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ConvaTec Stomahesive Paste: 183910

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Flat surface pouch seal

This article is part of our continuing series on ostomy items that we carry here at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Last time we talked about Hollister’s Adapt Paste – this time we’d like to explore a different paste: ConvaTec’s Stomahesive Paste.

Paste, when in reference to ostomies, is not an adhesive. Rather, it’s something of a filler to help with uneven skin surfaces, to help the bag stay closer to the skin. ConvaTec’s Stomahesive Paste is hydrocolliod-based – a hydrocolliod substance is something that becomes a gel when exposed to water. So this paste is gel-like and able to to be molded to the shape needed by the wearer.

How does this paste increase the wear-time of the ostomy bag system and protect the skin? On retracted and flush stomas, this paste can caulk in the crevices and make sure that skin barrier is as flush to the the surrounding skin as possible. This means less leaks, so the skin is safer and the seal is more likely to last longer.

Keep in mind that this is a pectin-based formula as well, for those with any allergy concerns.

There are two ways to apply the paste. One way to apply the paste is directly to the skin. Since some people find the paste more moldable when the it has been allowed to “set” for a bit, so the paste can be applied right after the cleaning of the skin, while allowing the area to dry before applying any skin barriers.

Another way to apply the paste is to the skin barrier or wafer. In this case you’d apply a small amount around the opening of the wafer. Do not spread it around, rather, apply the wafer to the skin to allow the paste to spread and create an additional seal around the stoma,

Do you have any other tips about using paste to help create a better seal for ostomy skin barriers? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Hollister Adapt Paste: 79300

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Flat surface pouch seal

Welcome back to our series about ostomy items available here on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Today we’re going to take a look an ostomy accessory item, paste. Paste is used by those with ostomies to fill in (or caulk) the uneven skin that may exist in the stoma area, in order to create a better seal for the bag. A flat skin surface is ideal for a great flange seal, and the paste can be used to prevent any output drainage from getting under the pouch seal.

On Total Home Care Supplies, we sell a two ounce tube of Adapt paste, which should last most ostomates at least a couple of months (depending on how much paste they use during each bag change and how often they change their bag).

The paste can be used on the skin barrier or on the skin itself, or both. It’s up to the individual to determine how best the paste can be utilized. Some people find that the paste works best when it’s been allowed to “set” for a few minutes, so you can either apply it to your new skin barrier piece before you remove your old pouch, or, if applying to your skin, you can put it on first thing after cleaning your skin and have it on while allowing your skin some drying time. Make sure you clean and dry your skin well before applying the paste or other ostomy products.

Please keep in mind that the paste does not have any adhesive properties to it, and too much paste may affect the seal. Also, the paste does contain alcohol, which may sting to irritated skin. Please alert your health care professional to any irritated skin you may have, as it is not normal to have that skin issue.

What are the best uses you’ve found for the Hollister Adapt Paste? Tell us in the comments!

Hollister Premier Drainable Cut-To-Fit Transparent Pouch: 8331

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10 pouches per box

Today we continue our look into ostomy items with the Hollister Premier Drainable Cut-To-Fit Transparent Pouch, with the item number 8331. Please note that this pouch is transparent. Additionally, you may see the words “cut-to-fit” shortened to CTF.

This is a one-piece system: the pouch and the flange. The type of adhesive used is a Flextend adhesive. This type of adhesive protects the skin over extended wearing time from irritating discharge.

Many of the features that make this pouch easy to use and easy to close are similar to the features of the two-piece pouch system by Hollister. To empty this one-piece pouch, lightly pinch the sides of the leak-proof outlet for easy control of content flow. When you stop pinching, there are firm reinforcing strips that shut. Then, you can simply wipe the tail of the pouch closed with some bath tissue, and begin to seal the pouch. To do so, roll it three times in the same direction and press from the middle out. You should be able to feel the seal close up your pouch.

This pouch provides the highest level of discreetness and comfort provided by odor-barrier, rustle-free film and ComfortWear Panels. There is also an integrated filter.

When cutting the flange for proper sizing, this item can be used for stomas up to 2 ½ inches.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Ostomy Items Series, and we’re happy to let you know that there are more on the way!

Hollister New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch: 18182, 18183, 18184

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Easy to Close

As part of our series about ostomy items, today we’re looking at Hollister’s New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch with Filter. This product is nearly identical to product items 18193, 18192, 18194, which we wrote about here, but this one is beige instead of transparent.

One of the valuable features of this product is that opening, draining and closing this pouch is altogether a very simple process. First unroll it and empty it by squeezing lightly on the sides of the opening. To close, take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. This process is intuitive enough for those with vision problems, and is not overly–complicated, so those with dexterity issues can complete the process.

Now let’s check out a couple of reviews that have been written on our site about this product:

“Easy for me and my daughter to use after I came home from the hospital. Stays put!”

“Definitely the best bag I have used. It is durable, comfortable and quiet. The two-piece system is easy to maintain and practical for venting and regular use. Suggest switching off between two bags during the week for longer life. I was skeptical about the Velcro closure at the bottom, but now prefer it to all others – its more flexible (better comfort) and it is easy to open and clean.”

Hollister New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter: 18193, 18192, 18194

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Ostomy Pouch bag

Today, we’ll be continuing our series, taking a closer look at some of our ostomy items. Hollister’s New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter comes in three different sizes: 1 ¾ inch flange, 2 ¼ inch and 2 ¾ inch.

The exciting part about this pouch is how easy it is to close. All you have to do is take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. That’s why they call it the Lock N Roll! It’s great for all drainable pouch users, but especially for those with vision issues or those with dexterity problems.

Not only is it easy to close, it’s also easy to empty. Simply give the sides a light pinch to open the pouch, and you’ll be able to control the content flow. As soon as you stop pinching, there are firm reinforcing stripes to that shut the pouch. You can then use a tissue to easily wipe the inside of the pouch clean, and you’ll be able to roll it closed again.

This model also features an integrated filter to keep all odors inside the pouch without filling with gas. The pouch walls are odor barriers and rustle free. Belt tabs are also included. You’ll find a ComfortWear pouch panel on both sides. And do remember that this pouch is transparent.

If you have used this pouch before, please let your fellow ostomates know! You may comment below or leave a review on the product page. Thanks!

Ostomy Blog Love

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Ostomate blog post

Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off 2015, a year in which an estimated 134,000 new stomas will be created, we thought we’d take a look at a few of our favorite ostomate blogs.

Ostomy Outdoors
Heidi’s ostomy surgery is now four years behind her, and her life is so active and “normal” that she completely forgot her “stomaversary” this year, something she used to celebrate. To her, that means she’s now in place she wanted to be almost immediately after getting her surgery, a place where her stoma, Wilbur, isn’t on her mind every day. Heidi’s posts about traveling, hiking and other intense outdoor adventures will inspire everyone to get out there, no matter what!

The Stolen Colon – Living Beautifully with an Ostomy
Stephanie is also very active: she’s a triathlete and runs half-marathons on a regular basis. Her stoma surgery is more recent, at about two and a half years, but she is also very comfortable with the changes it has brought to her life. She gives lots of great advice about life with a stoma, including what to wear, how to troubleshoot ostomy bag problems and more. And she’s always very honest about her feelings about her stoma.

This blog is written by a professional women who’s ileostomy is a little higher than what most people have. This makes dressing a bit of a challenge – but one that she’s up to! While she doesn’t post very often these days, her clothing advice is timeless.

We’d love to hear about more ostomy blogs that we could highlight in upcoming posts! Please let us know of yours or one you read in the comments below.

Shout Out to Ostomy Nurses

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Thanks from us to ostomy nurses.

Ostomy nurses are generally associated with a larger group called WOC Nurses (Wound, Ostomy and Continence). Originally, ostomy nurses started out as something called Enterostomal Therapists in the 1960s. The first association of these types of nurses went through some turbulent times before eventually becoming the WOCN Society.

Because ostomy nurses spent so much time learning about how to care for ostomies, they learned a lot about wound care. And incontinence and ostomy nurses have a great amount of knowledge about how the bladder and intestines work. But each of these nurses has their own specialty.

Ostomy nurses often meet their patients before the surgery takes place. They are the ones with the answers and make the time to discuss the life changes with the patient and their family. Oftentimes, they’re the ones that make recommendations on where the stoma should be placed, after discussing the placement with the patient and watching how that person sits. They also walk the patient through their feelings about the stoma, and may recommend discussing the upcoming surgery with someone who has already experienced it.

After the surgery, ostomy nurses are there to show patients how to use their ostomy pouches and answer more questions. They still may be helping the patient to emotionally deal with the impact of their new stoma.

Many nurses, of all types, may connect deeply with their patients. And many patients also connect with and remember their nurses. But ostomy nurses are there during such a huge and often positive life-changing event, they deserve a special shout out. So thank you, WOC Nurses! You are appreciated.

What Is An Ostomy?

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Ostomy pouch.

On June 21st, 2014 the charity organization Crohn’s and Colitis UK posted a picture of one Bethany Townsend. As of this writing, the post has received nearly 250,000 likes, easily catapulting it to the status of viral. What was Townsend wearing in this popular photo? A bikini, an ostomy bag and a stoma cap.

Other sites, including Huffington Post picked up on the photo and the short article about Townsend, but failed to go into an explanation of what these items she’s wearing are and what they’re for. This led to a huge uptick in searches online for the word “ostomy” as people strove to understand why it was that Townsend needed bags to survive.

So here’s the short and sweet explanation: Ostomy bags are the term for any bag placed over a surgical opening on a body, generally in the abdomen region (you can see some examples of new bags here). The uses for these bags are to help with the work of organs that aren’t functioning properly or have been removed, such as all or part of the large intestine or the bladder. In cases such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, cancer or other issues, a surgeon will create a direct connection from the working parts to the outside of the body – creating a stoma (aka opening). Waste from the small intestine (or part of the large intestine or bladder) is dispelled through that opening, generally into a bag.

Ms. Townsend appears to be wearing an ostomy bag, and a stoma cap. The ostomy bag is there to capture the contents being emptied from her small intestine. The stoma cap, the smaller of the two items, is likely there to capture any small output from that particular stoma. As that stoma likely doesn’t produce waste on a consistent basis, it doesn’t need a full-sized bag. This is an assumption, of course, and everyone’s experience with stomas differs, but that’s a basic explanation of bags and caps.

It’s great to see such a positive response to Townsend’s photo, and to see so many people reply with proud pictures of themselves sporting ostomy bags.

Ostomy Vocabulary Lesson

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An ostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an alternate route and artificial opening for the excretion of bodily wastes. The destination can either be into another proper digestive organ or into an outside system. For this article we will discuss the latter situation which typically targets those with colostomies, ileostomies, and urostomies.  This outside collection system is typically an ostomy pouch that attaches to the stoma (the end of the artificial path). The pouching system is held in place by a barrier, also referred to as a wafer , which is a an adhesive or air tight seal to prevent leakage.

One option when searching for an ostomy pouch is the one piece system in which the barrier is connected to the pouch, making it one unit. The one piece system is known to be more simple because everything is cohesive and connected. How ever, the entire system should be changed every twenty four hours.

New Image Lock N Roll Drainable 2 Piece Pouch at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

The two piece system is different because the barrier/wafer is separate from the pouch. On the barrier is the flange which is the connecting piece to the pouch and the barrier. Typically, the flange-pouch connection is similar to that of an air tight tupperware. This permits the barrier to be changed weekly, but the pouch still should be changed every day. Aside from making the decision between an one piece or two piece system, there is also the option of an open ended pouch or close ended pouch. An open ended pouch, or drainable pouch, has a feature that allows you to drain the contents of the pouch, whereas the close ended pouch is to be thrown away and replaced when full.

Which Product Is Best For You? As you can see, when choosing your pouch there are a few things to consider. Each of these options have their pros and cons, but  the decision is typically dependent on how often an individual needs to empty the contents or fills up the pouch.

When using a barrier/wafer, it must fit correctly and comfortably in order to be effective, and since everyone is built differently, there are a few choices to make when shopping.  Barriers come in a variety of sizes, so find the one that works best for you. There are some products that come pre cut, and others are cut to fit, which are customizable for each individual.

Sur-Fit Natura Stomahesive Barrier Cut to Fit -Tan at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Along with choosing your pouch system, there are a variety of accessories available to keep you comfortable, confident and healthy. There are a number of deodorizers, pastes, and wipes to protect against odors,  enhance sanitation, and support a more assured barrier fit. Also available are belts, tapes and adhesives for extra security, and numerous other products to suit your needs.

TotalHomeCareSupplies is here to provide you with high quality, low price ostomy products that will leave you more than satisfied.