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How to Dress Your Baby for All Types of Weather

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Keeping your baby warm (or cool) no matter the temp.

Sure, you generally know what you’re going to wear for each season and the types of days within those seasons. But suddenly there’s another human who’s relying on you to make those decisions for them. What to do?

There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to dressing your newborn and, later, your baby. We won’t lecture you about fashion (that’s totally up to you), but after reading this, you should know how to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

In the colder months, add another layer of clothing to your baby than you yourself are wearing. So if it’s a pants and sweater day, make sure your baby has a jacket when you leave the house. A blanket is also fine as an extra layer. You can make sure your little one is warm enough by touching their chest or the back of their neck. Their extremities are always going to be a little cooler than the rest of them, so don’t base your judgment on them.

In the warmer months, make sure they’re cool by keeping them in loose-fitting, natural fibers. Don’t feel the need to add the extra layer if it’s quite hot, but it’s always a good idea to keep a light jacket around. You never know how intense air conditioning is going to be. Watch out for heat rash, and always make sure they have a hat to cover their face (we know, some babies can’t stand hats, but keep trying!).

Lastly, be sure to adapt quickly when bringing your baby to a place with a different temperature. As soon as you arrive home or to day care or even a quick trip to the mall, adjust their outfit. Overheating a baby can be dangerous to their health. So watch out for any signs of overheating, like fussiness or a rash.

When it’s just you and your baby on warm afternoon, there’s nothing wrong with just letting them hang out in their diaper. No clothes to irritate them and nothing in your way when giving them tummy raspberries!

What’s your favorite baby outfit accessory? Let us know in the comments.

Common Questions about Changing a Baby’s Diaper

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Tips for baby diaper changing

A lot of new parents may not have any experience changing a diaper, and the task can seem daunting. Experience will help, but there are some questions that all new parents have or will have.

How often should I change my baby’s diaper?
While it is “ideal” to change a baby’s diaper after each time they pee, that’s not quite feasible. Often there is no indication that your baby has peed, and checking the diaper (by feeling it to see if the wadding has bunched up) every few minutes is impossible. Generally, checking at least every two hours, or before or after feedings, and before and after sleeping is best. A newborn, a sick child or a child with diaper rash needs to be changed more often. Speaking of diaper rash …

What causes diaper rash?
Diaper rash is caused by having the skin in the diaper area be exposed to wetness and waste. The amount of time a baby’s skin can be exposed to waste depends on the child and their skin’s pH balance. A baby’s skin is about half as thick as an adult’s: that’s why their skin is so sensitive. Diaper rash isn’t caused directly by the foods the baby digests, but can be caused by the diarrhea caused by those foods. Diaper rashes can be cleared up by letting the baby’s skin air out, using diaper rash creams and making sure the diapers and wipes you’re using work for your baby’s skin.

What if my child hates their diaper being changed?
Most children will go through a phase where they hate having their diapers changed. Some techniques to get through this are distracting the child (perhaps with an object that is otherwise unavailable to them), counting down to the diaper change (sometimes even setting a timer) and changing the child while they’re standing up (if they’re stable enough). Oftentimes, parents will use this phase to help start the process of potty-training.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments, or add your own answers to the ones above!

When Your Baby is Sick

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Find out some great tips on what to do when your infant is sick

Having a sick baby can be scary, but with some knowledge, some extra liquids and some sympathy, most colds and flus will disappear without issue. Check out these tips for what to do when your baby is sick.

  1. Pay attention
    You know your baby best. You don’t need to measure how much liquid winds up in their diaper each time you change it, but you will get an idea for the weight and feel of a normal used diaper. If it seems that the diaper is less full (or more full) than normal, start to pay attention. Peeing more or less often or having different types of poop can indicate an oncoming sickness or infection. See if there are other symptoms that you may have missed.
  1. Keep them cool
    If your baby has a fever, you generally do not need to worry, as long as they are not a newborn and the fever stays under 102 degrees. But you will help them be more comfortable by helping to keep them cool. Remove their clothing, offer more liquids than normal and give them a bath in tepid water. Don’t have time for the full bath immersion, or maybe they’re too fussy? You can also wipe them down with baby wipes. Just a quick swipe could lower their temperature as much as a couple degrees!
  1. Slow down
    You’re not sick, so just keep up all your normal tasks, right? Wrong. Having a sick child can take a lot out of you. So go ahead and let people know you might flake on that plan, and let them know why. They’ll understand. Then take that time to just relax and hold your child, or stay with them while they nap. You’ll both feel better for it.