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Fun Fact of the Day

Posted by on February 13, 2014 under Resources | Be the First to Comment

Ordering Adult Diapers From HomeFun fact of the day.

Do you know that you can order diapers from the safety of your bed?  Did you know you can even order order adult diapers from the safety of your bed with the power out?

True fun fact.  Well, the ‘fun’ part of that fact is not ideal, but the rest of the statement is 100% accurate and true.

TotalHomeCareSupplies.com offers a wide range of incontinence supplies with fast free discreet shipping.  With weather like a nor’easter, don’t worry about going to a chain pharmacy store that is already going to have inflated prices. But with rain coming at you sideways, do you really want to take a case of diapers from the store to your car to your house?  Let the guy in the UPS uniform do that for you.

UPS Delivers on Time Despite Mother Nature

It’s true, UPS does deliver in all weather.  Don’t believe me, read this.  In fact, UPS has 5 full time weather forecasters on staff. I am sure at least one them is a meteorologist.  I wouldn’t know, I am just a guy who sells adult diapers on the internet, but I take their word for it.

At Total Home Care Supplies, our website is open 24/7 for your needs.  We ship our products from various distribution centers across the country.  95% of our orders ship the same business day. So whatever you do, don’t go out into the cold for some adult diapers.  Instead, click on the shop link at the top of this page and stay warm and cozy.

Care More. Spend Less at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com