How to Keep a Senior’s Home Sweet-Smelling

Posted by on November 5, 2014 under BladderMatters, Caregiver Corner | Be the First to Comment

Nice smell in a senior's house

Everyone wants to make sure that their home smells lovely, and is inviting to their guests. But as seniors age, their sense of smell can become diminished. Additionally, they may not be able to perform the upkeep and cleaning tasks that can be necessary to keep a home or apartment or room smelling nice. Sometimes they need some help. Check out the below tips to keep the scents pleasant.

Make sure their incontinence products are a perfect fit
Small urine leaks can dry quickly and leave nary a sign that they ever existed … except for odor. If your loved one has a favorite chair, and a slight leak, their clothes may be washed within a few days, but perhaps not the chair. Incontinence products must fit correctly if they’re going to prevent leaks. Do not buy a larger size of diaper or pull-up because you think they may be more absorbent – that isn’t how they work.  You can read more about how to prevent leaks in our blog post here.

Get the carpets cleaned at least once a year
Regular vacuuming can help, but a proper steam cleaning can deal with stains, odor and more. You can rent a steam cleaner from the store, or get a professional cleaning.

Dispose of incontinence products correctly
Don’t just throw away disposable briefs any old place. Try to keep their disposal inside one room. Ideally, a garbage can that can individually package each diaper is best, such as ones from Akord.

Don’t just cover up smells – eliminate them
While diffusers, wall-plugs and other good smelling items can make a room smell nice, they’re not getting rid of the bacteria that is causing the odor. Try spraying Fabreeze or another product that specifically states that it eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

Check for UTIs
Urinary tract infections can cause pungent odors in urine, sometimes more than the average disposable brief can deal with. If you feel that your senior’s scent has changed dramatically for the worse in a small amount of time, or if there are any other side effects, like an unwillingness to use the restroom or a change in behavior, have a doctor test them. Checking for UTIs only involves a urine test, so can be diagnosed quickly.

What other tips do our blog readers have? We’d love to hear them!