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March-Only Savings on All Top-Rated Home Care Supplies!

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2013-03-march-promo Loyal Customer Savings

Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Easter or the First Day of Spring – March is a busy month!   With so much to do, we thought you could use a break.  That’s why we’re offering an extra 5% coupon for all our loyal customers in the month of March.

Looking for Hollister or Coloplast ostomy supplies?  We’ve got them, and ConvaTec too!  From Hollister M9 Deodorizer Drops to ConvaTec Stomahesive Paste, we’ve got all your ostomy accessories as well as closed and drainable pouches, barriers with flange, barrier rings and more.

Prevail pullups and belted shields on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

If your incontinence supplies are running low, stock up now and save an extra 5% off all orders over $100.  We carry all the top brand name manufacturers, including Depends, Prevail by First Quality, Poise, Tena, Tranquility and much more.   Read customer reviews for all our top-rated products, such as Tranquility ATN (All-Thru-the-Night) Briefs which customers give 4.7 out of 5 stars – or Prevail Adult Extra Pull-Ups, which have a 98% customer satisfaction rate!  We even carry top-performance baby and youth diapers, too.

3M Surgical TapeYou can find brand-name urological and wound supplies on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com as well.  From Coloplast and Bard catheters and leg bags to Kendall Gauze and 3M Surgical Tape, we stock all the urological and wound supplies and accessories you need.  Have questions about a product or an order?  Our customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you have!

For the whole month of March, use promo code “GREEN” and save 5% off all orders over $100.  And you can count on fast, free discreet shipping for all orders over $40, guaranteed.  All home care supplies are shipped in discreet, unmarked packages right to your doorstep.

To take advantage of this loyal customer discount:

  1. Add all your items to the shopping cart and select “Secure Checkout”
  2. Enter your Billing and Shipping Information, and click “Save”
  3. Enter promo code: GREEN and click “Apply”!

We know you have many options when you shop, and we appreciate your business.   Thank you for choosing Total Home Care Supplies.

Depends for Women – Free Shipping!

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Depend for Women at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend for Women Maximum Absorbancy Underwear at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend Briefs for Women

For more than 140 years, Kimberly-Clark has designed quality, innovative personal care products, including brands like Depend, Poise, Pull-Ups and more.  The Depend for Women incontinence product line has become a household name because of their superior quality, innovative designs, and product reliability!  If you’re looking for an incontinence product to fit your lifestyle, look no further than Depends.

Depend for Women at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend for Women Protective Underwear offer discreet incontinence protection, an ultra-sleek fit, and the cloth-like comfort of real underwear.  A new-and-improved slim, sleek design is less likely to be seen under clothes, while the finished waistband gives the look and feel of real underwear.  With three size options (Small, Large and Extra-Large) and two different absorbencies (Moderate and Maximum), women can find the right incontinence product for their lifestyle.

Depend Silhouette for Women at totalhomecaresupplies.comIf a close, discreet fit is your top priority, Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women are the perfect choice for you.  Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women provide the sleek look and feel of real underwear while guaranteeing worry-free leakage protection.  A cloth-like fabric creates a sleek, ultra-smooth fit under your clothes and is soft against the skin. The slim side profile provides the most discreet fit without compromising maximum protection, and the all-around leg elastics guard against leaks.

At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com, we’re proud to offer discreet, affordable incontinence products like Depends.  And there’s no need to waste your hard-earned money on shipping: we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40, guaranteed!  No hassle, no promo code necessary – all you need to do is place your order of $40 or more, and free shipping is automatically applied to your purchase.

Which Incontinence Product Do You Need? Take Our Whiz Quiz to Find Out

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1234Without walking into a store, how do you know which incontinence product is right for you or for a loved one?  If you’re struggling to decide what to buy, you’re not alone.  Take our 2-minute whiz quiz, and we’ll help you figure out exactly which product you need:

Question #1:  Is the customer mobile?

YES:  If the customer has some degree of mobility, you’re looking for pull-ups ,  belted shields, pad-and-pant systems, or liners & pads.  All these products are primarily for people who are active during the day, and are designed to absorb urine when a person is sitting, standing, or in any other upright positions.  Keep reading to find out the differences between them!

NO:  If the customer is more or less immobile without full caregiver assistance, you’re looking for adult briefs or adult diapers.  These products are specially designed to absorb urine while a person is both vertical and horizontal, such as lying on their back or side.   Adult diapers come with tabs on the side, which makes it easier to change a person who needs a lot of assistance moving around.

Question #2:  Is the customer often able to make it to the bathroom without assistance, or with limited assistance?

YES:  You’re most likely looking for liners & pads or  pad-and-pant systems.  Both of these categories are designed for light-to-moderate incontinence.  Liners and pads are highly absorbant, disposable inserts that can be worn discreetly inside your preferred underwear. Pad-and-pant systems are similar, except the cotton underwear you wear is specifically designed for inserting liners or pads (like these TotalDry Cotton Pants, for example).

NO:  You’re most likely looking for pull-ups or belted shields.  These categories are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence.  Pull-ups are soft, stretchy and cloth-like protective undergarments that have the look and feel of underwear, but provide maximum protection against urinary incontinence.  Belted shields are a similar, less common option; belted shields are used by those who may want the reliance of a maximum-protection pad, but without the rest of the undergarment.  These “shields” are kept secure with an elastic belt, and may be worn with or without other underwear.

Question #3: Does the customer have full bowel incontinence?

YES:  If the customer needs a product that absorbs both stool and urine,  briefs/adult diapers are the protection you need.  Only briefs/adult diapers have full and adequate protection in all the right places.

NO:   If the customer is only managing urinary incontinence, any of the products listed above should meet your needs.  Pad-and-pant systems and liners & pads offer light to moderate protection and pull-upsbelted shields, and briefs/adult diapers offer moderate to heavy protection.

Need any other questions answered?  Let us know, and we’ll add them to our Whiz Quiz!

Top 5 Incontinence Myths

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Man Woman Bathroom symbolIncontinence is one of those embarrassing topics nobody likes to discuss, even with our doctors.  But did you know that experts estimate approximately 50% of women and 30% of men have had bladder problems at least once in their life?  With such an uncomfortable topic of conversation, it’s no surprise that there are so many misconceptions about conditions like Urge Incontinence ( Overactive Bladder).  Read on to see if you’ve fallen for these 5 tall tales:

1. FALSE: Going to the bathroom all the time is a normal part of getting older.

TRUE: Overactive bladder – also known as urge incontinence – may become more common as people get older, but you can have an overactive bladder at any age.   Constantly needing to use the bathroom is not normal, and shouldn’t be accepted as a part of everyday life.

2. FALSE: You’re the only one having trouble making it to the bathroom in time.

TRUE:  Good news – you’re far from alone.  Approximately 13 million American adults suffer from urge incontinence.  For a variety of medical reasons, someone with urge incontinence may have trouble controlling the sudden, strong urge to urinate.  If a bathroom is too far away when the urge hits, they may have an accident.

3. FALSE: To avoid a bladder accident, you should go to the bathroom every chance you get.

TRUE: If you’ve ever had a bladder accident, it’s understandable why you’d want to go to the bathroom frequently, “just in case.” But since urge incontinence often has nothing to do with the volume of urine, emptying your bladder doesn’t actually help – and may in fact hurt.  Not only are you visiting the bathroom more frequently, you’re slowly retraining your bladder to hold less urine, and you’re teaching your nervous system that it doesn’t need to “warn” you when you need to urinate.

4. FALSE:  The only reason you’re going so much is because you have a tiny bladder.

TRUE:  The average bladder holds 350-550 milliliters of urine, with most people starting to feel the urge to go around 200-250ml.   Sudden, strong urges to urinate are usually caused by involuntary bladder contractions, not because your bladder is too small or because you drank too much fluid.  There are many medical conditions that can interfere with normal bladder control, including neurological disorders—such as multiple sclerosis or stroke—which cause faulty signals between the brain and bladder.

5. FALSE: To control overactive bladder, you should cut back on the amount of fluids you drink.

TRUE: Cutting back drastically on how much water you drink isn’t healthy, period.  Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water, and our blood is composed of 92% water, and limiting fluid consumption can take a toll on all of your organs, including your heart, skin, kidneys and brain.  Besides – although you’ll make less urine, it will have a higher concentration of uric acid, and thus be more irritating to the bladder.  Strangely enough, drinking too little water might actually make you need to urinate more often!  Most adults should aim to drink six to eight cups of fluids throughout the day.

For CNN’s list of Top 10 Myths About Overactive Bladder, go to http://bit.ly/V4Hvce.

All this bladder talk make you think about your incontinence products?  Don’t run out – take a look at our incontinence supplies before you go.  Totalhomecaresupplies.com ships low-cost name-brand products right to your door, discreetly packaged, with free shipping on all orders over $40.

Adult Diapers Free Shipping

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johnny_automatic_bag_of_moneyFREE SHIPPING

The price of gas just keeps going up.  Why drive to the store when you can shop in the privacy of your own home, and have it delivered to your door absolutely free?  At Total Home Care Supplies, we offer FREE Shipping on all orders over $40.  With competitive pricing and thousands of home care products to choose from, you save money without ever getting dressed and going out the door.



If you’re worried that your neighbors will see what you ordered – don’t be.  We know that when you’re buying incontinence products, discretion is very important.  That’s why Total Home Care Supplies makes customer privacy a top priority.  We ship all orders in generic, discreet packaging so that when the package arrives on your doorstep, no-one knows the contents but you.



Wondering how long shipping takes?  Most products ship the same business day that you place your order, and are mailed from the closest distribution center. We guarantee your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days.  Once your order is on its way, TotalHomeCareSupplies will e-mail you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number, so that you can track the package anytime you choose.  We even have a new “EZ Ship” option so you can set up automatic shipments each month!


  • FREE Shipping over $40

  • Discreet, unmarked packaging

  • Track your package and set up automatic shipments

That’s our promise to you!

Is There Humor in Caregiving? That “Depends”…

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Mamika 1, Photo by Sacha Goldberger

Photo by Sacha Goldberger

Finding Humor in Caregiving

There’s no doubt about it: caregiving is stressful – and one of the best ways any of us can deal with this stress is through humor.  Renowned French photographer (and caregiver) Sacha Goldberger brings humor to caregiving through a collection of wild, wacky and downright hilarious photos of his grandmother.

“In a society where youth is the supreme value; where wrinkles have to be camouflaged; where old people are hidden as soon as they become cumbersome, where, for lack of time or desire, it is easier to put our elders in hospices rather than take care of them, I wanted to show that happiness in aging was also possible,” writes Sacha Goldberger in his book Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother.

Mamika 2, Photo by Sacha Goldberger

Photo by Sacha Goldberger

And through costumes and spectacular photography, Mr. Goldberger does just that.  His grandmother’s personality and wicked sense of humor shine through a hilarous collection of photos.  Read more about Sacha Goldberger and his grandmother in this recent New York Times article:  http://nyti.ms/W8m6xC.

Looking for more photos?  We recommend Sasha Goldberger’s website:  www.sachabada.com.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

February TotalHomeCareSupplies Promotion: Valentine Specials You’ll Love!

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02-february-promoAre you ready for twice the love?  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com is pleased to offer you TWO special coupons during the month of February for all your medical supply needs!  Use these promo codes to save on all brand names like Prevail, Depends, ConvaTec, Hollister, Coloplast & more.

Don’t let yourself run out of supplies – order ahead and save!  Be sure to take advantage of these special offers:

Save $5.00 off on all orders over $80.00 using promo code: Love

Save $10.00 off on all orders over $200.00 using promo code: Love10

We know you work hard for your dollars, so we work hard too.  That’s why on all orders over $40, shipping is free!  Our products are shipped quickly and discreetly in unmarked boxes, so that no-one knows the contents but you.  Once your order is shipped, we’ll e-mail you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number, so that you can track your package every step of the way.

We can’t say it enough :  we appreciate your business.  Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive prices, so that you can count on finding the supplies you need for the best value.   Thank you for choosing TotalHomeCareSupplies.

Incontinence or Incontinance

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incontinence supplies

When dealing with the problem of being incontinent, the most import question is not how do you spell incontinence, but rather where do you get incontinence supplies from.  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com has all of the incontinent supplies for your specific needs.

Adult Diapers, Adult Pull-ups, Underpads, Incontinence Cream, Incontinence Wash, Adult Liners, Male protective guards, disposable washcloths, over night adult incontinence protection and more.  Click here to see all of the products for your incontinence needs from popular brands like First Quality, Prevail, Depend, Poise, Tranquility, Dignity, Tena, Ca Rezz, Secure Personal Care, ConvaTec and more.

Depend Guards For Men

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Depend Guards for Men - Depends 13792TotalHomeCaresupplies.com is offering Depend Guards for Men. This incontinence product may be worn inside close-fitting underwear for discreet cup-shaped protection right where men need it most. Worry-free odor control and absolute protection against leaks. Depend Guards for Men (Depend 13792) are individually wrapped in a cloth-like pouch for easy travel on the go to your destination. 52 male incontinence guards are available in each case.  Conveniently the Regular size is a one size fits all.  Cheap Depend Diapers.

Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women

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Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women


Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women is the perfect choice for those who want the look and feel of real underwear with the best protection. Cloth-like fabric creates a sleek ultra-smooth fit under your clothes .It’s soft against the skin making them very comfortable to wear. You won’t even know you have them on and what’s best is no one else will notice. You can find this Depend product under incontinence at total home care supplies.

We offer theses sizes : SM/MD 28IN-40IN , L/XL 38IN-50IN