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Hollister New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier CTF: 14203, 14204

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Hollister Flange

This post is part of our series about the ostomy items that we carry at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. This item, Hollister’s New Image Flexwear Skin Barrier CTF (Cut-to-Fit) comes in two different sizes: the 14203 has a 2 ¼ inch flange as a part of the two piece system (the flange and the pouch, not included) and the 14204 has a 2 ¾ inch flange.

The term “Flexwear” is how Hollister indicates that the product is a standard wear skin barrier, as opposed to an extended wear skin barrier. The barrier protects skin from corrosive drainage.

This type of skin barrier is a floating flange, which eliminates pressure on tender post-operative abdomens, though many find it comfortable after the post-surgery stage depending on the placement and whether their stoma is convex or concave.

This Cut-to-Fit system provides the utmost security with by with its patented locking system. A tape boarder is used to keep the flange on the skin.

A review of this product by an ostomate states that this product is “Easy to fit, durable, good product,” but recommends that an adhesive remover be used when it’s time to take the product off of the skin.

Hollister New Image Cut-to-Fit Convex Flextend Skin Barrier, with Tape: 14803, 14802, 14804

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Ostomy flange

We’re taking another look into one of the ostomy items that we offer at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. The Hollister New Image Cut-to-Fit Convex Flextend Skin Barrier, with Tape is special because of its convex shape, offering a better fit to those with stomas that are recessed, retracted or flush.

The convexity is ideal for tender, post-operative abdomens because it eliminates pressure on the area. Part of how it’s able to do this is the “floating flange,” which this item shares with the Hollister New Image 2pc Flextend Skin Barrier CTF. There are three sizes available: the 1 ¾ inch flange has a maximum barrier opening of 1 inch, the 2 ¼ inch flange has an opening of 1 ½ inch and the 2 ¾ inch flange has an opening of 2 inches. And once the wearer finds the perfect fit, the barrier protects the skin over extended wearing time from irritating discharge.

Before we finish up, let’s take a look at the reviews for this barrier:

“I have tried several brands of ostomy bags, and Hollister New Image Flextend is the only one that lasts more days. I have to change mine every 4 days. My output is liquid consistency due to my recent surgery and liquid diet. I have to use strip paste in addition to prevent leakages. Easy to use.”

“This product made my post-operation experience as easy as it could be, considering the worries I had about having a colostomy.”

Hollister New Image 2pc Flextend Skin Barrier CTF: 14603, 14604

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Ostomy flange

This Hollister skin barrier and flange has proven to be a popular ostomy item on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com, so we thought we’d take a moment to look at this product more closely.

This item is a flange and skin barrier, and its purpose is to both protect the skin from the stoma output and connect the ostomy pouch to the skin. We call this item a “two-piece” item because the second piece is the ostomy pouch. So when you order item number 14603, you actually be receiving one item that you would apply to your skin and to which you then attach the pouch.

This “floating flange” has a patented locking system that audibly clicks into place. Knowing your pouch and your flange are firmly connected will give you the feeling of security. And the skin barrier protects your skin from irritating discharge. If using the correct size of skin barrier, you’ll find that your skin will be healthier and that you can extend the wear time of your system.

Let’s go back to that “floating flange.” This type of flange eliminates pressure on tender, post-operative abdomens, so it’s perfect for the weeks after surgery. But some ostomates find it so comfortable that it becomes their flange of choice! Also important to keep in mind: this item comes with a tape boarder, and is cut-to-fit.

Lastly, let’s look at the reviews that this product has receiving on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Customers have stated, “I love these flanges – this inside portion is protected by what appears to be plastic covering over the barrier. The ease of use and the outer sticky tape helps hold the flange and barrier are in place. Rarely does it become un-sticky even in the shower. I would recommend them and I’ve tried many types.” And, “This holds good and is fairly long lasting–non irritating.”