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Best Holiday Gifts for Caregivers

Posted by on December 11, 2013 under Caregiver Corner | Be the First to Comment

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Finding the right gift for someone you love can be a challenge.  Caregivers devote so much time, love and attention to those in their care that often they have little free time to themselves. The best holiday gift for the caregiver in your life may simply be help from friends and family – but how do you turn that help into a stocking-stuffer?

The Alzheimer’s Association has created an easy, printable Caregiver Coupon Book for the holiday season!  Just click, print, and present in any way you wish.  Caregiver coupons include:

  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • A Free Day of Caregiving for “Me Time” or Time with Friends
  • 30 Minutes of Relaxation
  • A Helpline Call on Behalf of the Caregiver
  • 3 Hours of Respite Care
  • Chauffeur for the Day
  • Coffee Breaks and more!

Caregiver Coupons

To download the complete Caregivers Coupon Book, visit the Alzheimer’s Association Blog, or download this Alzheimer’s Association Holiday Coupon Book in PDF format.

For more Caregiver support and resources, visit Caregiver Corner on the TotalHomeCareSupplies Blog.

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Caregiver Resources: Locator Apps for Wandering Loved Ones

Posted by on July 16, 2013 under Caregiver Corner | Be the First to Comment

Safety and Security for Wandering Seniors and Youth 

Hands_phoneHave you ever felt guilty that your loved one with dementia is losing their quality of life? Do you feel uncomfortable leaving them alone, or allowing them any freedom of their own? These days technological advances are allowing rapid communication for people of all ages, and interactive maps and location services can help anyone find their destination. These tools utilize GPS navigation with location-based mapping, which basically is able to detect a device’s current location.

With these advancements, there have been numerous applications, or “apps”, developed for wireless devices that will help locate another device. Some of these apps are designed specifically for dementia patients and other wandering diagnoses such as autism.

Comfort Zone is an app created by the Alzheimer’s Association that can detect where the user is at all times.  Comfort Zone will notify family members or caregivers of their location and if they go out of a designated area.

WanderID was constructed to create a database for lost children. Those who enroll can take photos of their loved ones to put them into the system.  If the child is found by someone, those first responders can take a photo, upload it to WanderID and the facial recognition software will match the photos and help return them home.

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