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Depends for Women – Free Shipping!

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Depend for Women at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend for Women Maximum Absorbancy Underwear at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend Briefs for Women

For more than 140 years, Kimberly-Clark has designed quality, innovative personal care products, including brands like Depend, Poise, Pull-Ups and more.  The Depend for Women incontinence product line has become a household name because of their superior quality, innovative designs, and product reliability!  If you’re looking for an incontinence product to fit your lifestyle, look no further than Depends.

Depend for Women at www.totalhomecaresupplies.com

Depend for Women Protective Underwear offer discreet incontinence protection, an ultra-sleek fit, and the cloth-like comfort of real underwear.  A new-and-improved slim, sleek design is less likely to be seen under clothes, while the finished waistband gives the look and feel of real underwear.  With three size options (Small, Large and Extra-Large) and two different absorbencies (Moderate and Maximum), women can find the right incontinence product for their lifestyle.

Depend Silhouette for Women at totalhomecaresupplies.comIf a close, discreet fit is your top priority, Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women are the perfect choice for you.  Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women provide the sleek look and feel of real underwear while guaranteeing worry-free leakage protection.  A cloth-like fabric creates a sleek, ultra-smooth fit under your clothes and is soft against the skin. The slim side profile provides the most discreet fit without compromising maximum protection, and the all-around leg elastics guard against leaks.

At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com, we’re proud to offer discreet, affordable incontinence products like Depends.  And there’s no need to waste your hard-earned money on shipping: we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40, guaranteed!  No hassle, no promo code necessary – all you need to do is place your order of $40 or more, and free shipping is automatically applied to your purchase.

Which Incontinence Product Do You Need? Take Our Whiz Quiz to Find Out

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1234Without walking into a store, how do you know which incontinence product is right for you or for a loved one?  If you’re struggling to decide what to buy, you’re not alone.  Take our 2-minute whiz quiz, and we’ll help you figure out exactly which product you need:

Question #1:  Is the customer mobile?

YES:  If the customer has some degree of mobility, you’re looking for pull-ups ,  belted shields, pad-and-pant systems, or liners & pads.  All these products are primarily for people who are active during the day, and are designed to absorb urine when a person is sitting, standing, or in any other upright positions.  Keep reading to find out the differences between them!

NO:  If the customer is more or less immobile without full caregiver assistance, you’re looking for adult briefs or adult diapers.  These products are specially designed to absorb urine while a person is both vertical and horizontal, such as lying on their back or side.   Adult diapers come with tabs on the side, which makes it easier to change a person who needs a lot of assistance moving around.

Question #2:  Is the customer often able to make it to the bathroom without assistance, or with limited assistance?

YES:  You’re most likely looking for liners & pads or  pad-and-pant systems.  Both of these categories are designed for light-to-moderate incontinence.  Liners and pads are highly absorbant, disposable inserts that can be worn discreetly inside your preferred underwear. Pad-and-pant systems are similar, except the cotton underwear you wear is specifically designed for inserting liners or pads (like these TotalDry Cotton Pants, for example).

NO:  You’re most likely looking for pull-ups or belted shields.  These categories are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence.  Pull-ups are soft, stretchy and cloth-like protective undergarments that have the look and feel of underwear, but provide maximum protection against urinary incontinence.  Belted shields are a similar, less common option; belted shields are used by those who may want the reliance of a maximum-protection pad, but without the rest of the undergarment.  These “shields” are kept secure with an elastic belt, and may be worn with or without other underwear.

Question #3: Does the customer have full bowel incontinence?

YES:  If the customer needs a product that absorbs both stool and urine,  briefs/adult diapers are the protection you need.  Only briefs/adult diapers have full and adequate protection in all the right places.

NO:   If the customer is only managing urinary incontinence, any of the products listed above should meet your needs.  Pad-and-pant systems and liners & pads offer light to moderate protection and pull-upsbelted shields, and briefs/adult diapers offer moderate to heavy protection.

Need any other questions answered?  Let us know, and we’ll add them to our Whiz Quiz!

Maximum Overnight Protection with Tranquility All-Thru-the-Nite Briefs!

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Tranquility All-Thru-the-Nite Disposable Briefs

Tranquility All-Thru-the-Nite Disposable Briefs

Looking for an incontinence product to keep your loved one dry throughout the night?  Tranquility ATN (All-Thru-the-Nite) Disposable Briefs are our most popular brief for maximum overnight protection.  Each brief holds over a quart of liquid while keeping sensitive skin dry.  With Tranquility ATN Disposable Briefs, both you and your loved one can finally enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep without needing to wake up for changes – and without compromising skin safety.   Tranquility’s patented “Peach Mat” absorbent core guarantees skin dryness and odor control,  while neutralizing pH and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.  Tranquility ATN Briefs are latex-free for all skin types.

Tranquility ATN Briefs are shipped for free in discreet, unmarked packages straight to your doorstep.   Still not convinced?  Customers give the Tranquility ATN Disposable Brief 4.7 out of 5 stars!  Hear what our customers have to say:

“Not another night without it,” says one reviewer.  “The ATN brief allows my Mom to sleep through the night, with confidence that she and the bed will be dry in the morning. Wonderful product.”

“Truth in Advertising!” says another. “We’re used to changing diapers three times a night as our child receives 8 hours of overnight liquid nutrition through a tube.  Now, we are able to allow her to sleep without interruption. Talk about PRICELESS!”

Tranquility All-Thru-the-Nite Disposable Briefs come in 5 different sizes:

  • TJ 2183  YOUTH (18-26 inch waist)
  • TJ 2184  SMALL (24-32 inch waist)
  • TJ 2185  MEDIUM (32-44 inch waist)
  • TJ 2186  LARGE (45 – 58 inch waist)
  • TJ 2187  XTRA LARGE (56-64 inch waist)

We know you have many options when you shop, and we appreciate your business.  Thank you for trusting www.totalhomecaresupplies.com with your home care medical supply needs.

Which Adult Diaper is Best for You?

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 Buying Adult Diapers

With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what product is best for you.   Total Home Care Supplies is backed by more than 50 years of experience fulfilling the medical supply needs of consumers, and carefully selects products for both superior quality and affordability.  We believe our customers shouldn’t have to choose between quality and cost in order to meet their medical supply needs.

Our customers have spoken, and it’s no surprise that First Quality Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Ups are our top-rated best-selling brief!  Comfortable and discreet, First Quality Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Ups are ideal for men and women who want the look and feel of underwear.  A soft and stretchable cloth-like backing  provides an incredibly secure and comfortable fit.  Ventilated panels improve skin health and comfort, and its fast-absorbing advanced core design  provides durable protection against leaks.  With high-quality materials and affordable prices, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the best-selling and best-reviewed adult pull-ups we offer.

Pull-Up Sizes

First Quality Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Ups come in five different sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit for you:

  • FQ PV511   Size Small (20 – 34 inch waist)
  • FQ PV512   Size Medium (34 – 46 inch waist)
  • FQ PV513   Size Large (44 – 58 inch waist)
  • FQ PV514   Size XL (58 – 68 inch waist)
  • FQ PV517   Size 2X (68 – 80 inch waist)

If you prefer to test before you buy, we also offer Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Up Sample Packs for only $3, plus shipping.  We’re so confident you’ll like them, all samples come with a $9 off coupon for your next order!  Samples include two pull-ups and currently come in three different sizes.

Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women

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Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women


Depend Silhouette Briefs For Women is the perfect choice for those who want the look and feel of real underwear with the best protection. Cloth-like fabric creates a sleek ultra-smooth fit under your clothes .It’s soft against the skin making them very comfortable to wear. You won’t even know you have them on and what’s best is no one else will notice. You can find this Depend product under incontinence at total home care supplies.

We offer theses sizes : SM/MD 28IN-40IN , L/XL 38IN-50IN

Depend Real Fit Briefs For Men

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This total home care supplies product Real Fit Briefs For Men by Depend offers the look and feel of real underwear with the best protection from Depend products. Cloth-like fabric provides underwear-like comfort throughout the day and is soft against the skin. Protection from leaks and durable for everyday use. Trust our Incontinence supplies to be discreet and reliable.

Comes in these sizes :SM/MD 28IN-40IN LG/XL 38IN-50IN

The Best Place To Buy Adult Diapers | TotalHomeCareSupplies

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buy adult diapers at totalhomecaresupplies.com

Buy Adult Diapers At TotalHomeCareSupplies At Affordable Prices With Reliable Home Delivery

Who would have ever thought the demand to buy adult diapers online at an affordable price would be so significant?  Well, it makes a lot of sense considering the growing aging population and increase in degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis that are common triggers of incontinence. While there are hundreds of retailers selling adult diapers for the home medical supplies consumer, it’s a comforting relief for Total Home Care Supplies customers to know that their incontinence needs are taken care at a very low cost with reliability, superior service and easy ordering.

Unfortunately for many, adult diapers are not covered by Medicare and the out-of-pocket cost can become exasperating. Another way that TotalHomeCareSupplies.com helps to reduce the sticker shock of monthly incontinence supplies is through regular coupon specials and monthly promotions for e-mail newsletter subscribers. It’s free to sign-up and receive the latest and greatest offers, exclusive to Total Home Care Supplies customers.

Total Home Care Supplies offers the same popular brands of incontinence products and adult diapers found at local drugstores and mega marts. Buying adult diapers by the case is a great, economical way to cut costs and ensure a regular supply on hand for complete peace of mind and convenience.

Popular adult diaper brands include: Prevail Breezers, Prevail Adult BriefPrevail Underwear, Depend For Women, Depend Underwear For Men and Tranquility All-Through-Night brief.

For those that prefer a “pull-up style” brief instead of a diaper with side tabs, view adult pull-ups at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com for available options in every size and absorbency level.

Learn more about the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-ups with the Incontinence Product Selection Guide – a popular incontinence guide available at Total Home Care Supplies.