TweetPee? Oh Yes They Did.

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Did Your Baby Pee?  There’s An App For That

Huggies TweetPee Sensor

Social Media parenting in the 21st century?  Huggies may have outdone themselves this time.  For Portuguese-speaking parents who are socially dialed in, Huggies has come out with a new app called “TweetPee.”  Media-savvy moms and dads can buy a little bird-shaped sensor that attaches to the front of their baby’s diaper and sends them a tweet from Twitter when the diaper gets wet.  Yes, we said a tweet!  Too busy to sit in front of the computer?  Have those tweets sent straight to your phone, and know your little tyke needs a change almost the moment he goes.

Huggies TweetPee Phone AppTweetPee also offers a diaper-counting app that keeps a track of how many diapers you go through and notifies you when it’s time to buy your next pack of Huggies.  For interested parents, there’s no word on when Huggies is planning to introduce TweetPee to English speakers.  One solution?  You could always take some of that computer time to learn the romantic language of Portuguese.  É belo!

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