Baby Diaper Changing Etiquette

Posted by on October 8, 2014 under Everything Baby | Be the First to Comment

Public diaper changing

Most of these “rules” are just common sense. And many of them completely depend on the situation and the surrounding company. But these are definitely things to keep in mind when out and about with your little one.

Change quickly
Even if you’re in the middle of a pleasant conversation, or doing something pressing like moving a friend’s couch, you have to stop when you first get a whiff of that diaper. The longer your baby’s diaper contains solid waste, the worse the smell is going to be when you do change it.

Find a good spot
This can be tricky. Not all restaurants have changing tables in the bathroom. And when they do, you know they’re covered in germs. Never leave the house without a changing pad – although a layer of paper towels or seat covers can do in a pinch. If there is no changing table, you have to find an alternative outside of the restaurant. Anywhere not in the restroom, especially on a table, is off limits. Cars are a good alternative – although make sure you feel comfortable in your surroundings before you change your baby while the car doors are open.

Flush what you can
If you are able to change in or near a restroom, most diapers recommend that you flush the solid waste, if possible. This will mean the diaper will be less unpleasant once you dispose of it and it save methane from landfills.

Choose where you dispose
Ideally, an outdoor dumpster is best if there are no Diaper Genies or the like around. But if that’s not possible, at least wrap the diaper well in a plastic bag and dispose in a bathroom/outdoor garbage can if you’re in public. If visiting family or friends, ask them if you can throw the diaper away outside, even if it’s just a pee diaper.

Anything else? What’s your pet peeve, or something that you don’t think is a big deal. Let us know!