National Health Center Week

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Find out about National Health Center Week

It’s National Health Center Week (August 10-16). A health center is generally a clinic that serves areas that have less medical care than the community needs. What can a community health center do for you?

  • Health centers provide immunizations, vaccinations, primary care and dental care.
  • Health Centers focus on more than just the health of your body! They also provide services like job training and housing assistance.
  • Free health fairs and other events are hosted by health centers, especially during Health Center Week.

At, we’re committed to keeping you as healthy as possible, so we encourage you to learn more about the services available to you. To find a health center in your area, see what events are happening this week or learn more about health centers, you can visit And check out the infographic below!

Quality of Care Provided by Health Centers

Quality of Care Provided by Health Centers