4 Ways to Make Walking More Fun

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Is your daily walking routine growing stale?  Try changing things up!  New routines not only keep things fresh, they force us to use new muscles, making our workouts more productive. Sticking to a familiar workout routine may be comfortable, but your body become more efficient and burns fewer calories.  It’s also easier to get bored and lose motivation when your workout is the same each day.  Here are 4 ways to make your daily walk more fun:

1. Urban walk.  Take your walk into the city!  Start at a slow pace for five minutes. After you’re warmed up, alternate between a slow and rapid pace for each city block. Take flights of stairs two at a time. Find a bus stop or a park bench and do some stretching to cool down.  If you enjoy people-watching, an urban walk will make the time fly by.

2. Mall walk. Tired of the same outdoor route? Take your workout to the nearby mall.  Indoor malls offer a safe environment with restrooms, water, snacks, and interesting sights, no matter the weather or time of day. It works well for groups, too; catch up with your friends and burn calories at the same time!

3. Forest or creek walk. If you normally walk in the city, take your walk to the closest park or to rural hiking paths.  If you’re used to pavement, start with easy trails.  The uneven ground will challenge new muscles, but keep an eye out for roots or rocks that could trip you.  Carry bottled water and dress in layers.  Look for waterfalls, local wildlife, or other natural wonders.

4. Meditation walk.   Try to turn your spinning thoughts off and turn your focus inside.  Feel the soles of your feet meeting the ground and notice the pressure changes as you stride. Take deep breaths and savor the air filling your lungs.  Listen for the hum of insects, birds or people.  Awaken all your senses to what you hear, see, smell, and feel.

Do you have more creative walking ideas?  We’d love to hear them!

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