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ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Wound Dressing with lonic Silver

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Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Dressing with Ionic Silver

Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Dressing with Ionic Silver on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies

Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing with Ionic Silver is a versatile, antimicrobial wound care product designed by ConvaTec and popular with medical professionals everywhere.

Aquacel Ag dressing combines the gelling characteristics of Hydrofiber Technology with the broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of ionic silver (Ag+). This primary dressing is ideal for moderate to highly exuding wounds where there is either an infection present, or the wound is at an increased risk of infection.  Aquacel Ag Wound Dressing conforms to the area of infection, and is soft for added comfort.

Aquacel Ag is indicated for use on acute and chronic wounds, including:

  • Partial-thickness burns (2nd degree burns) on children and adults
  • Surgical wounds
  • Skin graft and donor sites
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers and more

Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Wound Dressing with Ionic Silver is sold on TotalHomeCareSupplies in ribbon form, with stichbonding for added strength:

  • SQ 403771       2cm X 45cm       5 Dressings/Box       $110.80

All orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free on all orders over $40.  Read about our Fast, Free, Discreet shipping policy here.  For more high-quality, low-cost wound care supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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