The Benefits of Adult Diapers

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Adult briefs

When it comes to choosing a type of incontinence product, the main question is adult diapers (AKA briefs) or protective underwear (AKA pull-ups or pull-ons). Briefs can have their advantages over protective underwear, depending on the lifestyle of the wearer.

One advantage is: briefs offer the ability to put on and take off the item without the removal of pants or shoes. This is helpful for both caregivers who are the ones helping their care with the briefs, or for individuals who need to be able to change their briefs while out and about. Many of our customers find the First Quality Adult Briefs easy to use, with their Easy Lock Fasteners (ELF), that can be reused to reposition and are not sticky. These are available in cases, or as a sample to find the right size.

Additionally, briefs are available in larger sizes than pull-ups. The Prevail Bariatric Brief is available in two sizes: A is for waist sizes from 62 inches to 73 inches and B is for waist sizes up to 94 inches. Size A is also available as a sample so the user can get the perfect fit.

Briefs can also provide more absorbency than regular protective underwear, which can be great for overnight usage. Tranquilty’s All-Thru-the-Night Brief offers extra absorbency, so the wearer’s skin is not compromised by staying wet for hours.

But, if you’re looking for a product that provides many of the benefits of briefs, with the secure and underwear-like fit of protective underwear, we recommend Prevail’s Adjustable Underwear. They come with reattachable side tabs that open.

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