Tips for Preventing Adult Diaper Rash

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Adult diaper wipes by the case

What causes adult diaper rash?

Adult diaper rash can occur for a variety of reasons, but tends to develop when skin is exposed to prolonged wetness and skin pH is increased by frequent contact with urine and stool.  The outermost layer of the skin begins to break down, causing redness, rash and irritation. Diaper rash can result from diarrhea, frequent stools, overtight diapers, overexposure to ammonia, or allergic reactions to harsh chemicals.

Here are some tips to prevent diaper rash:

  1. Change your diaper more often than you normally do.
  2. Occasionally air dry during a diaper change and leave the diaper off for a while, if you can.
  3. Use unscented washcloths or wipes to clean during a diaper change.  Perfumes can be harsh on sensitive skin.
  4. Using the correct size of adult diaper.  (Click here for an adult diaper sizing guide)
  5. The use of an incontinence cream and wash has been seen to reduce diaper rash.