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Online Resources For Ostomy Advice And Support

Posted by on March 25, 2012 under Ostomy Care | Be the First to Comment

Whether you’re new to managing an ostomy or would like to find the latest resources and support tools, Total Home Care Supplies can help you find what you need. From ostomy product options and support groups to ostomy manufacturer resources, there’s a solution for each of your concerns and people with similiar issues to offer support.

Best Online Ostomy Resources

MeetAnOstomate.org | This helpful online community of ostomates has over 7,500 members and over 32,000 forum posts about ostomy issues and topics. What you’ll find here is a great place to meet other ostomates, make new friends and get all the answers you need to your ostomy questions.

United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) | The UOAA is a national organization with excellent resources and experience in supporting the ostomy community. All over the map, there’s an Ostomy Support Group. Most ostomy support groups hold regular meetings that bring people together offering solutions, comfort and a place to share and learn. Find a support group in your area.

Hollister.com Learning Center | As one of the leading manufacturers of ostomy products, Hollister offers every aspect of educational support for ostomates. Their online learning center includes education booklets, helpful hints, product instructions and stoma measuring guides.

GreatComebacks.com | Sponsored by ConvaTec, the Great Comebacks® Program recognizes these inspirational individuals, both in their personal lives and in their contributions to their communities. Discover and learn from motivating people who are living a full and productive life after an ostomy surgery. Share your story for a chance to win a Great Comebacks® Award.

TotalHomeCareSupplies.com | Total Home Care Supplies is backed by more than 50 years of experience in ostomy products with reliable home delivery to customers. Customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $40, monthly coupons and an online EZ Ship program to automate ostomy supply shipments. Discover the most competitive online pricing on drainable pouches, closed-end pouches, ostomy skin barriers and a full line of ostomy accessories to comfortably manage an ostomy.