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Product Reviews on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

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Product Reviews

Hey – let’s check in with a few product reviews, shall we?

Review of Ca-Rezz Cream
“Mother-in-law has very very dry skin on her legs and we’ve tried all kinds of different creams. The aids at the assisted living said to her after she started using this ‘Whatever you’re doing don’t stop because it’s doing an amazing job’. That’s a #1 rating if you ask me.”

Review of Prevail Belted Shield
“Exactly what I was looking for.”

Review of Hollister New Image 2-pc Convex Flextend Barrier Cut-to-Fit
“I have tried several brands of ostomy bags, and Hollister New Image Flextend is the only one that lasts more days. I have to change mine every 4 days. My output is liquid consistency due to my recent surgery and liquid diet. I have to use strip paste in addition to prevent leakages.
Easy to use.”

Review of First Quality Adult Briefs
“Just GREAT!”

Review of Hollister M9 Deodorizer Drops
“I used this product in the 1980 when I first had to have an Ostomy and it was great then and everything that I have tried never really did the job. then I found this site and was able to locate the Product and have been over joyed ever since, it really does work and only a few drops and no odor. Fantastic!!!!”

Review of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band
“My mother has difficulty using her hands and hand strength and this was just what she needed so she could do it herself!”

Review of Secure Personal Care Waterproof Sheeting
“This was exactly what I was looking for. My father is 93 years old and completely incontinent. We, of course, have a pad on his bed at night, but it was not big enough to protect the sheet and mattress cover. Therefore, we were having to wash all of it most every day. Thanks for providing a great product.”

Thanks so much for the great reviews, everyone! If you’d like to write some of your own to help out your fellow customers, feel free. Just follow the links on each individual product page.

More Product Reviews

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Customer opinions

We took a look at some of our product reviews back in August but as we get new reviews in all the time, we thought the topic worth another visit.

Please keep in mind that all of our products are available to review right on their page. Not only do we love the feedback about the items we carry, reviewing can help your fellow customers know more about a product. We try to create product descriptions that are helpful to all customers, but those of you who are using them have the best knowledge about them!

Review of Prevail Adjustable Underwear:
“My husband needed after Prostate cancer surgery and found this brand best fit and most comfortable for larger size man.”

Review of Hollister Adapt Paste:
“My son was born with gastroschesis, which is a birth defect were the intestines grow out of the body in utero. He had his first surgery an hour after birth and now has a colostomy. He makes in a bag until his reversal surgery. The bag was constantly leaking and pulling away from his skin. I was changing it at least 5 times a day. My surgeon told me about Adapt which keeps the round and bag secure for at least 24 hours. This product changed everything.”

Review of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band:
“…This is probably the best product of its kind on the market. I have used it for years and prefer it over anything else. They are washable and can be bleached to disinfect. One will last me at least two months.”

We love these positive reviews, but we are aware that not all products work perfectly for everyone. A recent comment on one of our skin barriers for ostomates told us that while they found the product easy to fit and durable, and called it a good product, that they found it difficult to remove. In that case, we would recommend another skin barrier for that person, as different adhesives can affect various skin types in unexpected ways.

If you have an opinion on one of our products, we ask that you head over to TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and tell us!

Shout Out to Ostomy Nurses

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Thanks from us to ostomy nurses.

Ostomy nurses are generally associated with a larger group called WOC Nurses (Wound, Ostomy and Continence). Originally, ostomy nurses started out as something called Enterostomal Therapists in the 1960s. The first association of these types of nurses went through some turbulent times before eventually becoming the WOCN Society.

Because ostomy nurses spent so much time learning about how to care for ostomies, they learned a lot about wound care. And incontinence and ostomy nurses have a great amount of knowledge about how the bladder and intestines work. But each of these nurses has their own specialty.

Ostomy nurses often meet their patients before the surgery takes place. They are the ones with the answers and make the time to discuss the life changes with the patient and their family. Oftentimes, they’re the ones that make recommendations on where the stoma should be placed, after discussing the placement with the patient and watching how that person sits. They also walk the patient through their feelings about the stoma, and may recommend discussing the upcoming surgery with someone who has already experienced it.

After the surgery, ostomy nurses are there to show patients how to use their ostomy pouches and answer more questions. They still may be helping the patient to emotionally deal with the impact of their new stoma.

Many nurses, of all types, may connect deeply with their patients. And many patients also connect with and remember their nurses. But ostomy nurses are there during such a huge and often positive life-changing event, they deserve a special shout out. So thank you, WOC Nurses! You are appreciated.

Product Reviews – Thanks!

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Check out these incontinence and ostomy product reviews.

We think we carry the best possible incontinence, ostomy and urological products out there.

But you don’t have to take OUR word for it.

We love it when our customers review our products. It lets their fellow customers know specifics of the product and first-hand accounts of using them. We thought we’d highlight a few of these reviews in today’s post. When you finish, please feel free to write some reviews of your own!

Review of First Quality Prevail Adult Briefs:
“I have used this particular brand of briefs for many years and I highly recommend them. They’re absorbent and not too bulky. They’re comfortable and really are the best brief out there.”

Review of Hollister New Image 2pc Flextend Skin Barrier CTF:
“I love these flanges this inside portion is protected by what appears to be plastic covering over the barrier. The ease of use and the outer sticky tape helps hold the flange and barrier are in place. Rarely does it become un-sticky even in the shower. I would recommend them and I’ve tried many types.”

Review  of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band:
“This is the best way to hold a cath tube in place. Have used many and found nothing better.”

While we of course love positive reviews, we want to hear about all the types of experiences that our customers have with our products. We use these reviews when considering which products and product lines we should sell, and will sometimes pass on the comments to the manufacturer. Our goal is your satisfaction with everything we sell.

For instance, this review of ConvaTec Aloe Vesta Perineal Skin Cleanser helps us know that there’s another product out there that a customer would like us to carry:
“Great product although it’s hard to spray[,] a foaming product would be better. Hospitals carry the liquid foaming that is what I really was looking for.”
(That cleansing foam can be found here.)

So if you have an opinion on a product you’re using, it’d be great if you’d head over to TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and write it up! Thanks in advance!

What Is An Ostomy?

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Ostomy pouch.

On June 21st, 2014 the charity organization Crohn’s and Colitis UK posted a picture of one Bethany Townsend. As of this writing, the post has received nearly 250,000 likes, easily catapulting it to the status of viral. What was Townsend wearing in this popular photo? A bikini, an ostomy bag and a stoma cap.

Other sites, including Huffington Post picked up on the photo and the short article about Townsend, but failed to go into an explanation of what these items she’s wearing are and what they’re for. This led to a huge uptick in searches online for the word “ostomy” as people strove to understand why it was that Townsend needed bags to survive.

So here’s the short and sweet explanation: Ostomy bags are the term for any bag placed over a surgical opening on a body, generally in the abdomen region (you can see some examples of new bags here). The uses for these bags are to help with the work of organs that aren’t functioning properly or have been removed, such as all or part of the large intestine or the bladder. In cases such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, cancer or other issues, a surgeon will create a direct connection from the working parts to the outside of the body – creating a stoma (aka opening). Waste from the small intestine (or part of the large intestine or bladder) is dispelled through that opening, generally into a bag.

Ms. Townsend appears to be wearing an ostomy bag, and a stoma cap. The ostomy bag is there to capture the contents being emptied from her small intestine. The stoma cap, the smaller of the two items, is likely there to capture any small output from that particular stoma. As that stoma likely doesn’t produce waste on a consistent basis, it doesn’t need a full-sized bag. This is an assumption, of course, and everyone’s experience with stomas differs, but that’s a basic explanation of bags and caps.

It’s great to see such a positive response to Townsend’s photo, and to see so many people reply with proud pictures of themselves sporting ostomy bags.

21 Fun Things To Do During A Snowstorm

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SleddingWith more than half the country covered in snow, and wind chills as low as 25 below zero in some areas, you may be looking to keep children and loved ones busy inside the house. Here’s a list of 21 fun, distracting, and challenging things to do during a snowstorm to keep you and your family safe, warm and entertained:

  1. Work on that home improvement project you can never find time for. From rearranging a room to creating a picture wall, a home improvement project can exercise both your muscles and your creativity, while reinvigorating your home.
  2. A snowstorm is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Curl up under blankets with that novel you have been meaning to read, or bring favorite classics to life for children and seniors by reading them out loud one chapter at a time.
  3. Write a short story or a poem, or begin your memoirs. This is the perfect time to jot down that story you have running through your head.
  4. Play cards. Pull out that pack of cards for a game of solitaire, rummy, blackjack or your favorite card game. Play a family game of Uno, and make up a few extra family rules to add excitement.
  5. Invite your neighbor over for hot chocolate or a cup of coffee, and make a new friend.  If they’re an elderly neighbor, getting together for coffee can be a great way to check on them during the cold and snow.
  6. Why not start learning a language, or refresh that rusty high-school Spanish? Load a language-learning program in your ipod or laptop to learn the basics, or download an audiobook for a refresher course.
  7. When was the last time you looked through the pictures on your digital camera? Back them up to your favorite online album, or organize your photos for display or for gifts for loved ones.
  8. Put your ipod on shuffle and re-discover your music collection.  Is your music library old-school?  Start building your digital music library by loading your favorite CDs onto your computer, or go online and find new music.
  9. Share stories you haven’t told in a long time.  Ask an older loved one about “the good old days”, or have children make up a story and see how creative they can get.
  10. Exercise your brain!  Do a crossword puzzle, or learn how to play Sudoku.  For larger groups, play hangman, charades, or try a mind-challenging board games such as trivial pursuit.
  11. Learn how to bake grandma’s favorite recipe, whether it’s cookies or your favorite cake.  Baking can be a terrific snowstorm activity with children – and it makes your home smell delicious, too.
  12. Take a nap! We live such a hectic lifestyle. Cuddle up under a blanket by the window for a long, well deserved nap.
  13. Teach yourself something completely new.  Whether it’s learning how to knit, how to paint, how to tie knots, or how to play an instrument, there are plenty of free online guides for just about every interest.  For a more concrete guide, try one of the “For Dummies” books or a how-to book from your local library or bookstore.
  14. Shovel early and often! Attempt to shovel every few hours, to keep the load light and help avoid serious back pain.  Be neighborly and help your neighbors dig out, too – especially an elderly neighbor who may not have family to assist them.
  15. Go sledding. Make a snowman. Have a snowball fight. Make a creative snow sculpture, or just take a walk outside to enjoy the beauty of the snowfall.  Be sure to dress warmly, however, and don’t stray too far from home.
  16. Dust off that stationary bike or treadmill, break out that old exercise video, and get some exercise.  There’s no time like the present.
  17. Find a large, flat surface and work together to assemble a puzzle. This calm, challenging activity can improve pattern and matching comprehension in people of all ages.
  18. What’s your area of expertise?  Become a teacher for the day.  Teach a child or a friend something you know how to do well.
  19. Take a leaf out of our children’s books and play hide and seek.  Have a tickle fight.  Have a pillow fight!  Then build a fort with all of the pillows. This kind of physical play is good for grownups and children alike.
  20. Make popcorn, and pop in a classic movie.  Classics are endearing and entertaining for people of all ages, especially seniors and children.
  21. Catch up on your online shopping!  Find the right product online for yourself or a loved one who is struggling to manage incontinence.  Reorder your medical supplies from the warmth of your home, and have them delivered safely and discreetly right to your snowy door.

For more information about home-delivered incontinence, ostomy, urological or wound care supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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December Promotion at Total Home Care Supplies

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Total Home Care Supplies Promo CodeOUR GIFT TO YOU

Happy Holidays from Total HomeCareSupplies!  As our gift to you, take $8 off all orders over $100 with promo code HOLIDAY on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.  As always, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $40!

From now through December 31st, take $8 off all incontinence supplies, ostomy products, urological supplies and wound care supplies, including best selling products by Prevail, Depends, Hollister, Coloplast, ConvaTec, 3M, Kendall and many more.  All home care supplies are shipped in discreet, unmarked packages right to your doorstep.  Most products ship the same business day that you place your order, and are mailed from the closest distribution center.

Here’s how to use this December coupon:

  1. Add all your items to the shopping cart and select “Secure Checkout”
  2. Enter your Billing and Shipping Information, and click “Save”
  3. Enter promo code: HOLIDAY and click “Apply”
  4. For orders over $40, shipping is always free!

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We know you have many options when you shop, and we appreciate your business.

Care More. Spend Less.  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

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November Promotion at Total Home Care Supplies

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Total Home Care Supplies November PromoHARVEST THE SAVINGS

Why not let these Autumn savings “Fall” back into your pocket this month?  For the month of November, take $5 off all orders over $80 with promo code HARVEST5 on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.  As always, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $40!

This loyal customer coupon is good for all incontinence supplies, ostomy products, urological supplies and wound care supplies, including best selling products by Prevail, Depends, Hollister, Coloplast, ConvaTec, 3M, Kendall and many more.  All home care supplies are shipped in discreet, unmarked packages right to your doorstep.  Most products ship the same business day that you place your order, and are mailed from the closest distribution center.

Here’s how to use this November coupon:

  1. Add all your items to the shopping cart and select “Secure Checkout”
  2. Enter your Billing and Shipping Information, and click “Save”
  3. Enter promo code: HARVEST5 and click “Apply”
  4. For orders over $40, shipping is always free!

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We know you have many options when you shop, and we appreciate your business.

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ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seal Barrier Rings

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ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seal Barrier Ring

ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seal Barrier Rings

Eakin Cohesive® Seals help prevent leakage around the stoma by acting as a filler for uneven skin surfaces.  Moldable and moisture-absorbing, Eakin Cohesive Seals can be molded to a variety of shapes and help protect the skin from contact with bodily fluids. These skin barrier rings act as a gasket or barrier, providing enhanced protection for hard-to-fit stomas. Their unique moldable hydrocolloid barrier forms a gel that prevents skin damage. Eakin Cohesive Skin Barrier Rings provide maximum protection, and are ideal for use with sensitive skin, as well as sensitive, flush or retracted stomas.

ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seal Barrier Rings come in two moldable sizes:

  • SQ 839001     LARGE RING: 4″ diameter and 1/8” thick     10/BX     $50.65
  • SQ 839002     SMALL RING: 2” diameter and 1/6” thick      20/BX     $99.75

Eakin Cohesive Seals are rated 5 out of 5 stars, and 100% of reviewers would recommend them to a friend.

Customer comments about ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seals:

“I LOVE this product. I feel really safe and secure when I use it. This has really been a life saver since I was experiencing many leaks. I haven’t had a bad experience yet and feel secure when it’s on. Comes off easily without irritation when it’s time to remove it. Also, ConvaTec’s customer service is outstanding. Would definitely recommend.”

“Service and delivery were exceptional”

“Great for a filler, I have a deep long incision to fill. It’s so moldable. Only wish it didn’t breakdown as fast. I have to take off the bag & clean out the melted stuff so it won’t cover the fistula & it can drain.”

“[…]All I can say is that here, the speed I received my product was excellent and will have no hesitation in visiting and ordering from this site again. Keep up the good work”

For more Convatec ostomy supplies, visit the TotalHomeCareSupplies web store .  We offer reliable, fast, discreet shipping on all orders – and orders over $40 ship completely free.

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ConvaTec 022771 ActiveLife Transparent One-Piece Drainable Pouch

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Activelife 1 Piece Drainable Pouch CTF

Activelife 1 Piece Drainable Pouch on sale now at TotalHomeCareSupplies

The ConvaTec ActiveLife® One-Piece Drainable Pouch is a simple, lightweight and flexible ostomy system that combines a Stomahesive skin barrier and transparent pouch into one easy-to-use unit. The ActiveLife transparent drainable ostomy bag has been designed for maximum comfort and extended wear time, making it a trusted ostomy product among nurses and patients for over two decades.

This 12” drainable pouch comes with a cut-to-fit skin barrier and tape collar.  Its durable, one-sided comfort panel is designed to be odor-proof and rustle-free for maximum discretion.  The ActiveLife transparent drainable pouch can be used with a traditional tail clip, and it comes with a standard wear Stomahesive Skin Barrier to help protect the skin against semi-formed to formed stool.  These CTF drainable ostomy pouches will fit stomas from 19mm (3/4”) to 64mm (2 1/2”) in size. For more Activelife one-piece drainable pouch options, click here.

Convatec ActiveLife one-piece drainable ostomy bags are sold in boxes of ten:

  • SQ 022771       CTF for stomas 3/4 to 2 1/2 inches      10/Box       $38.03

Most of our products ship the same business day the order is placed from the closest distribution center. You can expect reliable, fast, discreet shipping on all orders, and free shipping on all orders over $40.  For more ConvaTec products and ostomy supplies, visit the TotalHomeCareSupplies web store.

First time shopping with TotalHomeCareSupplies? Our website has been recognized for exceptional customer service with the 2013 Bizrate® Circle of Excellence Award.  Only 2.6% of the over 5,000 retailers in the United States and Canada combined earned this Award in 2013, which means we’re one of only 133 online retailers with this distinction! The Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award can be seen in the bottom right corner of our home page. Click on the award to see our latest customer satisfaction ratings and customer reviews.

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