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Baby Picture Taking Tips

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Taking a baby's photo

You know the ones. The sweet pictures of a sleeping infant posed adorably. Oftentimes in the buff. So precious. But they’re always lying on top of something, right? And how will that item fare if that cute little one decides now is the right time to relieve themselves?

The answer is: underpads! Or chux, as their also known. They can still be used when the baby is lying on a fluffy white blanket: just put the underpad underneath the blanket to save the bed or floor underneath.

When taking shots with the diaper on the baby, our best advice is to make sure the diaper fits. During a photo session, you don’t want to see a loose diaper or one that’s just too tight. Not sure which size your baby is at the moment? Order a few samples from TotalHomeCareSupplies.com and you’ll always have the right size at hand.

The above is also a good idea for taking photos of your baby or toddler with clothes on – a poorly-fitting diaper will look bunchy under clothes. And a diaper that fits well is one of the best ways to prevent leaks!

Also, when trying to get the perfect shot, keep in mind that many pictures of very tiny babies are Photoshopped. If you’re looking at a too-sweet picture of a tiny baby that’s holding their head up, and you’re wondering, “how is that possible at that age?” – it’s probably not! The photographer will use the parents to hold an infant’s head or body, and then Photoshop the parent out. So don’t worry! All photos of your little one are perfect – because they are.

Products Offered at Total Home Care Supplies

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Elder care, after surgery care

Every so often, it’s helpful to take a look at the variety of products that we offer on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. While all of our products are well-made and user-friendly, they all differ so much it’s easy to forget all that we carry. So let’s take a look, one category at a time:

Our incontinence products are our biggest sellers, and we’re proud that so many people get the items for their independence from us. Along with the standard adult diapers (also known as briefs) and protective underwear (also known as pull-ups), we also have pads and liners. For light bladder leakage, a pad can be more freeing than a brief. Underpads (AKA chux) are available in a variety of sizes, along with gloves and many kinds of incontinence wash.

When it comes to ostomy products, we have many of the most popular items and brands. We have both drainable and closed-end pouches. We have 90 barriers with flanges, so you’ll be able to find the product that works best for you. And we have an assortment of accessories, including stoma powder, pouch closures and odor eliminator drops – the Hollister bottle of drops has great reviews.

You can find wholesale pricing on many of the catheters, leg bags and irrigation systems we offer. Our catheters are diverse, from external items to straight tip catheters and coude catheters. You can also find the major brands, like Mentor-Coloplast, Bard and Hollister.

We have all the supplies you’ll need for your particular injury, or to fill up your first aid kit. On top of the basic items like tape, wipes and bandages, we have gauze, foam dressings and wound cleansers. If you have a checklist of the things you’ll need to properly heal a surgery wound, you can find it on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Baby Supplies
In addition to our adult diapers, we also carry baby diapers. Cuties diapers come in sizes newborn to size six. We also have breast pumps and a selection of accessories to accompany the pumps.

That’s about it. We know, it’s a lot of options! We hope we have everything that you’re looking for when it comes to home care supplies, but if not, we’d love to hear what we’re missing in the comments below!

How to Save Money on Baby Diapers

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Saving cash by knowing your diaper options

Last month, the US Department of Agriculture released an estimate for how much it will likely cost a middle-income couple to raise a child over eighteen years. The staggering number is $245,000, up 2% from last year. While baby diapers are just a fraction of that price, saving money wherever you can is the smart move to keep your family in the black. Here are a few tips to do just that:

Find the best price
Sure, you can find super discount diapers, but what if they leak? What if the harsh chemicals that are often used lead to a rash for your baby? Some discount diapers even have a chemical smell to them. It’s best to find a quality diaper at a low price. Cuties diapers are free from dyes and perfumes, and the extra soft, hypoallergenic liner is enriched with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E to help keep delicate skin healthy. And the flexible core absorbs leaks quickly.

Find coupons
We’ve all learned from shows like “Extreme Couponing” that it is possible to save an astounding amount of money if you put the effort into finding coupons. But you’ve got enough on your hands with an infant. What if a diaper coupon showed up in your email inbox right around the time you needed a new case? Sign up for TotalHomeCareSupplies.com’s newsletter and you’ll receive great percentage off or dollar off coupons.

Time = Money, so save time!
Every time you drive to the drug store late at night to grab some diapers, you’re losing sleep and making yourself less efficient. And you’re wasting gas, not to mention probably paying premium prices. Why do all this, when you could just get Cuties diapers shipped to your house. And you could even put them on an EZ Ship schedule, so you wouldn’t even have to take that extra minute to reorder what you already know you’ll need.

We’d love to hear about your success with any of these ideas, or your own suggestions. Help your fellow parents out!

When Your Baby is Sick

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Find out some great tips on what to do when your infant is sick

Having a sick baby can be scary, but with some knowledge, some extra liquids and some sympathy, most colds and flus will disappear without issue. Check out these tips for what to do when your baby is sick.

  1. Pay attention
    You know your baby best. You don’t need to measure how much liquid winds up in their diaper each time you change it, but you will get an idea for the weight and feel of a normal used diaper. If it seems that the diaper is less full (or more full) than normal, start to pay attention. Peeing more or less often or having different types of poop can indicate an oncoming sickness or infection. See if there are other symptoms that you may have missed.
  1. Keep them cool
    If your baby has a fever, you generally do not need to worry, as long as they are not a newborn and the fever stays under 102 degrees. But you will help them be more comfortable by helping to keep them cool. Remove their clothing, offer more liquids than normal and give them a bath in tepid water. Don’t have time for the full bath immersion, or maybe they’re too fussy? You can also wipe them down with baby wipes. Just a quick swipe could lower their temperature as much as a couple degrees!
  1. Slow down
    You’re not sick, so just keep up all your normal tasks, right? Wrong. Having a sick child can take a lot out of you. So go ahead and let people know you might flake on that plan, and let them know why. They’ll understand. Then take that time to just relax and hold your child, or stay with them while they nap. You’ll both feel better for it.

Baby Diaper Issues: Wiping

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How wiping and diaper rash may be conntected

Last year, I helped out a neighbor every so often by babysitting her two-year-old. She quickly filled me in on the basics: the child’s food allergies, TV rules and diaper changing specifics. The mom mentioned something I hadn’t heard before, but a quick Internet search told me she was not alone in her thinking. She asked that I only wipe the child if there was poop, but if the child had only peed, to just change the diaper and move on. Wiping after just peeing, she suspected, caused her child diaper rash. It was just a theory she had developed over time, but does it have some validity?

Logically, yes. The idea of wiping as an adult is to keep the area dry. But when a baby is wearing a diaper, that moisture gets whisked into the fluff of the diaper. Urine is sterile at first. Bacteria only start to develop over time. Most of the time, when changing a diaper with only pee, the child’s skin will be dry.

Another issue with wiping causing diaper rash can be the wipe itself. Wipes with perfumes or alcohol can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Check to make sure the wipes you’re using are perfume and alcohol free, such as Cuties Premium Baby Wipes. These wipes also have the added advantage of being hypoallergenic and having aloe and vitamin E in them.

An Internet search reveals that many doctors believe wiping after changing a pee diaper is unnecessary. Does this mean it’s always harmful to wipe a child after changing a pee-filled diaper? No. Every child’s skin and PH-balance is different. If your child is developing diaper rash, first pay attention to the diaper changing regimen, and see what changes need to be made.

Introducing TotalHomeCareBaby: Diapers, Wipes and More

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THCBabyBannerHome-Delivered Baby Diapers, Baby Wipes, Breast Pumps & More

We love babies. That’s why TotalHomeCare is expanding our home care supply service to help meet the needs of parents and babies. Beginning this week, TotalHomeCare now carries a full line of home-delivered baby diapers, baby wipes, breastfeeding products and more. As always, shipping is completely free on all orders over $40!

We know that quality and reliability is important for parents. At TotalHomeCareBaby, you can find high quality baby products that offer exceptional performance and comfort at a reasonable price. All baby products come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy.

Baby Diapers


Cuties Baby Diapers on sale at TotalHomeCare: fast, free shipping

Surround your baby with exceptional leakage protection, a secure stretch fit and ultra-soft comfort with Cuties Baby Diapers. In third-party tests against leading name brands, Cuties Baby Diapers are overwhelmingly preferred by parents. Made with premium materials, Cuties Diapers feature a soft, stretchable waist and flexible side panels that move with baby to help prevent leaks.Cuties baby diapers are free from dyes and perfumes, and the extra soft, hypoallergenic liner is enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E to protect new baby skin. All Cuties Baby Diapers ship for free, right to your front door!

For parents who prefer to try before they buy, we offer Cuties Baby Diaper Sample Packs in each diaper size. Each Cuties Baby Diaper Sample pack comes with 2 diapers per pack and a $9 coupon off your next order.

Baby Wipes & Pads


Premium Cuties Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin: unscented, hypoallergenic cleanser with Aloe and Vitamin E

Protect your baby’s soft bottom with Quilted Cuties Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin. Super strong and super soft, Cuties Baby Wipes are enriched with a touch of aloe and vitamin E to promote skin health. Thick and cushiony, these hypoallergenic textured baby wipes can handle the toughest cleanups while remaining gentle on baby’s skin. Looking for extra wetness protection? Keep your baby’s crib, changing table and other surfaces dry with soft and absorbent Prevail Fluff Underpads. A soft, yet strong cloth-like top sheet wicks moisture away, while the embossed backing helps keep the underpad securely in place.

Breast Pumps and Breastfeeding Accessories


Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump and Accessories on sale at TotalHomeCare

Ameda has been a hospital-trusted brand for more than 70 years, and Ameda breast pumps are one of the best breast pumps available today. Easy and effective, the Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump is comfortable, lightweight and portable. The Purely Yours Breast Pump combines innovative technology with comfortable, user-friendly features. We also offer Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges for the most comfortable and effective fit. NoShow Premium Nursing Pads prevent leaks better than other premium brands with their wick-away design, superior absorbency and unique triangular shape for any bra style. Store’N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags and Breast Milk Storage Bottles are 100% BPA-free and freezer safe, and they are fully compatible with the Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump. For pumping on the go, the Ameda Breast Pump Car Adapter increases your flexibility to pump while traveling and fits all standard vehicles.

Low, Competitive Prices

We purchase directly from the manufacturers in bulk and pass the savings on to you. All baby diapers are delivered in case quantity, so that we can offer you the lowest price possible. With fast, free shipping and superior customer service, TotalHomeCare makes it easy for parents to save time and money from the convenience of home. Spend more time with little ones and less time and money driving to the store; try our door-to-door diaper delivery service today.

Care More.  Spend Less.  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Best Baby Diapers | Cuties Diapers Now Available At Total Home Care Supplies

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Cuties Baby Diapers

As most new parents know, finding the best baby diaper is a matter of trial and error. Between diapers that leak and others that don’t provide a comfortable fit or breathability, it can be a bit frustrating to find a baby diaper that really works and fits the budget.