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Incontinence Products vs. Feminine Products

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Pads and liners

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For women, bladder control issues can occur at various stages of life. Light bladder leakage is most commonly experienced during pregnancy, after childbirth, and throughout menopause. When these symptoms of incontinence arise, many women use feminine hygiene products for protection due to convenience or their level of comfort selecting and purchasing these products in the store. However, not all absorbent products are equal, and using feminine hygiene products for incontinence needs can lead to issues with odor and leakage.

Consider this example. While pantiliners for feminine hygiene and incontinence needs appear similar at a glance, there are important product differences. Pantiliners for feminine hygiene are designed to absorb small amounts of occasional discharge, while pantiliners for incontinence protection are designed to rapidly absorb and lock away urine flow. Incontinence protection products for women are also available for a multitude of absorbency needs, ranging from very light liners to more absorbent pads. In general, these products are designed to lock fluid away so an active person doesn’t have to worry about leakage during normal daily activities.

Many modern incontinence protection products also include odor control systems that neutralize the creation of odors caused by urine. This means that the products actually prevent odors from forming instead of attempting to conceal odors by masking them with a fragrance. To find out which incontinence protection products are available for your needs, take a look at our incontinence product selector tool.

On occasion, women are embarrassed to purchase incontinence products and instead buy feminine hygiene products for their light bladder leakage needs. This occurs because feminine care products are considered a normal part of women’s protection needs, while incontinence may be viewed as a medical issue or problem. Increasingly, incontinence products are being designed to look and feel like feminine hygiene pads and pantiliners to reinforce a sense of normalcy when purchasing or using these products. In addition to retail store locations, products are available through online retailers for worry-free shipping and convenience. You may want to refer to our product retailer locator for a list of stores and websites that sell incontinence protection products.

What factors do you take into consideration when purchasing products for light bladder leakage? Let us know on our female incontinence forum!

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Per-Fit Products on Sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

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PerFit Adult Diapers and Adult Protective Underwear

Why PerFit Adult Diapers?

High quality, low cost Per-Fit Incontinence Products provide excellent protection against moderate to maximum incontinence. Made by Prevail, the Per-Fit Product line includes Per-Fit Adult Diapers and Briefs, Per-Fit Protective Underwear and samples. PerFit products offer maximum leakage protection and wearer comfort at great prices. Per Fit adult protective underwear and adult briefs feature a soft, cloth-like outer fabric for extraordinary comfort and quiet discretion. Skin Smart™ hypoallergenic fabric is enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness, while Odor Guard Technology neutralizes odors for extended use.

PerFit incontinence products are designed with ventilated waist panels and breathable zones to reduce heat buildup. Prevails’s trademark QUICK WICK™ layer with MaxiSoft keeps you drier than other incontinence products, wicking moisture away for skin dryness and comfort. Per-Fit Adult Diapers and Adult Protective Underwear are designed with comfort in mind, providing maximum dryness, healthy skin and excellent odor control. PerFit’s reliable performance and quality features have made it one of the most trusted brands in long-term care facilities.

Per-Fit Features:

  • Skin Smart Hypoallergenic Fabric
  • Odor Guard Technology
  • QuickWick with MaxSoft Layer
  • Soft, Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
  • Enhanced Breathable Zones

At Total Home Care Supplies, all orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free on all orders over $40. Click here to see all PerFit products on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. For more Prevail products and other low-cost name brand incontinence supplies, visit the Total Home Care Supplies web store.

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