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Hollister New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter: 18193, 18192, 18194

Posted by on March 7, 2015 under Ostomy Care | Read the First Comment

Ostomy Pouch bag

Today, we’ll be continuing our series, taking a closer look at some of our ostomy items. Hollister’s New Image Lock N Roll Drainable Pouch Transparent with Filter comes in three different sizes: 1 ¾ inch flange, 2 ¼ inch and 2 ¾ inch.

The exciting part about this pouch is how easy it is to close. All you have to do is take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. That’s why they call it the Lock N Roll! It’s great for all drainable pouch users, but especially for those with vision issues or those with dexterity problems.

Not only is it easy to close, it’s also easy to empty. Simply give the sides a light pinch to open the pouch, and you’ll be able to control the content flow. As soon as you stop pinching, there are firm reinforcing stripes to that shut the pouch. You can then use a tissue to easily wipe the inside of the pouch clean, and you’ll be able to roll it closed again.

This model also features an integrated filter to keep all odors inside the pouch without filling with gas. The pouch walls are odor barriers and rustle free. Belt tabs are also included. You’ll find a ComfortWear pouch panel on both sides. And do remember that this pouch is transparent.

If you have used this pouch before, please let your fellow ostomates know! You may comment below or leave a review on the product page. Thanks!