Coloplast Sensura Mio One Piece Closed End Colostomy Bags

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Secure, Flexible, Barely-There Pouch with BodyFit Technology

SensuraMioThe new line of SenSura Mio ostomy supplies by Coloplast are designed to mold to – and move with – individual body shapes. Coloplast SenSura Mio One Piece Closed End Ostomy Bags feature a new, uniquely flexible elastic adhesive which easily adapts to to contours, hernias, scarring and skin folds.  Using state of the art adhesive technology,  these pouches naturally respond to body movements, providing a close, secure fit and superior protection against leaks.

SenSura Mio ostomy supplies are designed with new BodyFit™ Technology.  Their soft, double-layered elastic adhesive contains a proprietary blend of EVA-polymers, oil and hydrocolloids for elasticity and moisture absorption, while the inner zone of the adhesive carefully protects peristomal skin.

MIO_04These SenSura Mio One Piece Ostomy Bags are skin friendly and resistant to erosion from stoma output. They feature clear blue cutting guides for accuracy, and a removal ear for quick and easy adhesive removal without leaving residue. Each bag contains an integrated carbon SenSura filter that reduces odors and increases air flow, reducing the risk of a ballooning bag and improving wearer discretion. SenSura Mio pouches are made from a soft, non-woven fabric that is strong and water repellent, making it easier for wearers to dry the bag after a shower or swim.  These ostomy bags are standard wear, non-convex and opaque.

Total Home Care Supplies sells Coloplast SenSura Mio One Piece Closed End Ostomy Bags in five cut-to-fit sizes:

  • CT 10811       5/8-1 3/4IN          30/BX       $83.33
  • CT 10821       5/8 – 1 3/4IN        30/BX       $83.33
  • CT 10822       IN (25MM)           30/BX       $83.33
  • CT 10823       1 1/4IN (30MM)   30/BX       $83.33
  • CT 10824       1 3/8IN (35MM)   30/BX       $83.33

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