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Senior conversations on Twitter

On the first and third Wednesdays of every month OurParents.com and Caregiving.com host a Twitter discussion called #ElderCareChat. TotalHomeCareSupplies.com has been participating in these chats for the last few months and we’d like to give you an idea of how the chats work and what they’re about.

The chats take place at 1PM Eastern Time and last an hour. The two hosts co-moderate on differing weeks between @OurParents and Denise, who has the @Caregiving Twitter handle. On occasion, a guest moderator will be invited who is an expert on that week’s topic!

Past topics have included “Legal Issues,” “Self-Care and Accountability in Caregiving,” and “Finding the Joy in Growing Older.” Generally, seven or eight questions are asked to the group, signified by, “Q1,” “Q2” and so on. When the participants of the chat answer, they put “A1” or “A2” into their answer, along with #ElderCareChat so everyone participating will be able to see their answer. At the end of the chat, participants are invited to tweet links to relevant sources or their own sites.

Getting to participate in and observe these chats is very rewarding and educating. Sometimes the questions are ones to think about and process – other times the answers are easy and fun to give! Even if the question seems overwhelming or personal, there’s always at least one participant who has the perfect answer.

The next #ElderCareChat takes place tomorrow, and the discussion topic is “Solving Caregiving’s Financial Conundrums.” You can find more information here and we hope to see you tomorrow on Twitter!

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