Solutions for Diaper Rash

Posted by on September 3, 2014 under BladderMatters, Everything Baby | Read the First Comment

Diaper rash can be kept to a minimum with some care.

The cause of diaper rash can be caused by several different issues. But the root of the problem is in the term itself. It’s diaper rash. Wouldn’t it just be so easy if that diaper didn’t have to be used? But if it’s necessary, what is the alternative?

Several sources suggest leaving the diaper off for extended periods of times. Well and good. But how to do that? How can the parents or caregivers create situations where a diaper isn’t needed?

Enter the underpad. Yes, underpads are often used as a backup to regular diapers, but they have more to offer. Especially during nap time.

With a baby, if you’ve observed that they don’t move too much during nap time, you can go ahead and take the diaper off. Place the child in their crib, on their back, with one or two underpads under them. With a boy, place a cloth over the groin. With disposable underpads, all urine will be quickly collected during naptime. Afterward, you can wipe the baby off or have a quick bath (warm water only, or a very mild soap).

With adults, an underpad can be used during naptime (during which people move around less than at night) or during some downtime. Reading or TV watching can pass the time while the area airs out. When ready to put the brief back on, use a soft cloth with warm water to wash the area, maybe some gentle wash. If you like, you can put cream on at this point, but stay away from powders like cornstarch or baby powder. Both can lead to a bacterial problem.

Much luck and tell us what you’ve had success with when diaper rash appears!