed with odor guard technology for complete discretion, a soft, rustle-free outer fabric, and the size label printed directly into the back.

Prevail Classic Fit Underwear for Women are offered in three sizes:

  1. FQ PWC512     Small/Medium     (28″-40″ waist)     80/Case     $72.00
  2. FQ PWC513     Large                 (38″-50″ waist)     72/Case      $72.00
  3. FQ PWC514     Extra Large        (48″-64″ waist)     64/Case      $72.00
Prevail Super Plus Underwear

Prevail Super Plus Underwear on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies

Prevail Super Plus Underwear

These extended-wear adult pull ups are ideal for those looking for maximum protection over an extended period of time. Their easy pull on-and-off design enhances convenience and discretion. The cloth-like outer fabric is enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness, while Advanced Zoning System® technology adds extra protection in high-volume areas.  With Super Plus absorbency, these adult pull ups offer increased wearability for the convenience of extended use.

Prevail Super Plus Underwear are offered in three sizes:

  1. FQ PVS512     Medium (34″-46″ waist)           72/Case     $50.00
  2. FQ PVS513     Large (44″-58″ waist)              64/Case     $50.00
  3. FQ PVS514     Extra Large (58″-68″ waist)     56/Case     $46.00

All orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free for all orders over $40. Read about our Fast, Free, Discreet shipping policy here.  For more high-quality, low-cost incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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Incontinence Briefs

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A common solution for incontinence is the purchase of absorbent briefs, which are comparable to underwear. Most people associate briefs and diapers together, which is okay, but it must be acknowledged that briefs come in many different fits and styles that tend to stray away from the look and feel of a diaper. These come in many different sizes, for women, men, and youth. Some brands have even included boxers for men, and more feminine syles including colors and lace for women. Here at TotalHomeCareSupplies we supply both diapers and briefs but here are some of our most popular adult briefs:

Medium (32 -44in) – Case of 96 – $47.70

Large (45 -58in) Case of 72 – $47.68

Extra-Large (59 -64in) Case of 60 – $39.76

Medium (32 – 44in)  Case of 96 – $79.99

Large (45 – 58in) Case of 96 – $85.99

Small (24-32in) – Case of 100 – $72.99

Youth (18-26in) – Case of 100 – $72.99

Extra-Large (56-64in) Case of 72 – $85.99

Small (20 -31in) – Case of 96) – $41.76

Youth (15 -22in) Case of 96 –  $40.56

Small (28 – 40in) – Case of 80 – $72.00

Large (38 – 50in) – Case of 72 – $72.00

Small/Medium – (28-40in) – Case of 48 – $87.74

Large/Extra-Large – (38-50in) – Case of 40 – $87.74