Caregiving Blogs – February Highlight

Posted by on February 10, 2015 under Caregiver Corner | Be the First to Comment

Blogs written by caregivers

A new month is here and we’d once again like to take a look at blogs that show us the compassion and grace that caregivers give to their carees.
Jane is the mother of Nicole, who is 20 and has a congenital heart defect and pulmonary arterial hypertension. She’s been writing for four years about her journey with Nicole, Nicole’s health issues and their life together. Recently, she started on a series where she remembers the days when Nicole was first receiving her diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.
It’s been over five years since Karen’s son, Gavin, passed away, but Karen and her husband, Adam, continue to give their lives to helping children with special needs. They’ve adopted three special needs children since Gavin’s death, with issues that vary from cerebral palsy to feeding tubes. While Karen hasn’t updated the blog recently, it’s full of lots of amazing stories about their journey as a family.
Shelley Webb is a RN and has been a caregiver. She is the “Intentional Caregiver” of her site, which is much more than just a personal blog. It provides care to the caregivers and gives lots of advice. Shelley has other authors that contribute to the site, and has an extensive question section with lots of tips about how to handle various caregiver situations.

Do you have a caregiving blog that you’d like us to highlight? Let us know in the comments!