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How to Choose an Incontinence Product

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Smiling Senior CoupleTypes of Incontinence Products

There are many products available to help contain urine and stool, protect tender skin, and help individuals manage their symptoms and gain control over their lives.  Your doctor may recommend some products, while other optional products may provide added comfort and security.

In order to choose the right product for you or your loved one, it is important to know what types of incontinence products exist and what they are recommended for.  Incontinence products fall into the following categories:

  • Diapers and BriefsPreferred for heavy to complete loss of bladder or bowel control.  Adult diapers – also known as briefs –  are secured by side tabs, similar to youth diapers. These products are recommended for individuals who are less active or inactive, and who have both bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • Adult Pull Ups: Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Close fitting and discreet, adult pull ups can be pulled off and on like real underwear, providing maximum leakage protection for active adults.
  • Undergarments (Beltless Undergarments and Belted Shields)Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Beltless undergarments and belted shields provide discreet, high-volume leakage protection similar to adult pull ups. Open side areas allow for maximum air flow. Beltless undergarments are worn inside of preferred underwear, while belted shields can either replace or be worn underneath preferred underwear.
  • Shields, Liners and Pads: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Shields, liners and pads are worn inside your own undergarments.  They come in discreet, form-fitting shapes  that conform closely to the body, and adhesive strips hold them in place inside your preferred underwear.
  • Pad and Pant Systems: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Similar to shields, liners and pads, a pad-and-pant system involves discreet, removable liners and cotton undergarments.  Reusable, washable cotton underpants are designed specifically with a pocket for liner insertion.  Liners and underpants sold separately.
  • Underpads: For all degrees of incontinence.  Flat and rectangular absorbent pads that provide additional wetness protection on bedding, sofas, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Mattress CoversFor all degrees of incontinence. Waterproof quilted sheets that protect mattresses from fluids.
  • Skin Care: For all degrees of incontinence. Urine and stool can be highly irritating to skin, and can cause skin breakdown over time.  Skin care products designed specifically for incontinence management include: protective moisturizing creams that promote healing; skin cleansers and incontinence washcloths to gently clean, neutralize and deodorize skin from urine and stool odors; and gloves for comfort and protection. 

 How to Choose an Incontinence Product

Incontinence supplies can be categorized by how much protection you need, your activity level, gender, size, preferred characteristics such as fabric and thickness, and much more.  See this Incontinence Selection Guide to find products neatly organized by these attributes:

 Incontinence Product Selection Guide

One of our most popular brands is the Prevail line of incontinence supplies. First Quality Prevail is one of the leading incontinence product suppliers to long term care and home care agencies in the United States, and their products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  You can also use the First Quality Prevail Sizing Guide to help choose incontinence supplies by height, weight, waist size or style:

Sizing Guide

For more incontinence resources, product information and support, check out our Bladder Matters Blog. To shop now for incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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Incontinence or Incontinance

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incontinence supplies

When dealing with the problem of being incontinent, the most import question is not how do you spell incontinence, but rather where do you get incontinence supplies from.  TotalHomeCareSupplies.com has all of the incontinent supplies for your specific needs.

Adult Diapers, Adult Pull-ups, Underpads, Incontinence Cream, Incontinence Wash, Adult Liners, Male protective guards, disposable washcloths, over night adult incontinence protection and more.  Click here to see all of the products for your incontinence needs from popular brands like First Quality, Prevail, Depend, Poise, Tranquility, Dignity, Tena, Ca Rezz, Secure Personal Care, ConvaTec and more.