Baby Diaper Basics

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Making baby diaper changing simple

Maybe you’re going to be a new parent! Congrats! Or maybe you’re off to visit your new little niece this weekend. This post, and the links in it, will have you changing diapers like a pro in no time.

How to Change a Baby Diaper
First, never leave a baby unattended on a changing table, even if you’re using the provided strap. Some parents like to put the new diaper underneath the child before they start, so it’s all set to go when the old one is off. Once you’re ready, take the old diaper off, taking care to “cover up” if you’re changing a boy. If it’s just a pee diaper, you may not need to wipe (for more about when and whether to wipe, see our post Baby Diaper Issues: Wiping). If it’s poop, carefully clean up the area, making sure to wipe front to back for girls. Apply diaper rash cream if necessary. Remove the old diaper if you haven’t already, and fasten the new one on, taking care to spread out the bottom of the diaper and make sure the fit is tight but not pinching. Afterward, take care to dispose of the diaper properly, especially if in public (see our post Baby Diaper Changing Etiquette for tips on that) and wash your hands.

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