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Product Samples We Offer

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Information and links for diaper samples.

Starting to use a new product or switching to a different brand can be a daunting task. Not least because sizes can vary between brands, or you may not know where to start. While all our incontinent product sizes are based on waist size, a product may rise too high on the hips or be otherwise uncomfortable. For this reason, we offer samples of our products. Check out our most popular:

Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Up Sample
This protective underwear comes in five sizes, from small to 2XL, with a range of a waist sizes from 20 to 80 inches. These pull-ups are our top sellers, and we want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with them before they order a case.

Prevail Underpad Sample 30 x 30 Sample
No worries with a perfect fit for your body, but what if you wanted to check out how the underpad (also known as chux) fits on your favorite chair? If it was comfortable to sleep on? You can answer both these questions (and more) quickly, with the two samples that arrive in this pack.

Cuties Baby Diapers Sample
Just because your baby’s diaper is getting tighter, does that mean you’re ready to move up to the next size? Are you ready to buy and use that new case of the next size up, or will it have to spend some time in that already too full closet? Make life easier by having a few sizes of diapers handy. Cuties come in sizes from Newborn to size six (over 35 pounds) so you should be set through all those growth spurts.

The best part about our Prevail product samples? They cost three dollars for the sample and come with a nine dollars off coupon! So once you do pick what type and size you want, you’ll save right away!

Common Questions about Changing a Baby’s Diaper

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Tips for baby diaper changing

A lot of new parents may not have any experience changing a diaper, and the task can seem daunting. Experience will help, but there are some questions that all new parents have or will have.

How often should I change my baby’s diaper?
While it is “ideal” to change a baby’s diaper after each time they pee, that’s not quite feasible. Often there is no indication that your baby has peed, and checking the diaper (by feeling it to see if the wadding has bunched up) every few minutes is impossible. Generally, checking at least every two hours, or before or after feedings, and before and after sleeping is best. A newborn, a sick child or a child with diaper rash needs to be changed more often. Speaking of diaper rash …

What causes diaper rash?
Diaper rash is caused by having the skin in the diaper area be exposed to wetness and waste. The amount of time a baby’s skin can be exposed to waste depends on the child and their skin’s pH balance. A baby’s skin is about half as thick as an adult’s: that’s why their skin is so sensitive. Diaper rash isn’t caused directly by the foods the baby digests, but can be caused by the diarrhea caused by those foods. Diaper rashes can be cleared up by letting the baby’s skin air out, using diaper rash creams and making sure the diapers and wipes you’re using work for your baby’s skin.

What if my child hates their diaper being changed?
Most children will go through a phase where they hate having their diapers changed. Some techniques to get through this are distracting the child (perhaps with an object that is otherwise unavailable to them), counting down to the diaper change (sometimes even setting a timer) and changing the child while they’re standing up (if they’re stable enough). Oftentimes, parents will use this phase to help start the process of potty-training.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments, or add your own answers to the ones above!

Baby Sleep Tips

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Helping your baby fall and stay asleep.

Getting your child to sleep is one thing. Getting your child to sleep when you want them to sleep is another. Check out these tips to help get your baby to fall (and stay) asleep!

You probably know from experience just how relaxing massages can be. So why not give one to your baby? A short massage (ten to fifteen minutes) can reassure your child and help them drift into the land of nod. This is an activity many fathers like to participate in, since it can create a bond, just as breastfeeding does. For some babies, thought, massages can stimulate rather than relax. Which type of baby do you have?

Make sure they’re dry
Having the correct overnight diaper on your baby can make all the difference. A diaper leak could possibly wake them up. Cuties Diapers feature an ultra-absorbent core that whisks the wetness away and keeps your baby feeling dry. Having an ultra-absorbent diaper also means less diaper changes are necessary in the middle of the night, meaning you don’t run the risk of waking them up during a change. However, if they have a bowel movement, it is necessary to change them.

Create a schedule
It’s hard to keep a schedule that’s consistent when there’s more than one person caring for the baby, but it will help. If possible, keep nap times and bedtime consistent (at least within a half hour, or so) and you may find your little one is ready to go down.

Know you’re different
What worked for your niece may not work for your baby. Your baby may not want to give up two naps when they’re a year and a half. If a white noise machine doesn’t seem to be helping, don’t be afraid to drop it. Maybe it will work for your baby later. Just be flexible and you’ll eventually find what works for you and your baby.