Adult Diaper or Pull-Up? Best Product Choices For Adult Incontinence

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Adult diapers and pull-ups at

When it comes to adult incontinence, the disposable brief or adult diaper is a common choice among caregivers for many reasons. Adult diapers feature refastenable tape tabs on each side of the waist, similar to an infant diaper that allow for easy removal in a lying down position and a convenient way to check for saturation.

Popular adult diaper brands include:

On the other hand, the adult pull-up or disposable brief is a closer match to the look and feeling of regular underwear and a practical choice for many adults who prefer a slimmer, discreet fit.

Popular adult pull-up brands include:

At, the choices of adult incontinence products are plenty!  Browse our wide selection of adult diapers and pull-ups at affordable prices and discover the convenience of discreet, speedy delivery.

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