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ConvaTec Stomahesive Paste: 183910

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Flat surface pouch seal

This article is part of our continuing series on ostomy items that we carry here at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Last time we talked about Hollister’s Adapt Paste – this time we’d like to explore a different paste: ConvaTec’s Stomahesive Paste.

Paste, when in reference to ostomies, is not an adhesive. Rather, it’s something of a filler to help with uneven skin surfaces, to help the bag stay closer to the skin. ConvaTec’s Stomahesive Paste is hydrocolliod-based – a hydrocolliod substance is something that becomes a gel when exposed to water. So this paste is gel-like and able to to be molded to the shape needed by the wearer.

How does this paste increase the wear-time of the ostomy bag system and protect the skin? On retracted and flush stomas, this paste can caulk in the crevices and make sure that skin barrier is as flush to the the surrounding skin as possible. This means less leaks, so the skin is safer and the seal is more likely to last longer.

Keep in mind that this is a pectin-based formula as well, for those with any allergy concerns.

There are two ways to apply the paste. One way to apply the paste is directly to the skin. Since some people find the paste more moldable when the it has been allowed to “set” for a bit, so the paste can be applied right after the cleaning of the skin, while allowing the area to dry before applying any skin barriers.

Another way to apply the paste is to the skin barrier or wafer. In this case you’d apply a small amount around the opening of the wafer. Do not spread it around, rather, apply the wafer to the skin to allow the paste to spread and create an additional seal around the stoma,

Do you have any other tips about using paste to help create a better seal for ostomy skin barriers? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Hollister Adapt Paste: 79300

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Flat surface pouch seal

Welcome back to our series about ostomy items available here on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Today we’re going to take a look an ostomy accessory item, paste. Paste is used by those with ostomies to fill in (or caulk) the uneven skin that may exist in the stoma area, in order to create a better seal for the bag. A flat skin surface is ideal for a great flange seal, and the paste can be used to prevent any output drainage from getting under the pouch seal.

On Total Home Care Supplies, we sell a two ounce tube of Adapt paste, which should last most ostomates at least a couple of months (depending on how much paste they use during each bag change and how often they change their bag).

The paste can be used on the skin barrier or on the skin itself, or both. It’s up to the individual to determine how best the paste can be utilized. Some people find that the paste works best when it’s been allowed to “set” for a few minutes, so you can either apply it to your new skin barrier piece before you remove your old pouch, or, if applying to your skin, you can put it on first thing after cleaning your skin and have it on while allowing your skin some drying time. Make sure you clean and dry your skin well before applying the paste or other ostomy products.

Please keep in mind that the paste does not have any adhesive properties to it, and too much paste may affect the seal. Also, the paste does contain alcohol, which may sting to irritated skin. Please alert your health care professional to any irritated skin you may have, as it is not normal to have that skin issue.

What are the best uses you’ve found for the Hollister Adapt Paste? Tell us in the comments!