Closer Look Series: Protective Underwear

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Cloth-like backing, zones

At we carry over 20 different types of protective underwear items (or pull-ups) in sizes ranging from Small (20 inches) to XXL (up to 80 inches). But what are the special features that make these items different from adult diapers – and different from one another?

Many of our protective underwear items have “cloth-like” material. This material does not make them more likely to leak than plastic material. The absorbency for these items comes from the material that is inside the underwear, generally small, ultra-absorbent beads. What the cloth-like material does do is protect your skin because it allows more air circulation in the underwear. The absence of all that plastic also helps the underwear stay quieter when you move and look and feel more like regular underwear. Many of our Prevail products are made with the cloth-like material.

We sell several adult pull-ups that are gender specific – this means that the “Stay-Dry” zones are positioned in a place that makes sense for that person’s anatomy. If you have been experiencing leaks while using a pull-up, but, after removal, find that parts of the pull-up are dry, a gender specific pair of protective underpants may be the answer. Both Prevail and Depend offer these types of pull-ups.

While some pull-ups feature “stay dry strips,” others feature a “full mat,” meaning that all parts of the protective underwear are absorbent. Tranquility offers a daytime pull-up and a night-time pull-up with this feature, and each of these products provides a full waist, which some individuals find more comfortable.

What are the questions you have about different types of protective underwear or adult diapers? Ask below and we’ll answer in later posts in our Closer Look Series.