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Prevail PV 011 Youth DiaperThe Prevail® Youth Brief is a full-fitting youth diaper designed to provide maximum protection against heavy incontinence. These diapers feature Prevails’s Advanced Zoning System with a Targeted Acquisition Zone and Fecal containment zone, providing additional protection right where it’s needed most. Their soft, cloth-like outer fabric is comfortable on sensitive skin, and enhanced breathable zones reduce heat buildup by allowing air to circulate freely. A patented QUICK WICK layer pulls moisture away from the skin for dryness and comfort. Easy-Lock Fastener (ELF) reattaching tabs will securely grip and hold anywhere in the refasten zone, and will reattach over and over again without being sticky. Prevail® Specialty Size Briefs are designed to fit the smallest wearers, while delivering the same great protection as Prevail Adult Briefs. These youth diapers are ideal for children who are too big for diapers, as well as for petite, slender adults.

Prevail Youth Brief Features:

  • Soft, Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
  • Easy-Lock Fastener® (ELF®) Reattaching Tabs and Refasten Zone
  • QUICK WICK™Stay-Dry Layer
  • Advanced Zoning System® (AZS®) with Target Acquisition Zone and Fecal Containment Zone
  • Enhanced Breathable Zones
  • Moderate to Maximum Absorbency

Prevail Youth Diapers come in two adjustable sizes, with free shipping:

  • FQ PV-011           Small (20 – 31 inch waist)          96/Case               $46.02 (shipping is free)
  • FQ PV-015           Youth (15 – 22 inch waist)         96/Case               $46.02 (shipping is free)

Prevail Youth Brief Samples

Do you prefer to try before you buy?  Total Home Care Supplies has a special product sample offer of Prevail Youth Briefs. \ For only $3 plus shipping, try any size Prevail Youth Brief and receive a $9 coupon off your next order.  This coupon covers the cost of the sample plus shipping, making your sample completely free. Each sample comes with 2 briefs per pack:

  • SMPFQPV-011   Small 20 – 31 inches        2/Pack  $3.00
  • SMPFQPV-015   Youth 15 – 22 inches      2/Pack  $3.00

All orders come packaged in discreet, unmarked boxes for customer privacy, and shipping is completely free on all orders over $40. For more high-quality incontinence supplies at discount prices, visit

Prevail Youth Diaper product review from a verified TotalHomeCareSupplies customer:  “This product is perfect for a special needs child who is too big for diapers but still needs the diaper-like bottoms, when ‘Pull-Up’ style doesn’t fit the child’s lifestyle. These are great because it gives GREAT protection! No more waking up soaking wet from leaky diapers. Also, no need to totally undress to change diapers. The diaper-like tabs make changing quick and easy for those who can’t be still long enough to go through a clothes change to change the diaper product! Love the absorbency and how it keeps fecal matter away from the child’s bottom! And I love how there are bigger sizes available to grow with the child! Prompt delivery and product was packaged perfectly. Box fit in closet perfectly!”

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