The Top Rated Adult Pull Up For Incontinence Confidence

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Are you looking for a pull-up style disposable underwear for adult incontinence? Yes, it does exist and we’re happy to share what we know and what our customers are saying about them.  Introducing Prevail Extra Adult Pull-ups.

Prevail Pull-ups are a disposable underwear style incontinence garment with extra special features for every day comfort and confidence. This incontinence solution is ideal for men and women who want the look and feel of underwear.


  • Soft and stretchable cloth like back sheet provides an incredibly secure and comfortable fit
  • Ventilated panels improve skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up
  • Advanced inner core design and with blue Stay-Dry strip to quickly absorb wetness
  • Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E built into the material for superior incontinence skin protection
  • Odor guard protection for improved odor control

Available sizes:

  1. FQ PV511     Size Small: 20-34 inch waist  88 per case
  2. FQ PV512     Size Medium: 34-46 inch waist  80 per case
  3. FQ PV513     Size Large: 44-58 inch waist  72 per case
  4. FQ PV514     Size Extra Large: 58-68 inch waist  56 per case
  5. FQ PV517     Size 2X: 68-80 inch waist  48 per case

Customer reviews:

• “Recently, my Mom became ill and we were introduced to the Prevail Pull up while she was in her rehab center. The pull ups are easier to use than the adhesive pads she used before, and she experienced no slipping, movement or leakage.”  -Shredder in Chandler, AZ

• “Thanks for a wonderful product and the speediest delivery I’ve ever seen!!!!! This incontinence item is very comfortable and a good fit. Sometimes hard to find in local stores, so I appreciate the online convenience.”  -Ruth in Arkansas

• “Couldn’t find the size we needed until we found the Prevail pull ups. These are the only product that comes in 2x for our family member. Great to find them when we did. Thank you for your making this product available.” -Home Caregiver in Michigan

Total Home Care Supplies also offers convenient $3 sample packs, should you wish to test before you buy incontinence supplies in bulk economy packs.

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