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Adult Briefs with a Better Fit

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One of the reasons that adult briefs leak is that they don’t fit well. But what can a person do if they’re between sizes, or if they’re just more active than their brief will allow?

We recommend trying Prevail’s Stretch Fit. The main difference in these briefs from others in the Prevail product line are the tabs. The tabs stretch, creating the perfect brief for individuals who find themselves between sizes. Stretchy side panels are easy to grab, pull and attach for an adjustable fit that is secure and comfortable. Additionally, these tabs are the Easy-Lock Fastener® (ELF®) type – they grip and hold without being sticky. The entire outer cover is a refasten zone, allowing for multiple tab refastening for improved fit, accurate sizing and cost savings through reduced waste.

These briefs also have many of the features that make Prevail briefs both convenient to use and trustworthy. They have a simple design on the front of the brief that discreetly lets the user or the caregiver know what size is of the brief. The Skin Smart® Fabric on the inside of the brief is hypoallergenic and contains aloe, chamomile and vitamin E for skin wellness. Lastly, the cloth-like outer fabric on the outside of the brief means better air flow for the wearer, and makes the brief less likely to rustle when the wearer is moving.

Please keep in mind that Prevail is in the middle of a packaging change, and so your briefs may or may not arrive looking just like the package shown here. But please be assured that the product on the inside is the same quality as always!

Closer Look Series: Adult Diapers

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Cloth-like backing, zones

On many of our diaper descriptions, you may see words like, “cloth-back” or “zones.” We thought our customers might appreciate a closer look at the different words and phrases that are used to describe adult diapers.

Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
This is the material that makes up the “shell.” Do not worry that the back of a diaper isn’t plastic, or plastic-like – the majority of adult diapers on the market today do not use plastic shells, or backing, to make the diaper leak proof. Diapers are able to be leak-free due to their absorbent qualities; so, as long as the wearer has a good fit and the right absorbency, leaks should not be a worry. The pleasant qualities that the cloth-like outer fabric provides are less noise (no crinkle-factor), more comfort against the surrounding skin and a more breathable diaper. Those last two qualities help the wearer maintain healthier skin by keeping it dry and chafe-free.

The zones that are referred to in an adult diaper description are to let you know what each part of the diaper is supposed to do. Considering the anatomy of the adult, diapers will sometimes have “acquisition zones” either for liquid matter or fecal matter. “Zones” can also refer to the outside of the diaper where the fasteners can be placed (as some diapers have tabs that can just stick anywhere on the outside). There are also “breathable zones” where the diaper has less absorbency as a way of making sure your skin stays dry.

Stay tuned for more in our Closer Look series!

Products Offered at Total Home Care Supplies

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Elder care, after surgery care

Every so often, it’s helpful to take a look at the variety of products that we offer on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. While all of our products are well-made and user-friendly, they all differ so much it’s easy to forget all that we carry. So let’s take a look, one category at a time:

Our incontinence products are our biggest sellers, and we’re proud that so many people get the items for their independence from us. Along with the standard adult diapers (also known as briefs) and protective underwear (also known as pull-ups), we also have pads and liners. For light bladder leakage, a pad can be more freeing than a brief. Underpads (AKA chux) are available in a variety of sizes, along with gloves and many kinds of incontinence wash.

When it comes to ostomy products, we have many of the most popular items and brands. We have both drainable and closed-end pouches. We have 90 barriers with flanges, so you’ll be able to find the product that works best for you. And we have an assortment of accessories, including stoma powder, pouch closures and odor eliminator drops – the Hollister bottle of drops has great reviews.

You can find wholesale pricing on many of the catheters, leg bags and irrigation systems we offer. Our catheters are diverse, from external items to straight tip catheters and coude catheters. You can also find the major brands, like Mentor-Coloplast, Bard and Hollister.

We have all the supplies you’ll need for your particular injury, or to fill up your first aid kit. On top of the basic items like tape, wipes and bandages, we have gauze, foam dressings and wound cleansers. If you have a checklist of the things you’ll need to properly heal a surgery wound, you can find it on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Baby Supplies
In addition to our adult diapers, we also carry baby diapers. Cuties diapers come in sizes newborn to size six. We also have breast pumps and a selection of accessories to accompany the pumps.

That’s about it. We know, it’s a lot of options! We hope we have everything that you’re looking for when it comes to home care supplies, but if not, we’d love to hear what we’re missing in the comments below!

Comparing Adult Diapers to Protective Underwear

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Most absorbent adult diapers

While both adult diapers and protective underwear (also known as pull-ups) do a great job of keeping the user dry and leak-free, they differ in other ways, including how they’re worn and more. Let’s explore the differences so you can discover what will work best for yourself or your caree.

Adult Diapers Protective Underwear
Keeps the user dry
Can put on without the removal of pants/shoes
Small and medium sizes (20 inches to 79 inches in waist size)
Larger sizes (over 80 inches in waist size)
Maximum overnight absorbency
Cloth-like material for the outer shell
Can be easily disposed of (either by removing the tabs or ripping the sides apart)
Look more like regular underwear
Slimmer profile
Soft, stretchy sides


For those looking for something that provides the look and feel of underwear with the adjustability of an adult brief, try Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear: these have the close fit and slim line of a pull-up, but also have Easy Lock Fasteners (ELF)’s that makes it easier to put on and take off the underwear. And the fasteners are non-sticky, so there’s never any worry of the tabs sticking to items other than the underwear.

The most important thing to keeping leak-free in either a pull-up or an adult diaper is to have the right fit. For Prevail products, you can consult their Sizing Guide.

The Benefits of Adult Diapers

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Adult briefs

When it comes to choosing a type of incontinence product, the main question is adult diapers (AKA briefs) or protective underwear (AKA pull-ups or pull-ons). Briefs can have their advantages over protective underwear, depending on the lifestyle of the wearer.

One advantage is: briefs offer the ability to put on and take off the item without the removal of pants or shoes. This is helpful for both caregivers who are the ones helping their care with the briefs, or for individuals who need to be able to change their briefs while out and about. Many of our customers find the First Quality Adult Briefs easy to use, with their Easy Lock Fasteners (ELF), that can be reused to reposition and are not sticky. These are available in cases, or as a sample to find the right size.

Additionally, briefs are available in larger sizes than pull-ups. The Prevail Bariatric Brief is available in two sizes: A is for waist sizes from 62 inches to 73 inches and B is for waist sizes up to 94 inches. Size A is also available as a sample so the user can get the perfect fit.

Briefs can also provide more absorbency than regular protective underwear, which can be great for overnight usage. Tranquilty’s All-Thru-the-Night Brief offers extra absorbency, so the wearer’s skin is not compromised by staying wet for hours.

But, if you’re looking for a product that provides many of the benefits of briefs, with the secure and underwear-like fit of protective underwear, we recommend Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear. They come with reattachable side tabs that open.

We’d love to hear your feedback on any of these products, or others that we offer on TotalHomeCareSupplies.com. Feel free to comment below, or review the products on their individual pages.

Talking with Others About Incontinence

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Letting another person know about your incontinence doesn't have to be awkward.

Discussing incontinence with your doctor is one thing. Talking about it with family and friends is another. It suddenly goes from being a medical issue to a personal one. Depending on your family, you likely don’t know the details of their bathroom habits. So why should they get to know yours?

Telling a friend or a family member can be beneficial for several reasons. You might find it somewhat therapeutic to share this detail with someone you’re close to. Or it could just be easier than trying to hide the problem.

When you take charge and tell that person, you’re taking control of the situation. If you don’t act embarrassed, the other person will likely follow your lead. If you are considering talking to someone about the issue, keep this in mind: how would you feel if someone came to you and told you they were incontinent? You’d probably just say “Okay.” As a contributor put it on the site IncontinentSupport.org, “[…]really I guess that is the way it should be – what difference does it make to me if someone I barely know is wearing a diaper? Big whoop.”

An explanation may be helpful as well. Although it’s up to you how much detail you want to share about your incontinence, your friend or loved one may be better able to process that information if you tell them how you came to be incontinent. Even a simple explanation of “I was in a car accident,” or “it’s a side effect of surgery,” can be helpful in their understanding of the condition.

Who knows about your incontinence should be up to you. At TotalHomeCareSupplies.com, our incontinence supplies are inconspicuous enough so no one can tell what you’re wearing  – unless you tell them.

How to Choose an Incontinence Product

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Smiling Senior CoupleTypes of Incontinence Products

There are many products available to help contain urine and stool, protect tender skin, and help individuals manage their symptoms and gain control over their lives.  Your doctor may recommend some products, while other optional products may provide added comfort and security.

In order to choose the right product for you or your loved one, it is important to know what types of incontinence products exist and what they are recommended for.  Incontinence products fall into the following categories:

  • Diapers and BriefsPreferred for heavy to complete loss of bladder or bowel control.  Adult diapers – also known as briefs –  are secured by side tabs, similar to youth diapers. These products are recommended for individuals who are less active or inactive, and who have both bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • Adult Pull Ups: Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Close fitting and discreet, adult pull ups can be pulled off and on like real underwear, providing maximum leakage protection for active adults.
  • Undergarments (Beltless Undergarments and Belted Shields)Preferred for moderate to heavy loss of bladder control.  Beltless undergarments and belted shields provide discreet, high-volume leakage protection similar to adult pull ups. Open side areas allow for maximum air flow. Beltless undergarments are worn inside of preferred underwear, while belted shields can either replace or be worn underneath preferred underwear.
  • Shields, Liners and Pads: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Shields, liners and pads are worn inside your own undergarments.  They come in discreet, form-fitting shapes  that conform closely to the body, and adhesive strips hold them in place inside your preferred underwear.
  • Pad and Pant Systems: Preferred for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Similar to shields, liners and pads, a pad-and-pant system involves discreet, removable liners and cotton undergarments.  Reusable, washable cotton underpants are designed specifically with a pocket for liner insertion.  Liners and underpants sold separately.
  • Underpads: For all degrees of incontinence.  Flat and rectangular absorbent pads that provide additional wetness protection on bedding, sofas, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Mattress CoversFor all degrees of incontinence. Waterproof quilted sheets that protect mattresses from fluids.
  • Skin Care: For all degrees of incontinence. Urine and stool can be highly irritating to skin, and can cause skin breakdown over time.  Skin care products designed specifically for incontinence management include: protective moisturizing creams that promote healing; skin cleansers and incontinence washcloths to gently clean, neutralize and deodorize skin from urine and stool odors; and gloves for comfort and protection. 

 How to Choose an Incontinence Product

Incontinence supplies can be categorized by how much protection you need, your activity level, gender, size, preferred characteristics such as fabric and thickness, and much more.  See this Incontinence Selection Guide to find products neatly organized by these attributes:

 Incontinence Product Selection Guide

One of our most popular brands is the Prevail line of incontinence supplies. First Quality Prevail is one of the leading incontinence product suppliers to long term care and home care agencies in the United States, and their products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  You can also use the First Quality Prevail Sizing Guide to help choose incontinence supplies by height, weight, waist size or style:

Sizing Guide

For more incontinence resources, product information and support, check out our Bladder Matters Blog. To shop now for incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

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Adult Diapers at Discount Prices

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Discount Adult Diapers and Briefs

Buying incontinence products can be expensive, especially over time.  We know that even small differences in price can make a difference.  At Total Home Care Supplies, we purchase directly from the manufacturers in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

We carry over 150 brands, including Prevail, Tranquility, Depend, Attends, Poise, First Quality, Tena, Secure Personal Care and much more.  Here are our most popular adult diapers that customers recommend for their comfort, quality and superior protection:

First Quality NuFit Adult Briefs

First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Diapers provide protection for moderate to heavy incontinence. The diaper’s Advanced Zoning System adds extra protection where it’s most needed, and a Quick Wick layer pulls moisture away from the skin for added comfort. A soft, cloth-like outer fabric is comfortable against fragile skin, and breathable zones allow air to circulate freely.  Reattaching tabs securely grip and hold anywhere on the diaper, and will reattach over and over again without being sticky.  First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Diapers are offered in 3 sizes:

  • FQ NU012       Medium (32-44 inch waist)           96/Case       $45.96
  • FQ NU013       Large (45-58 inch waist)              72/Case       $46.00
  • FQ NU014       Extra Large (59-64 inch waist)     60/Case       $42.00

Prevail Bariatric BriefsPrevail Bariatric Adult Briefs provide moderate to heavy incontinence protection with soft, stretchy side panels for a secure, comfortable fit.  These bariatric-sized adult diapers feature a cloth-like outer fabric for comfort.  Prevail’s patented Advanced Zoning System increases protection just where you need it most, and fecal containment zones reduce the potential for leakage.  Quick Wick technology pulls moisture away from the skin, and Odor Guard technology helps prevent odors before they start.  Prevail Bariatric Adult Briefs are offered in 2 sizes:

  • FQ PV017       Bariatric A/2XL  (62-73 inch waist)       48/Case       $59.00
  • FQ PV094       Bariatric B (up to 94 inch waist)           40/Case       $72.99

The team at TotalHomeCareSupplies is honored to be a resource to caregivers and the senior community, who need dependable and affordable incontinence product solutions.  We offer discreet home delivery, free shipping and extra coupons each month for even greater savings on incontinence supplies.

Care More.  Spend Less.  Save Now.

First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Diapers

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For comfort, quality and superior protection, customers love First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Briefs!

First Quality NuFit Adult Briefs

First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Briefs on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

These comfortable adult diapers provide protection for moderate to heavy incontinence .  The Nu-Fit brief features First Quality’s Advanced Zoning System, which provides added protection where you need it most and ensures maximum leakage protection.  The adult diaper’s patented QUICK WICK layer pulls moisture away from the skin for added comfort and to promote skin dryness.  Its soft, cloth-like outer fabric is comfortable against fragile skin, and breathable zones allow air to circulate freely, reducing heat build-up and helping maintain skin wellness.  Easy-Lock Fastener (ELF) reattaching tabs securely grip and hold anywhere on the diaper, and will reattach over and over again without being sticky.

First Quality Nu-Fit Adult Diapers come in three sizes:

  1. FQ NU012       Medium (32-44 inch waist)           96/Case       $47.70  
  2. FQ NU013       Large (45-58 inch waist)              72/Case       $47.68  
  3. FQ NU014       Extra Large (59-64 inch waist)     60/Case       $39.76

At Total Home Care Supplies, all orders over $40 ship completely free, guaranteed!  Never worry about running out of incontinence supplies again: sign up for EZ ship, and schedule easy, automatic deliveries of your preferred incontinence products.  For more incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.

Prevail Breezers Adult Diapers

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Prevail Breezers Adult Diapers

Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs on sale at TotalHomeCareSupplies.com

Looking for an adult diaper that provides maximum protection, yet is comfortable to wear?  Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs are ideal for maximum plus incontinence protection with outstanding performance and comfort-enhancing features!  Prevail Breezers are made with a soft, cloth-like outer fabric to increase wearer comfort and to reduce the risk of skin irritation.  The hypoallergenic fabric contains Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness.

Breezers Adult Diapers have wick-away cores with superior softness and maximum absorption, while odor guard technology helps prevent odors from forming for added discretion.   Breathable zones allow air to flow freely, maintaining skin wellness and reducing heat build-up.   And for a custom fit, Easy Lock Fasteners seal and reseal without ever sticking to the skin.

Outstanding Performance Features:

        • Skin Smart Fabric
  • Odor Guard Technology
  • Breathable Zones
  • Soft, Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
  • Easy-Lock Fastener (ELF)Tabs
  • Maximum Plus Absorbancy QUICK WICK core with MaxSoft
  • Easy Read Wetness Indicator
  • 100% Latex-free

Breezers adult diapers are offered in three sizes:

  1. FQ PVB-012     Medium (32- 44 inch waist)          96/Case     $64.02  
  2. FQ PVB-013     Large (45-58 inch waist)              72/Case     $64.00  
  3. FQ PVB-014     Extra Large (59-64 inch waist)     60/Case     $60.80

At Total Home Care Supplies, all orders over $40 ship completely free, guaranteed!  Never worry about running out of incontinence supplies again: sign up for EZ ship, and schedule easy, automatic deliveries of your preferred incontinence products.  For more incontinence supplies, visit TotalHomeCareSupplies.com.