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Closer Look Series: Protective Underwear

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Cloth-like backing, zones

At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com we carry over 20 different types of protective underwear items (or pull-ups) in sizes ranging from Small (20 inches) to XXL (up to 80 inches). But what are the special features that make these items different from adult diapers – and different from one another?

Many of our protective underwear items have “cloth-like” material. This material does not make them more likely to leak than plastic material. The absorbency for these items comes from the material that is inside the underwear, generally small, ultra-absorbent beads. What the cloth-like material does do is protect your skin because it allows more air circulation in the underwear. The absence of all that plastic also helps the underwear stay quieter when you move and look and feel more like regular underwear. Many of our Prevail products are made with the cloth-like material.

We sell several adult pull-ups that are gender specific – this means that the “Stay-Dry” zones are positioned in a place that makes sense for that person’s anatomy. If you have been experiencing leaks while using a pull-up, but, after removal, find that parts of the pull-up are dry, a gender specific pair of protective underpants may be the answer. Both Prevail and Depend offer these types of pull-ups.

While some pull-ups feature “stay dry strips,” others feature a “full mat,” meaning that all parts of the protective underwear are absorbent. Tranquility offers a daytime pull-up and a night-time pull-up with this feature, and each of these products provides a full waist, which some individuals find more comfortable.

What are the questions you have about different types of protective underwear or adult diapers? Ask below and we’ll answer in later posts in our Closer Look Series.

The Benefits of Adult Diapers

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Adult briefs

When it comes to choosing a type of incontinence product, the main question is adult diapers (AKA briefs) or protective underwear (AKA pull-ups or pull-ons). Briefs can have their advantages over protective underwear, depending on the lifestyle of the wearer.

One advantage is: briefs offer the ability to put on and take off the item without the removal of pants or shoes. This is helpful for both caregivers who are the ones helping their care with the briefs, or for individuals who need to be able to change their briefs while out and about. Many of our customers find the First Quality Adult Briefs easy to use, with their Easy Lock Fasteners (ELF), that can be reused to reposition and are not sticky. These are available in cases, or as a sample to find the right size.

Additionally, briefs are available in larger sizes than pull-ups. The Prevail Bariatric Brief is available in two sizes: A is for waist sizes from 62 inches to 73 inches and B is for waist sizes up to 94 inches. Size A is also available as a sample so the user can get the perfect fit.

Briefs can also provide more absorbency than regular protective underwear, which can be great for overnight usage. Tranquilty’s All-Thru-the-Night Brief offers extra absorbency, so the wearer’s skin is not compromised by staying wet for hours.

But, if you’re looking for a product that provides many of the benefits of briefs, with the secure and underwear-like fit of protective underwear, we recommend Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear. They come with reattachable side tabs that open.

We’d love to hear your feedback on any of these products, or others that we offer on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Feel free to comment below, or review the products on their individual pages.

The Benefits of Protective Underwear

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Adult pull-ups vs. adult diapers.

When a decision needs to be made about what kind of incontinence supplies to purchase, there are many options. One of these is pads and liners. These work great for mild incontinence: they’re easy to adjust to, they keep the wearer in their regular underpants and they’re best for the skin. But when incontinence is moderate to heavy, a pull-up or a brief becomes a better choice.

Protective underwear, AKA pull-ups, have their advantages over briefs, depending on the lifestyle of the wearer and their own personal preferences.

Many types of protective underwear, including our best-selling Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Up, offer cloth-like material as the outer shell. Not only does this material mean better skin health for the wearer, because of the breathability, it is quieter than plastic-backed briefs. Additionally, its stretchability creates a better and more secure fit for the wearer.

There is also protective underwear available that is gender-specific, like the Prevail Per-Fit for Men and Women. This is a feature you will not find in regular adult diapers. Each of these products is designed to look more like the standard underwear of that gender, and the dimensions of each product were created to conform more to that body type.

Additionally, protective underwear can be disposed of just as easily as adult diapers. Almost all of them have tear-away sides, so it’s easy to just rip those sides apart and remove the pull-up. And if you’re looking for a product that provides many of the benefits of protective underwear, with the ability to put the item on while not removing pants, check out Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear. They come with reattachable side tabs that you open to put the underwear on, and still provide a secure and underwear-like fit.

What advantages have you found with protective underwear?