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Product Reviews on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

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Product Reviews

Hey – let’s check in with a few product reviews, shall we?

Review of Ca-Rezz Cream
“Mother-in-law has very very dry skin on her legs and we’ve tried all kinds of different creams. The aids at the assisted living said to her after she started using this ‘Whatever you’re doing don’t stop because it’s doing an amazing job’. That’s a #1 rating if you ask me.”

Review of Prevail Belted Shield
“Exactly what I was looking for.”

Review of Hollister New Image 2-pc Convex Flextend Barrier Cut-to-Fit
“I have tried several brands of ostomy bags, and Hollister New Image Flextend is the only one that lasts more days. I have to change mine every 4 days. My output is liquid consistency due to my recent surgery and liquid diet. I have to use strip paste in addition to prevent leakages.
Easy to use.”

Review of First Quality Adult Briefs
“Just GREAT!”

Review of Hollister M9 Deodorizer Drops
“I used this product in the 1980 when I first had to have an Ostomy and it was great then and everything that I have tried never really did the job. then I found this site and was able to locate the Product and have been over joyed ever since, it really does work and only a few drops and no odor. Fantastic!!!!”

Review of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band
“My mother has difficulty using her hands and hand strength and this was just what she needed so she could do it herself!”

Review of Secure Personal Care Waterproof Sheeting
“This was exactly what I was looking for. My father is 93 years old and completely incontinent. We, of course, have a pad on his bed at night, but it was not big enough to protect the sheet and mattress cover. Therefore, we were having to wash all of it most every day. Thanks for providing a great product.”

Thanks so much for the great reviews, everyone! If you’d like to write some of your own to help out your fellow customers, feel free. Just follow the links on each individual product page.

More Product Reviews

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Customer opinions

We took a look at some of our product reviews back in August but as we get new reviews in all the time, we thought the topic worth another visit.

Please keep in mind that all of our products are available to review right on their page. Not only do we love the feedback about the items we carry, reviewing can help your fellow customers know more about a product. We try to create product descriptions that are helpful to all customers, but those of you who are using them have the best knowledge about them!

Review of Prevail Adjustable Underwear:
“My husband needed after Prostate cancer surgery and found this brand best fit and most comfortable for larger size man.”

Review of Hollister Adapt Paste:
“My son was born with gastroschesis, which is a birth defect were the intestines grow out of the body in utero. He had his first surgery an hour after birth and now has a colostomy. He makes in a bag until his reversal surgery. The bag was constantly leaking and pulling away from his skin. I was changing it at least 5 times a day. My surgeon told me about Adapt which keeps the round and bag secure for at least 24 hours. This product changed everything.”

Review of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band:
“…This is probably the best product of its kind on the market. I have used it for years and prefer it over anything else. They are washable and can be bleached to disinfect. One will last me at least two months.”

We love these positive reviews, but we are aware that not all products work perfectly for everyone. A recent comment on one of our skin barriers for ostomates told us that while they found the product easy to fit and durable, and called it a good product, that they found it difficult to remove. In that case, we would recommend another skin barrier for that person, as different adhesives can affect various skin types in unexpected ways.

If you have an opinion on one of our products, we ask that you head over to TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and tell us!

Product Reviews – Thanks!

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Check out these incontinence and ostomy product reviews.

We think we carry the best possible incontinence, ostomy and urological products out there.

But you don’t have to take OUR word for it.

We love it when our customers review our products. It lets their fellow customers know specifics of the product and first-hand accounts of using them. We thought we’d highlight a few of these reviews in today’s post. When you finish, please feel free to write some reviews of your own!

Review of First Quality Prevail Adult Briefs:
“I have used this particular brand of briefs for many years and I highly recommend them. They’re absorbent and not too bulky. They’re comfortable and really are the best brief out there.”

Review of Hollister New Image 2pc Flextend Skin Barrier CTF:
“I love these flanges this inside portion is protected by what appears to be plastic covering over the barrier. The ease of use and the outer sticky tape helps hold the flange and barrier are in place. Rarely does it become un-sticky even in the shower. I would recommend them and I’ve tried many types.”

Review  of Dale Foley Tube Catheter Leg Band:
“This is the best way to hold a cath tube in place. Have used many and found nothing better.”

While we of course love positive reviews, we want to hear about all the types of experiences that our customers have with our products. We use these reviews when considering which products and product lines we should sell, and will sometimes pass on the comments to the manufacturer. Our goal is your satisfaction with everything we sell.

For instance, this review of ConvaTec Aloe Vesta Perineal Skin Cleanser helps us know that there’s another product out there that a customer would like us to carry:
“Great product although it’s hard to spray[,] a foaming product would be better. Hospitals carry the liquid foaming that is what I really was looking for.”
(That cleansing foam can be found here.)

So if you have an opinion on a product you’re using, it’d be great if you’d head over to TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and write it up! Thanks in advance!

Has anyone ordered from TotalHomeCareSupplies.com?

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Just like when buying any product from any site or anywhere for that matter, customers want to know what other customers have experienced.  Here at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com we ask the question “Has anyone ordered from TotalHomeCareSupplies.com?” all the time and we allow not only our customers to answer the question but even customers just wanting to find out more about a product we carry through our product reviews.

TotalHomeCareSupplies.com reviews allow customers to rate our products and services as a verified reviewers or a verified buyer.   By allowing customers to review TotalHomeCareSupplies, we allow new customers to see why so many people choose TotalHomeCareSupplies.com everyday.

Here is what people are saying about TotalHomeCareSupplies.

“This is a great product with just the right amount of protection, when and where I need it most.  Excellent shipping time and efficiency!” – Carolina from Palm Beach, Fl

“I trust this product with my sensitive skin.  It works very well and it’s so easy to just order it online at great prices.  Order arrives very promptly.” – Conne from Scottsdale, AZ

 “My dad is bedridden. It’s great for keeping him clean day and night. Delivery was prompt. Product arrived in good condition, Customer service was very helpful.” – Chynna from San Juan, PR.

 “If you need to use a product of this type, Prevail is the best I have yet encountered. It is soft and comfortable.  The service and delivery are outstanding. I had my shipment within 48 hours. I apparently received a batch that tore too easily and when I telephoned the shipment was replaced immediately with no questions asked and without my having to ask for it.” – M from Oceanside, CA

“Recently, my Mom became ill and we were introduced to the Prevail Pull up while she was in her rehab center. The pull ups are easier to use than the adhesive pads she used before, and she experienced no slipping, movement or leakage.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I received my order. The boxes were packaged well and arrived within 48 hours of my order.” – Shredder from Chandler, AZ

“I’ve tested many brands and styles and this one works just right for me.  Super-fast delivery!” – Ostomy lady from Chicago, IL

“Best use for me is nighttime. Rather than having to stand up and relieve myself in a plastic urinal 4-6 times a night, I just lie on my back to avoid spillage to the side and “go.” Booster insert, with rare exceptions, gets it all. I just go right back to sleep rather than tossing and turning.  Prompt delivery. Product in perfect condition. It all got to me on time at a price I can afford. I am a 78 year old stroke survivor living alone. This helps me greatly to stay in my own home.” – JoKer from Ocean Springs, MS

“Good product, just enough absorbency for my Dad.  Wonderful customer service! Helped me try to find a product that my Dad needs, and we found one on the website. Thank you!!! Very nice & helpful!!” – G from Iowa

“This product is perfect for a special needs child who is too big for diapers but still needs the diaper-like bottoms, when “Pull-Up” style doesn’t fit the child’s lifestyle. These are great because it gives GREAT protection! No more waking up soaking wet from leaky diapers. Also, no need to totally undress to change diapers. The diaper-like tabs make changing quick and easy for those who can’t be still long enough to go through a clothes change to change the diaper product! Love the absorbency and how it keeps fecal matter away from the child’s bottom! And I love how there are bigger sizes available to grow with the child!  Prompt delivery and product was packaged perfectly. Box fit in closet perfectly!” Mom of 3 Kids from Rolla, MO.

“Since I got this product for my sister, she is very well satisfied and will continue to buy this product.  Delivery was great and on time. Very pleased.” – Sheib from Detroit, MI

“I would buy this product again.  Fast service. Good price.  Easy.  Correct Size. Didn’t find any cons.  My delivery was very prompt, pretty much the next day!” – Mattie from Owasso, OK