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Prevail Products New Special Features and Upgrades

Posted by on July 20, 2012 under BladderMatters | Be the First to Comment

First Quality Prevail Products have a long history of maintaining a great reputation for producing reliable and effective products. Another positive attribute of First Quality is that they never stop trying to make their products even better. Within the last year there have been numerous improvements to the Prevail line that have undoubtedly further increased customer satisfaction.

Some of these upgrades include:

  • Skin Smart Fabric is a hypoallergenic fabric that is enriched with a handful of healthy botanicals such as aloe, chamomile and vitamin E. These natural substances are used in numerous skin care products that promote healthy skin. This feature is easily identifiable by an added green tint on the part of the product that comes in direct contact with the skin.
  • QUICK WICK Strip-with MaxSoft actively works by absorbing liquid and pulling it away from the body to ensure dryness and no leakage throughout the day. This upgrade also includes a color strip that changes from blue to lavender after it comes in contact with liquid, and an added maximum softness to enhance comfort.
  • Odor Guard has been significantly improved since a common factor in many incontinence products is that many odor blockers try to absorb odors after they are released, but now, Prevail products work to prevent odors before they form.
  • Stretchy side panels ensure an adjustable and secure fit.
  • Right Fit Zones help customers find the right fit for them since the zones will only fasten if the correct size brief is being used.
  • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric promotes a more enjoyable wear with a more breathable, comfortable fabric that also significantly lessens skin irritation compared to previous plastic backed products.
  • Breathable Zones are improved via the fabric and ventilated areas that boost airflow and reduce heat build-up.
  • Easy-Lock Fastener Strips and tabs include a grip and hold that is not sticky and allows multiple tab re-fastenings that improve fit and sizing.
  • Back Label now has the size printed inside the waistband
  • Direct Lock Panels are located on the back of the brief between the easy lock strips for easy release and attachment to decrease the hassle of unfolding tabs.
  • Extended Use design includes a superior absorbancy for a confident use throughout the day and night.

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