What is a HCPCS Code?

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 What are HCPCS Codes?

Thinking boy with question marksHCPCS, or “hic-pics”, stands for “Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System” numbers.  These codes are used by Medicare and Medicaid to standardize and monitor healthcare procedures and medical supplies.  HCPCS Codes are assigned to every service a medical practitioner provides you, from a flu vaccination (90658) to a routine physical (99214) to surgery!  These are called HCPCS Level I codes, and are usually a series of five numbers.   HCPCS Level I codes may also be referred to as CPT codes, since they’re based on the CPT Codes (Current Procedural Technology codes) developed by the American Medical Association.

HCPCS codes are also assigned to non-physician medical services (such as an ambulance ride), and medical items and supplies.  These are called HCPCS Level II codes, and are also five digits – although these codes are alphanumeric, and usually begin with a letter followed by four numbers.  The letter at the beginning of the HCPCS Level II codes refers to a specific medical grouping, such as “V2020” (vision and hearing services) or “T1000” (codes used by the state Medicaid agency).

As a patient, you can find find HCPCS / CPT Codes in a number of places.  You might receive a piece of paper after an appointment with your doctor that reviews your visit, with a long list of HCPCS codes (possible services your doctor provided) – and some of them circled.   Or if your appointment requires additional billing from your doctor or your health insurance, HCPCS codes should be on those bills.  If you receive a bill from either your doctor or your health insurance without these codes, you have every right to contact the sender and request a statement that includes the codes.  A savvy healthcare consumer can keep an eye on these codes to make sure that your insurance (and your co-pays and co-insurances) are paying only for the services you received!

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