Hollister New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch: 18182, 18183, 18184

Posted by on March 26, 2015 under Ostomy Care | Be the First to Comment

Easy to Close

As part of our series about ostomy items, today we’re looking at Hollister’s New Image Lock ‘n Roll Drainable Two-Piece Pouch with Filter. This product is nearly identical to product items 18193, 18192, 18194, which we wrote about here, but this one is beige instead of transparent.

One of the valuable features of this product is that opening, draining and closing this pouch is altogether a very simple process. First unroll it and empty it by squeezing lightly on the sides of the opening. To close, take the end, roll or fold it three times in the same direction, then, while pressing from the middle outward, you can actually feel the pouch seal and become leak-proof. This process is intuitive enough for those with vision problems, and is not overly–complicated, so those with dexterity issues can complete the process.

Now let’s check out a couple of reviews that have been written on our site about this product:

“Easy for me and my daughter to use after I came home from the hospital. Stays put!”

“Definitely the best bag I have used. It is durable, comfortable and quiet. The two-piece system is easy to maintain and practical for venting and regular use. Suggest switching off between two bags during the week for longer life. I was skeptical about the Velcro closure at the bottom, but now prefer it to all others – its more flexible (better comfort) and it is easy to open and clean.”