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Adult Diaper Absorbency: Is Larger Better?

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Does a larger adult diaper absorb more

Question:  Does a large diaper absorb more than a small diaper?

Answer:  No, a large diaper does not absorb more liquid than a small diaper.

Many people assume that a larger diaper contains more absorbent fabric than a smaller diaper, simply because of its size. However, each adult diaper and adult pull up is designed to absorb a specific amount, regardless of its size. Both an extra small adult diaper and an extra large adult diaper can handle the same exact amount of fluid. A high quality, maximum-absorbency adult diaper such as the Prevail Extra Adult Pull Up can easily absorb more than 16 ounces while still keeping the wearer’s skin dry and comfortable. If necessary, the Prevail Extra Adult Pull Up can absorb up to a half gallon of liquid.

Wearing a larger diaper size than needed can actually increase the risk of leakage. Click here to see the 3 most common reasons an adult diaper leaks.

How To Find The Right Size Adult Diaper

A diaper that is either too large or too small will be not only increase risk of leakage, but may also increase risk of skin irritation and breakdown. A diaper should have a snug, comfortable fit. To find the right size adult diaper by height and weight, see these Adult Diaper Sizing Guides. To find the right size adult diaper by waist/hip measurement, try this Adult Diaper Sizing Guide Calculator.

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