How To Choose The Right Size Baby Diaper

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What Size Baby Diaper Do I Need

What Size Baby Diapers Should I Use?

Choosing the right size diaper for your baby can be confusing. Since babies grow at different rates and have different builds, diapers are sized by weight, not age. For most diaper sizes, the weights overlap. If your baby’s weight is in-between sizes, how do you decide which size is better? For example, size 1 baby diapers fit babies 8-14lbs, while size 2 diapers are for babies 12-18lbs. If your baby weighs 12lbs, what size diaper should you use?

If you’re not sure, sample a diaper size to make sure the diaper has a snug fit around your baby’s leg. No matter how quickly a diaper absorbs, if there’s a gap where liquid can escape, it will. If you’re experiencing a lot of leaks, you may need to go up or back down a diaper size. Red marks can indicate a diaper size that’s being outgrown, while gaps indicate a diaper size that’s still too large. Incorrect size is the most common reason for leaks and blowouts.

How Many Baby Diapers Do I Need?

New parents can expect to change more than a thousand diapers just in their baby’s first year. On average, most young babies go through 10 to 12 diapers a day. However, every baby is different. Some babies may need more changes, while others don’t pee or poop as frequently. For the first few weeks, breastfed babies often have a bowel movement after every feeding, while most formula-fed babies have a bowel movement at least once a day. In your baby’s first month, you should expect a minimum of six diaper changes a day (more is fine). If your baby is peeing fewer than six times a day in the first month, he or she may not be getting enough milk.

After the first month, a baby’s bowel movements often slow down. If your breastfed baby goes several days without having a bowel movement and shows no signs of being in pain, this is normally nothing to worry about. Breast milk is rich in all the vitamins and minerals your baby needs, and at times may be completely absorbed and produce very little waste. Bowel movements often slow down for formula-fed babies after the first month as well, and most formula-fed babies have around one bowel movement a day. However, formula is more likely to cause constipation than breast milk. If your formula-fed baby goes several days without a bowel movement, contact your pediatrician.

Baby Diaper Samples

To sample a diaper size, find a retailer who offers samples before making a purchase. TotalHomeCareBaby offers Cuties Baby Diaper samples for sizes 1 through 6. Each baby diaper sample pack includes 2 baby diapers and a $9 coupon off your next order. Care More. Spend Less.